10 Greatest Green Lanterns of All Time, Ranked  

If you have clicked on this article then you pretty much have some basic idea about Lanterns and power rings. The power ring is one of the most powerful weapons in DC universe which uses hard light to do some insane stuff and more and what happens when you grant such a ring to a being with insane willpower? Well, you get one of the most powerful Lantern to enforce the law. This is a list going to count down 10 of the best Lanterns to ever wield a Green Lantern Power Ring.

 10. Jessica Cruz

Jessica isn’t a normal green lantern because her history is completely opposite to that of any normal green lantern. Initially imprisoned in her fear and being stuck with the ring of Volthoom, she hasn’t had a sweet start but then again most of the superheroes haven’t had that. With the help of Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Batman she learns to control the ring. She later gets rid of the ring after saving Barry from a near-death situation, for which she is gifted with a Green Lantern Power Ring.

9. Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner isn’t your normal green lantern, He’s cocky, he’s a jerk but when it comes to a fight he definitely won’t disappoint you. Originally recruited as a back up to Hal Jordan, he has proven to be much more capable than that. Possessing a willpower that very fewer people can match. He gained popularity through Justice League International series. He has also wielded a Red Ring Before. (kind of suits him.)

8. Simon Baz

Baz wasn’t selected by an original Power Ring. He was chosen by a duplicate power ring created by Sinestro for Hal Jordan. The ring Malfunctioned and chose Simon as its host. His past has made him tough, especially after the 9/11 Detroit terror. He still hasn’t mastered the arts of using the power ring but he sure as hell has proven to be worthy enough to be in the Corps. Fun Fact: he revived his brother from a Comatose state using his willpower, a feat no one has achieved.

7. Kilowog

He’s the big and bold guy who would simply show you your place if you try to mess with him. Kilowog is the last of his species. He is the corp’s Head Drill trainer and is a well-respected member of the corps. His Bolovax physiology grants him super strength and durability which only a few members of the corps can match. As powerful as he is, he is often underestimated. Point to be noted is that at one point every great corps member was once his student. Oh! And don’t mind it when he calls you a “Poozer’.

6. Sinestro

There was a time when he was known as the finest and most respected officer in the corps but not for very long. Sinestro is famous for his betrayal to the corps and also being the arch Nemesis of Hal Jordan. Now even though he is not the part of Green Lantern corps anymore it doesn’t deny the fact that he was one of the most Will fueled being to wield a power ring. Although Sinestro Relies on his Yellow power ring now, you should not think of him as less. In the New-52 reboot, he did some crazy stuff that no one has done. He replicated his power ring to give it to Hal Jordan, he was also able to dim his green light to black.(not an easy task) His extensive knowledge about the ring is arguably better than the Guardians themselves.

5. Mogo

Oh! you might wonder what kind of name is that? Well go ahead and argue about that with Mogo, and good luck doing that because he ain’t a normal being, he is a Goddamn! PLANET! Yes, you read it right, A FREAKING PLANET!  In your opinion what makes a Lantern Powerful? Is it their sheer willpower? Or is it based on their ability to overcome great fear? Well with Mogo, you’re getting both. This guy doesn’t socialize much but when it comes to being a good lantern, he has proven to be one of the finest and most famous non-human lanterns to ever get an entry in the corps. He is faster than Light and can control every function on his planet. He also telepathically controls every power ring to guide them towards their new host. Now you have a decent idea of how powerful he is. Check him out in action in the “Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth”.

4. John Stewart

If you’re a 90’s kid then you probably grew up watching Justice League & Justice League: Unlimited cartoon series on cartoon network. If you’ve then you know very well how capable he is and what all he can do. He’s a former marine and also an architect. His fine work as a green lantern granted him a place in the Honour Guard of OA. His constructs have very strong integrity and one of his most famous constructs is his Sniper Riffle, which he uses to pick on enemies from far away distances. His sheer willpower is so strong that he attempted to rebuild a destroyed planet only for his ring admitting “Willpower exceeds power ring capabilities”.

3. Sodam Yat

It’s pretty much obvious that the power ring is one of the strongest weapons in DC universe. We also know that our boyscout Superman is generally said to be one of the strongest beings to exist. Now, what happens when you merge these two? Well, you get Sodam Yat. He is a Daxamite. (descendants of Kryptonians) They have all the powers of Kryptonians except that they’re vulnerable to lead instead of Kryptonite. According to a prophecy, it is stated that “He is destined for greatness but simultaneously indicates the end of the corps. (He didn’t let that happen) He was also the second Host of “ION” the willpower entity, though not as strong as it was with Kyle but still pretty damn strong.

2. Kyle Rayner

If you’re a big green lantern fan then it’s pretty obvious that you know about this guy. He wasn’t chosen by any ring as a host like other green lanterns instead he was sought out by the last guardian Ganthet and given the last power ring left after Hal Jordan destroyed the Corps as Parallax. Rayner was an artist before joining the corps thus, he makes the most creative constructs among all the lanterns. Don’t underestimate him just because he is an artist. He at one point became the host of ION the first, Gaining the capability to even bend space-time at will. He used those powers to recharge the central battery and bring back the corps. Most recently he became “The White Lantern” (strongest of all). He is also referred as “The Torchbearer” because of how he carried the legacy of the GL corps.

Before we tell you all our no.1 pick, here are some honorable mentions.

Alan Scott

Abin Sur (he doesn’t have many feats thus he isn’t on the list)


Sornik Natu (daughter of Sinestro)


 1. Hal Jordan


Come on guy, you knew this was coming. Jordan is without a doubt the strongest lantern of all. His constructs may not be as creative Kyle’s are or as strong as John’s are but when it comes to going blood war, Hal should be your only choice. Hell, no other lantern has been able to kill the entire corps or beat a guardian who was the host of Ion or create his own Power ring with his own Willpower or One shot a 10x charged Sinestro who was also possessing fear entity Parallax in his ring. Not only this he even destroyed war world when he beat parallax Sinestro. By showing these and many other feats and his major efforts in biggest corps fights, Hal has proven that his willpower is in another league which no lantern can match. His willpower is so strong that now his body is filled with pure will and it flows like blood through his body.

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