5 Most Inappropriate Storylines In The Comics

It is quite common to see heroes go of a darker past in order to bring more depth into their characters, but sometimes it just turns out to be shitty in the comics. In an attempt to be creative sometimes the writers actually take the stories to a hellhole. here are some such stories:

The “special’ Relationship

Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, after working for years under Magneto come to know that they are his own children. This is fine, but in another arc, it is this sibling duo, tha has a more ‘special’ incestuous relationship, where everyone in the comics is shocked and disgusted by what the siblings have with each other.

The Wife Beater

Hank Pym is known to have some issues when it comes to him. Be it him reinventing himself, or be it him being mad at the Avengers for kicking him out. After which he even sent a robot to attack his former teammates. This too was superhero stuff and bearable, but it was the limit when it came to this, Pym after feeling like a loser, started taking it out on the Wasp, who eventually left him.

Aunt/ Mother May

This was a horrible comic to say the least. Here Aunt May is shown to have sex with Peter Parker’s dad and having a baby, who she then gives to her friend, let’s take a wild guess who the kid is? Yep, our very own Spider-man.

Speedy Goes High

Speedy aka Roy Harper aka Arsenal aka Red Arrow, sure the guy had to go through a lot of name changes after being almost destroyed as a character. Speedy, a cheaper version of Robin as most fans state was shown to be  heroine addict in the Green Arrow/ Green Lantern award-winning comics, who later with the help of his friends and the govt. gets over it.

Black Cat’s Origin


Black Cat seems a pretty good character, and hers and Spider-Man’s light flirtatious moments during missions are a treat to all, but after it was revealed that she was a multiple rape victim, it felt like an unnecessary darkness was being added to the already dark pas of the character.

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