How Carnage Turned Into a Red Symbiote Instead of Black

The SPUMC is a weird universe, it was created by the persistence of Sony wanting to hold on to the Spider-Man villains. Sony did this to create a spin-off universe for the villains. They started off with Venom starring Tom Hardy. The film was supposed to be light-hearted action but turned into an instant cult classic. This prompted Sony to expand this franchise. The second movie Venom: Let there be carnage will be out soon and we recently received the second trailer showcasing Carnage’s origins. We now have even more information including how carnage turned into a Red Symbiote.

For those of you who do not know, Carnage is a symbiote just like Venom. The Symbiotes are alien species that give their hosts incredible power but need to eat humans to survive. At least, this is how they are portrayed in the movies in SPUMC. The origins of symbiote colors have always been very murky. We have seen a lot of Symbiotes with a lot of different colors but there is a possibility that the colors mean something beyond the visual queues.

If we talk about the comics then we have several colored symbiotes, for example, Venom is black, Anti-venom is white, the carnage is red, Phage and Scream are yellow, Lasher is Teal so on and so forth. The colors can vary widely and with every change in color new powers are showcased with every symbiote. But what determines the color of the symbiotes and which color is the most powerful? Read on to find out.

The Colors of Carnage

How Carnage Turned Into a Red Symbiote

In the comics, Eddie Brock is imprisoned with Cletus Kasady as his cellmate. The serial killer is very unnerving but he also has a cut on his hand. Soon, Venom symbiote breaks into the prison to free Eddie Brock, and the symbiote leaves an asexual offspring in the cell while exiting with Eddie. This offspring feels abandoned by his father and enters Cletus’ bloodstream through his hand and bond with his blood. Soon the Symbiote takes over the blood of Kasady and Carnage is born.

You see, carnage derives its color from the blood of its host. This makes the bond stronger as blood can survive without the host. This also means that Carnage is naturally more resilient to separation from the host. This is the reason why Venom is a little hesitant to fight the red symbiote. He knows that defeating a symbiote that has bonded with the blood of the host is going to be significantly harder than the last fight he was in.

A similar thing has happened in the comics when Anti-Venom was introduced. He was a white symbiote, white because he bonded with the white blood cells of his host. This gave him his hue and access to special powers that none of the others symbiotes have. It is the nature of the symbiotes to adapt to their hosts and draw from their strengths. It seems that Carnage and Kasady are doing just that and that Venom and Eddie have a long way to go.

Let there be Carnage

How Carnage Turned Into a Red Symbiote

The battle of Venom and Carnage is considered legendary in the comics. Kasady is probably one of the most deranged villains in all of the Marvel Multiverse. His actions have continuously put other symbiotes at risk of elimination. He has also been a big thorn in the side of Spider-Man all throughout comic history. The symbiote is not what you would call stable. He is not bothered with the plan or the big picture, rather the symbiote only wants death and destruction.

Cletus’ mindset along with Carnage’s extraordinary resilience makes for a very lethal combination when it comes to symbiotes. It will be very hard for Venom to take down a deranged psychopathic killer who is stronger than him and has even fewer weaknesses. The fight between Venom and Carnage will be one for the ages and we, for one, cannot wait for the show to start. We just hope that Eddie and Venom go through a growth spurt soon because they will need some sort of miracle to fight against this Carnage.

What do you think about the entire situation? Do you believe that the comic storyline will affect the movies or do you believe that the movie writers have come up with a new explanation? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. We really do appreciate the feedback, it helps us make our content better. Venom: Let there be Carnage that comes out soon up until then keep watching this space for everything SPUMC.

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