10 Most Powerful Super Sons And Daughters of Superman – Ranked

Superman is the Man of Steel. He has been saving the planet, extinguishing forest fires, defeating cosmic threats and even getting the time to save cats stuck on trees since the time we could say superhero. For a guy who has been around so much, he has well…. been around. Presenting the 10 Most Powerful Super Sons and Daughters of Superman – Ranked.

Jon Kent

Jon Kent was first introduced to DC in the Convergence Event. He was a naive little boy who didn’t even know about his origins and was just starting to discover his Kryptonian abilities. Jon Kent is still an amateur superhero and is friends with Damian Wayne. He currently stars in the ‘Super Sons’ series.


Zod is the son of Superman and Wonder Woman from the Justice Lords universe created using both Kryptonian and Amazonian technology. Zod was stolen as a child by Brainiac and delivered to Jax-Ur who raised him in the Phantom Zone. Zod has all of Superman’s powers but he can also control technology.

Jon Lane Kent

Jon Lane Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane from an alternate timeline. His unstable DNA eventually leads him to his death. But his body is taken to the past by a villain called Harvest who then revives him. It’s Jon’s DNA that is the template for making Kon-El, not Superman’s. Jon was later killed in the multi-verse spanning Super Boy war.


Kon-El was originally designed as a replacement to the then dead Man of Steel. When Superman returned from the dead, Kon-El was welcomed into the Superman family. His origin was later ret-conned to that of being a clone of Luthor and Superman. Kon-El eventually died a heroic death in Infinite Crisis. He was later resurrected in ‘Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.’

Chris Kent

Chris Kent isn’t exactly the son of Superman. He is actually the son of General Zod and Ursa, who wanted to use him to weaken the Phantom Zone. Chris was later welcomed into the Kent family. He would later rectify his mistakes by entering back the Phantom Zone and sealing it again from back inside. He is now Superman of Earth 16.


Cir-El was introduced in ‘Superman the 10 Cent adventures’ as the Daughter of Superman and Lois Lane from a future timeline. She even helps her father in several adventures. It is only later that the truth is revealed – Cir-El is actually a human implanted with false memories and Kryptonian powers. She was created by Brainiac and infected with the Yes Virus to help him take over the world.

Kara Kent

In Superman & Batman: Generations, Superman and Lois Lane have two children – Joel William Kent who is born without superpowers and Kara Kent, who goes on to become Super Girl and Superman’s sidekick. Kara’s powers are kept secret from Joel to prevent sibling rivalry. Joel (under the influence of Luthor) later kills Kara on her wedding day with Bruce Wayne Jr.

Lara Kent

Lara Kent is the daughter of Superman first introduced in The Dark Knight Strikes Again story arc in 2002. Lara was raised by wonder Woman with Amazonian values. Possessing the powers of a Kryptonian as well as the training of an Amazon warrior, Lara is a force to be reckoned with. Lara is arrogant and views humanity as inferior and thinks they should be ruled over.

Ariella Kent

Ariella Kent was first introduced in Super Girl #1000000. She is the daughter of Linda Danvers and Earth One Superman.  Under orders from the Spectre, Linda sends back Kara Zor-El back to her timeline where she is fated to die and she herself quits as Super Girl. Ariella is seen wandering in space later on. She has a vast array of powers, far surpassing those of her parents and unwittingly causing massive destruction wherever she goes.


The success of the Kingdom Come storyline led to the creation of The Kingdom story arc. In The Kingdom, a villain known as Gog travels back in time to kill Superman again and again. He even steals Superman and Wonder Woman’s baby from them. To stop Gog, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman of the present and future timelines band together. The kidnapped Jonathan Kent slips into hypertime as Gog is defeated. In Hypertime, the infant Jonathan is looked after by his future self-called the Hyperman until Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman arrive to take the baby back. Hyperman has all the standard Superman powers in addition to traveling through Hypertime.

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