Early Reactions of Morbius Seem Quite Disappointing

The Sony Spider-Man Universe has been growing at an incredible pace. With properties like Venom and Morbius Sony has been hoping to realize the dream of their villain universe sooner than later. Venom garnered a lot of positive reviews and Let There Be Carnage was mostly a crowd-pleaser. Now, we have been waiting for the release of Morbius which is coming April 1. Still, the early reactions of Morbius are here and we are quite sad that they are not as bombastic as we expected them to be. Let us talk about them and we will break them down for you in the subsequent paragraphs.

Comicbook has made a report about the early reactions of the film and they say that the people watching it were not happy with the movie. The early screening for the movie happened in the UK behind closed doors and to a select audience. With reporters and fans making up the bulk of the early audience the film was sure to be examined under a watchful eye. These people missed nothing and had a lot to say about what this movie is about. Let us look at these comments one by one and then keep reading for a proper breakdown.


Early Reactions of Morbius

Sab Astley from Collider said this about the film, “2005 plot collides with visually confusing CGI to create a bit of a snooze fest,”:


Nicola Austin of Filmhounds Magazine also had similar comments, “some really shoddy VFX & 00s formulaic plot.”:

Cameron Howe also joined in on the dogpile by saying, “Morbius is just as disjointed and boring as you expected it to be.”:


Josh Barton of JumpCut also commented on the post-credits scene, “The post-credit sequences; it’s clear to see where Sony is going with this BUT the thought process behind making them actually make sense is non-existent.”:

Things don’t seem too bright for Morbius or Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. It seems that the studio is trying to garner steam for a standalone universe but is failing to replicate Marvel’s formula completely. To this end, it is possible that Sony might re-evaluate its priorities with respect to this cinematic debacle that Morbius has become.


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