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How Did Venom Get Transported In Venom: Let There Be Carnage?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is proving to be a massive success at the box office. The movie has received mixed reviews till now but it is definitely an improvement on the original. Fans have surely enjoyed the face-off between Tom Hardy’s Venom and Woody Harrelson’s Carnage. The movie has some problems with the storytelling or the way in which it navigated with the high points mostly being the CGI fights that it featured. The dynamic between Eddie Brock and Venom was also shown to have had some development though nothing major over the previous film. Both the performances by Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson have been received quite well by the audience. One of the major moments from the movie has to be the post-credits scene. The main question we have from this scene is – “How did Venom get transported?” 

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The sequel to the 2018 Venom has had quite a turnout with the fans and the critics. There is a lot of divisiveness regarding the movie amongst the audience. This is almost similar to the reception the original film had. The movie is a combination of its high and low points that give us an overall idea about the way the characters were dealt with in the movie. The major high points of the movie most involve how the two major characters in the movie worked out. But the thing that had fans talking the most about the movie definitely has to be regarding the post-credits scene.


Post-Credits Scene

How did Venom get transported?

The post-credits scene that we are referring to from the movie, sees Eddie and Venom in a hotel room somewhere in Latin America as they enjoy some dramatic telenovela. Venom shows some concern regarding the narrative of the drama riddled with secrets and conveys this to Eddie. He says, “We all have a past, Eddie,”, which takes Eddie as quite a surprise. He had taken into consideration that the symbiote had shared almost everything with Eddie. Venom reveals that his consciousness is actually a part of a larger symbiote hive mind which is an accumulation of knowledge over the long period of their existence.


He then decides to share some of this knowledge with Eddie and we see Eddie freaking out as he is witnessing this vast knowledge that the audience can’t see. This is only the beginning as when Eddie comes back to his sense we see that they have teleported to some lavish suite compared to where they were before. It seems the world (or the universe) around them has changed.


As Venom tries to justify that he had nothing to do with this Eddie and they both try to gather an understanding of what has happened, the television in front of them turns on. We see a special edition of the “Daily Bugle” news, that shows Tom Holland as Spider-Man standing in the middle of Manhattan absolutely confused. This news resembles the one that we got to see in the post-credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home, with J K Simmons playing J. Jonah Jameson.


How did Venom get transported?

There have long been questions regarding the Sony Spider-Man Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how both these might have links. It was previously believed that both these belonged to different universes because of the mystery behind the Marvel and Sony deals. This post-credits scene clearly indicated that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might be a part of the Sony Spider-Man universe as well. But how did Venom end up landing in the MCU? One of the major reasons behind this could be the spell that Doctor Strange does in the trailer for No Way Home. The detail making this connection is the singular blinding flash of light that appears in both these movies. But another possibility could be that Venom’s accessing to a feeble mind like Eddie might have caused this event. At the same time, there are various similar tampering of the concept of Multiverse taking place throughout the Phase 4 of MCU and any of them could be the reason behind this.


How did Venom get transported?

We have already seen Alfred Molina is making a comeback as Doctor Octopus in No Way Home from Sony’s previous Spider-Man films. There is no wonder that Tom Hardy’s Venom would also make such an appearance. Eddie’s arrival in the MCU could be a part of the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Or this could also be Sony’s means of putting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Sony universe.

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