The Flash: Best of Zoom from Season 2

The Flash has been the surprise turn around for the CW. Some of us can argue that the last season of The Flash was actually in some ways better than the last season of Arrow. The possible reason is the treatment of main villains of both the shows by the show-writers. Zoom was built really well by The Flash whereas the character arc of Damien Darhk diminished as Arrow progressed towards the season 4 finale.

best of zoom

The plot for season 2 of The Flash was also very enticing and really awesome. The build to the season finale was really well planned. Barry loses his father in the penultimate episode and is all broken. But, he picks up himself and beats Zoom by using  latter’s own trick. Hunter Zolomon or Zoom served as a menacing opponent to Barry Allen. His presence and character arc were a strong reason for The Flash being really great this season.

Keeping that in mind we bring to you the Best of Zoom from the Flash season 2:

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