10 Sexiest Hollywood Movies You Should Only Watch When You’re Alone

The word ‘sexy’ is very subjective and when you are alone things get really sassy. Right? And it depends on person to person how they perceive it. Does it mean full-on graphic nudity? A flirtatious glance? A suggestive whisper? Or something else…? Here we bring you ten sexiest Hollywood movies you should only watch when you are alone.

1) 50 Shades of Grey (2015)

50 Shades of Grey is based on the bestselling book by E.L. James, “50 Shades of Grey.” The movie is about the erotic engagement between literature student Anastasia Steele and the handsome billionaire, Christian Grey. Ana is impressed with his power and good looks, and she is not able to resist him, who loves to have a control over everything in his life, even on girls.

2) Bitter Moon (1992)

“Bitter Moon” is an erotic romantic thriller film directed by Roman Polanski, starring Hugh Grant, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Emmanuelle Seigner. It tells the tale of a steamy affair of utter sexual obsession that turns into bitter hatred.

3) Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Eyes Wide Shut is a sex-driven thriller directed by Stanley Kubrick. The Movie explores the depths of human behavior and rationale. The movie is about a young doctor who learns that his wife once thought about cheating on him.

4) Sex and Lucia (2001)

The movie “Sex and Lucia” features beautiful women’s and beautiful scenery. This movie involves a lot if weaving of past and present. It concerns a struggling writer always on the edge of tragedy and the amorous entanglements that inspire his work.

5) The Dreamers (2005)

“The Dreamers” is about a group of young dreamers who create their own world isolated from the violence and uncertainty that explodes outside their apartment.

6) Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Last Tango in Paris is one of the most controversial films that ever made. Some of the people considered it too obscene, and the most erotic movie ever made.

7) Quills (2000)


Quills is a fictional lusty tale. Which delves into the dark side of the real-life Marquis de Sade, the infamous 18th-century French libertine. The movie focuses on the Marquis’ final years in an insane asylum.

8) American Pie

To all the 90s kids, you know what I am talking about. Besides Jason sticks his little friend into a pie, there is so much to check around. If you have not watched it, then don’t forget to check out the ‘O’ book and a Tongue twister.

9) Dirty Dancing


Despite being released in 1987, Dirty Dancing is still a must-watch flick. The movie offers you everything from the chemistry, the sex, and the sassy dancing. You would love to watch it again and again.

10) Cruel Intentions

This 1999’s flick is based on a game where the winner gets sex. The film is full of money, heterosexual sex, same-sex intimacy, and deaths.

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