Top 10 Amazing Movie Directors Never Even Nominated For Oscars

Movie Directors Never Nominated For Oscars:

Directors are the heroes who work behind the camera and due to that their contributions are often overlooked. But it is intolerable when ground-breaking work is completely ignored at the grand stage – The Oscars. These directors have made some of the most riveting movies of all time but they did not get any justice as they have never even received a single Oscar nomination for direction.

#10: Ben Affleck

Warner Bros Movies

Most Notable Work: Argo, Gone Baby Gone, The Town

We all know and love Ben Affleck for his acting, but he is equally proficient as director and he should get more credit as a director. Although he has won 2 Oscars, his efforts in directing were never recognized. Lately, it feels like he enjoys more when he stays behind the camera.

#9: Andrei Tarkovsky

Most Notable Work: Solaris, Stalker, Andrei Rublev, Ivan’s Childhood

The Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky was an artistic and visionary director who was an expert when it came to presenting visuals. His movies are full of color and create a world of their own. It is believed that Andrei Tarkovsky was snubbed by the Oscars because he was a Russian, and if that’s true then it’s a shame.

#8: John Hughes

Most Notable Work: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Planes, Trains & Automobiles

John Hughes was a genius when it came to making teen movies. His movies are highly relatable and most of them are still relevant. The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off are classics and these movies are still revered. We still cannot understand why the Academy did not take him seriously.

#7: John Carpenter


Most Notable Work: Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York

The Genius behind the horror classic Halloween, John Carpenter has always known the perfect way to tell a thrilling story. However, his masterpiece to date is the Thing, but unfortunately, the movie was way ahead of its time, as it bombed at the box office and did not get a single Oscar nomination.

#6: Terry Gilliam

Movie Directors Never Nominated For Oscars

Most Notable Work: Brazil, Monty Python, and the Holy Grail, 12 Monkeys

Terry Gillam is a versatile director as he has proved himself in several different genres, but he did his best work in the science fiction genre, which was a big no-no at Oscars at that time. He should have at least received a nomination for his amazing work in Brazil.

#4: Rob Reiner

Movie Directors Never Nominated For Oscars

Most Notable Work: A Few Good Men, Misery, The Princess Bride, This is Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally

Rob Reiner has been extremely unlucky as he has directed several genre-defining movies that are still loved all over the world, but he was always snubbed as the Academy did not give much weight to the genre movies back then.

#3: Brian De Palma

Most Notable Work: Carrie, Scarface, Dressed to Kill, The Untouchables

Brian De Palma has done everything that the fans believe is enough for an Oscar, but it is an unexplainable fact as to why he was never even nominated. He should have been nominated for Scarface as his work in it is still celebrated by the fans.

#2: Sergio Leone

Most Notable Work: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, Once Upon a Time in America

When it comes to Western movies, there is hardly anyone who can match the prowess of the legendary Sergio Leone. His cinematic style was Genius and his movies are considered masterpieces. His snub proves the saying that Oscars hardly ever gets it right.

#1: Charlie Chaplin

Most Notable Work: City Lights, Modern Times, The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin is an icon and a Genius when it came to Silent Comedy but not a lot of people know about his directing prowess. His vision was unmatched and he often directed his movies, which are considered to be one of the most important contributions to the entire movie industry, but sadly, he was never even nominated as a director.

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