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All Old & New Locations in Aquaman 2 That We Are Going To Visit

Fans were expecting to see nothing but just some hints at the plot details from certain projects during the DC FanDome event. But we certainly got more than we expected with teasers and clips and event behind-the-scenes footage. The latter actually allows us to get some more detail about the project than the trailer. We received the behind-the-scenes footage for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and it was one of the most awesome parts of the FanDome event. The footage allowed us to see concept arts and plot details about the movie that revealed quite a lot of details. Fans are going through every single detail from the behind-the-scenes featurette to get an idea of what we might be getting in the movie. Let’s take a look at all the old and new locations in Aquaman 2 that we’re going to visit while searching for the Lost Kingdom! 


Based on the events of the previous film, Aquaman will be ruling over Atlantis. This guarantees the visually spectacular kingdom will once again be seen in the sequel. The behind-the-scenes footage definitely hints that we will get to explore a lot more of the kingdom than was explored before. A particular art shows a soldier wielding a rather short trident along with an ax while a giant creature appears behind him or her.



New Locations in Aquaman 2

It was revealed in Aquaman that Xebel is actually a rival kingdom to Atlantis but has a comparable military might and there exists a long history between them that alternates between enemy and ally. Now that Mera is Aquaman’s love interest we will definitely get to explore a lot of Xebel. One of the concept arts shows Aquaman riding a sea dragon. Sea dragons seem to be like giant seahorses and they were used for mounting by the Xebelian military.


The Lost Kingdom

The titular Lost Kingdom has been previously mentioned in Aquaman to have disappeared under rather mysterious circumstances. According to mythology when Atlantis fell into the sea it was divided into seven distinct cultures. There is concept art for the Lost Kingdom that shows two figures running through a bridge while they are being followed by two massive grasshopper-like creatures. Another one shows Aquaman fighting with a bioluminescent monster.



We will get to see the Sahara Desert again, considering we last saw Aquaman and Mera travel there as a part of their exploration. This location might be revisited in the movie. The concept art hinting at this scene shows one character running while the other faces some oncoming creatures head straight towards them. This is a clear indication that we will actually get to see a lot of new creatures in the movie.


Arctic Circle

New Locations in Aquaman 2

A new place that appears a lot more in the clip has to be the Arctic tundra with actual scenes being shot here considering fight sequences are witnessed in the scene. This could be a part of the idea that the movie will deal with a lot of environmental issues, something that was also included in the previous film. The location might include a fight sequence between Arthur and Black Manta. It will be cool to see how the villain works out this particular location for his quest for revenge.


Volcanic Island

A rather noteworthy addition to the trailer has to be the look at the volcanic island. Now it is not actually clear if this is a part of some other Island or it will be a completely different part of the reality. James Wan, director of the project, had teased that the movie will explore different worlds, and thus there is a chance that this island might be on a different plane from Earth.


Mechanical Area

In what appears to be one of the grimmest pieces of concept arts, we get to witness an underwater city that is made of junk. There is a major possibility that this could be another means of the movie to address the environmental issues. This could be an underground city built by the people of the lost kingdom in order to recycle the massive amount of waste that is dumped into the ocean by humans. Another possibility could be that this is the base of operations of Black Manta as he is planning to renew his forces and weaponry to face Aquaman again.

So these are all old and new locations in Aquaman 2 that we’re going to visit while searching for the Lost Kingdom!

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