This Marvel Character Will Be The Link Between Logan and Deadpool 2

Wolverine is set to move to greener pastures after the release of the hero’s last motion picture Logan. After Hugh Jackman announced that he would no longer put on the famous claws for future films, Fox has respected the actor’s decision and has given a Wolverine movie unlike any other before it. The upcoming film has been said to be a futuristic western based on the Old Man Logan comics.


Of course, this does not mean that it would be the end of Wolverine’s legacy. The last X-men film, X-men: Apocolypse showed how Essex Corp would be involved in Logan, stealing a veil of Wolverine’s blood. This became an indication for the involvement of X-23, who was featured in the trailer of Logan. It’s more than clear that Fox may be following up Wolverine with X-23’s adventures. But how will this connect with Deadpool 2? The answer is Cable.


Cable is the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey, who like X-23 was a victim of Mister Sinister’s experiments. He is also set to make his movie debut in Deadpool 2. His powers include time traveling as well as being a telepathic and telekinetic. He and Deadpool, along with X-23 make up the task force known as the X-Force.Cable would have no problem connecting the time differences between the world of Logan timeline(set in 2024) and Deadpool’s timeline (set in the present time).

deadpool 2 logan

Mister Sinister has been rumored to be in Logan and the last we saw, he was on a mission to create the perfect mutant. The trailer for Logan showed the hero, Professor X and Laura being on the run, which led to speculations of Laura escaping Essex Corp. So to have Cable show up in any shape or form would be the link that will bind the two movies together. Cable traveling to the future could also result in Laura Kinney becoming X-23 just in time for the third Deadpool movie (which has been rumored to be the jump off point for X-Force)

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