Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Predictions

Things can’t get any crazier in Game of Thrones Season 6. Just when we thought we had all the plots placed in their right places with the smooth streaming story line, BHHAMM! Comes the next surprise. Just like we saw in Episode 5 with the death of Hodor while saving Bran and Meera from the White Walkers.

Though episode 5 did show quite a lot of the progress of some of the major characters and supposedly what their next action would be, we are still left in doubt, unless of course we see the next episodes being aired.

Meanwhile, our predictions for the next episode named “The Blood of my Blood”, which we are guessing would be, Brace yourself for this one! Ned Stark is back. Well, not from the dead but from the visions of the past. Hull Daily Mail confirmed: ‘He will appear again briefly in episode 6 before another significant showing in episode 10.’ Since the Tower of Joy scene was cut short in episode 3, this would see the reason that the next time we see Young Ned Stark, he would actually be inside the tower. Hopefully, episode 6 would finally show Jon Snows true parentage. Signifying the episode title “The Blood of my Blood”.

This could very well be the most important of all the episodes, though we are unsure how this would shape up for the season finale.

We finally get to see Daenerys moving towards Meeren with her followers from Dothraki land along with Ser Jorah and Daario. Though it still remains unclear if Ser Jorah would accompany Daenerys back to Meeren or not. Like we saw in the last episode Daenerys wanted Ser Jorah to heal himself (knowing there was no cure to greyscale) and join her when she takes over the Seven kingdoms.

Going on, there is one character we are bound to see alive and kicking, and that is Ian McShane aka The Hound. Though it is rumored that Hound has renounced violence and now leads a peaceful life, but this is yet to be seen as we do know that there is a major face off about to happen between the two brothers, Mountain, and The Hound. Here’s what McShane said in an interview with Radio 5 live, “I have nursed a loved character, a much-loved character back to life. And he reintroduces—I won’t say him or her—but it’s a character who is much loved who everyone thinks is dead. But he’s not dead.”


McShane’s interview goes on to say, “An old foe comes back into the picture. Gilly meets Sam’s family. Arya faces a difficult choice. Jaime faces off against the High Sparrow,” we are guessing that “old foe” is the Hound himself. While the threads from Reddit have been deleted showing The Hound in one of the scenes.

There is another long lost character that we would see, that is Uncle Benjen. Though he’s not appeared on screen for a very long time but we are guessing he would be the one to recuse Brand and Meera, taking them to The Wall. This is another thread that has been deleted from Reddit.

Running along quickly, we finally get to see Gilly meet Sam’s parents in this episode. Though it would not be a long monologue, but just a little intro would saw us what the Tarly’s are really like.


From the looks of it, High Sparrow would see the end of it as there are chances that Margery would not have to go through the same shame as Cersei did. Not that it’s a surprise but glimpses show Jaime Lannister mounted on a horse ready to charge.

We can see Arya on her next assignment in Braavos. This time, the target seems to be the actress Lady Crane


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