Onslaught: The Union of Professor X and Magneto Will End the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to a degree that is not easily graspable by our minds. It has become a phenomenon in the last decade. A large part of the success can be ascribed to the build-up of Thanos as this ultimate villain. But a lot of credit should also be given to the characterization and harmony between heroes. Now, let’s talk about the end of the MCU. We believe in a cataclysmic event that will annihilate the MCU. It is also likely that this end will come from the advent of the X-men. Simply put, Professor X and Magneto will end the MCU.

No, the theory I am going to propose is not exactly prevalent on the internet. It is actually based on an obscure but superpowered character that has ended countless universes in the past and may do the same to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character I am talking about is named Onslaught and he is the culmination of Professor X and Magneto, but that is not even half of it. There was a time in the comics when Professor X and the X-men were locked in a desperate battle with Magneto and his forces.

During one of their skirmishes, Wolverine fatally injured Magneto which sent the villain into a hysterical rage. He summoned his powers and ripped out the adamantium from within Logan’s body. It was an excruciating experience, so much so that Logan’s healing factor could not keep up with the damage. This led to Professor X losing his cool and he entered Magneto’s mind to shut it down forever. During this act of brutality, the negative feelings harbored in magneto’s mind seeped into Xavier’s like a feedback loop.

Psionic Onslaught

Professor X and Magneto will end the MCU

The culmination of Professor’s suppressed frustration and Magneto’s negative feelings led to the creation of an independent psionic entity inside the professor’s mind. This entity would come to be known as Onslaught. Onslaught is a very strange character, he is almost a split personality for Professor X but not exactly, because now both of them exist independently in Marvel comics.

What is even more interesting, are his powers. Onslaught is capable of all of Professor X and Magneto’s feats but that’s not half of it. He has the menacing ability to absorb the power of anyone he encounters. This makes him extremely deadly as he becomes more powerful after every battle. Onslaught is also extremely angry since he harbors all the anger suppressed by Professor X and all the negative feelings of Magneto. It is almost impossible to argue with him or make him show any kind of rationality.

The being no longer processes things as we do, he does not even have the same concept of morality or even mortality. His actions were first exposed by the X-Men who identified that Professor X was being controlled by a different personality. You see, the good Professor seemed to be advocating was which was not very Professor like. The X-Men quickly separated Onslaught from the Professor but the majority of damage had already been incurred.

End of The MCU

Professor X and Magneto will end the MCU

Onslaught then showed his prowess with his powers and took control of Professor’s Astral body and his physical body. This was unprecedented in the Marvel Multiverse as it was thought impossible to pull off. Yet Onslaught went a step further and destroyed the universe he was part of. He then jumped universes and continued his rampage. The entire thing was pretty messy but became a fun-to-read comic story.

We believe this kind of story to be the perfect baseline to be MCU’s true endgame. To introduce the mutants into the MCU and aggravate their war only to create a new villain of unparalleled power stem from that war. Onslaught will be a problematic foe even for the Gods of the MCU. He is in the perfect position to end it all at a staggering pace and then go ahead and end the multiverse bringing a close to the MCU.

It may be possible that the people over at Marvel Studios don’t actually want the MCU to end but we just wanted to put our suggestion forth in case they did want to go into destruction mode at any point in the future. Do you think what we suggest is feasible or are we just grabbing at straws? Do we even want the MCU to come to an end? Maybe we do, in a million years. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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