Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Best Bromances In MCU So Far

Apart from the visual effects and storylines, another attractive part about MCU is that it has managed to couple a few superheroes. Starting from  Iron Man and Captain America leading the Avengers to Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson carrying the mantled, every hero has that one guy we all can depend on. Some friendships are stricken up between heroes and everymen. Considering the stressful jobs these people have, it makes sense that they kick and back and relax with their colleagues now and then. Here are the best Bromances in MCU.

Best Bromances in MCU

1. Bucky and Sam

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson were at first against each other. Initially, Bucky was HYDRA’s brainwashed soldier and was given the task to assassinate anyone who comes in the way of HYDRA. It was Steve Rogers’ friendship that made him normal. His brainwashing problem was solved in Wakanda before the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After Steve Rogers retired, Sam Wilson finally took the mantle of Captain America and teamed up with Bucky Barnes to finish off the Flag-Smashers.

2. Scott and Luis

Luis did not have any superpowers like Scott Lang. But he has always been very close with Scott Lang. Despite being an Avenger, Scott still stays grounded and remains best friends with his ex-convict friends. It is a testament to how much of an everyman that Scott is still by having friends with Luis. But Luis is no slouch either, as he has Scott’s back as much as Scott has his. Any MCU fan would love to be a friend of Ant-Man, but many would love to be friends of Luis.

3. Sam and Steve

Best Bromances In MCU

Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers were close throughout their journey on the MCU. Though Sam was not an Avenger, in the beginning, it was only because of Steve Rogers that he became one. Both of them enjoyed their moments together. Initially, when Sam decided to help Steve and Natasha in capturing the Winter Soldier and uncover the evil secrets of S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, Steve tried to pursue him from not joining them but Sam still did. The reason was their friendship. Steve Rogers trusted Sam more than anyone else.

4. Peter Quill and Thor

To be very honest, Star-Lord and Thor are more frenemies instead of anything else. The last time, they were battling it out for captain of The Milano. But the best part of their interaction was the potential it left for the future since there was an instant spark between the two characters. Now Peter is confirmed to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder which is scheduled to release in 2022. So possibly Thor and Peter’s relationship could get explored a little bit more in the upcoming film.

5. Peter Parker and Ned

This time, Peter Parker’s best friend was Ned Leeds instead of Harry Osborn. Luckily, this Spider-Man didn’t have to fight a villain like the Green Goblin. Ned Leeds was the one who discovered the truth of Peter Parker as Spider-Man and promised to keep it a secret. He helped Peter in a few of his missions. In one of the scenes from Infinity War, Ned distracted the other students in the bus so that Peter can escape and help the Avengers in fighting the children of Thanos. Ned did everything that is usually done by a brother for another brother.

6. Steve and Tony

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark had to go through a lot in their MCU journey. Initially, when they were introduced, they could not bear the sight of each other. Later things got worse when the Sokovia Accords were introduced and Steve had to fight Tony since he tried to kill Bucky Barnes while he came to know that Bucky murdered his parents. Both the characters had different opinions about each other. But somehow they always got united towards the final battle and together, they managed to defeat the enemies.

7. Rocket and Thor

Peter Quill is not the only one with whom Thor shared a brother-like bond. Thor also spent a lot of time with another member of the Guardians, Rocket. Rocket helped Thor to build the Stormbreaker in Infinity War and they traveled to Asgard together to retrieve the Reality Stone in Endgame. So they have done quite a bit of bonding. Rocket also consoles Thor at one point when he is upset over everybody he has lost. Since Rocket also lost someone, there is no doubt about why both of them got along with each other.

8. Rocket and Groot

Best Bromances In MCU

Rocket and Groot have shared a good bond since the beginning. It did not take a lot of time for them to get to know each other. There was not any kind of epiphany that made them realize they work well together. They were partners in crime from the time when they first appeared on screen and tried to steal the orb in Guardians of the Galaxy. A few think that Rocket and Groot are not real friends since Rocket occasionally insults Groot and nothing has ever come between them. Rocket also took the responsibility to raise Groot when the tree turned into a baby.

9. Tony and Rhodey

Rhodey has always been with Tony as much as he can. He helped Tony to defeat Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2 and investigating the secrets of the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Later he became a member of the Avengers and despite being a billionaire, Tony called him a best friend, although he used to crack jokes at Rhodey. In the events of Captain America: Civil War, Rhodey was accidentally attacked by Vision where he lost his legs. Tony was frustrated over this and knocked out Falcon when he came to apologize.

10. Loki and Mobius

This is completely new. Although Loki was a prisoner in the TVA, he and Mobius were like brothers. Loki tried his best to escape TVA but somewhere he had faith over Mobius who said that he will help Loki escape when he will help them in defeating the variants on various places over the timeline. Both of them were seen joking about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and hurling pop culture references at each other. Mobius was the only character who managed to convince Loki to confess his genuine feelings.

Now that we’re done with these 10 best Bromances in MCU, here’s the one that exceeds all of them:

No other males have a bond that beats the friendship of Steve and Bucky. Which of these bromances is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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