10 MCU Changes Thor Love And Thunder Could Bring

Thor: Ragnarok proved to be a better film in comparison to the previous two films. Now Taika Waititi is returning as the director of Thor: Love and Thunder. Natalie Portman will return as Jane Foster take on the mantle of Thor. Thor: Love and Thunder will be a quirky rom-com with a big-budget superhero adventure. Taika Waititi has also written Thor: Love and Thunder along with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. So surely this is going to be one of the best Thor films ever. Now let’s see what changes it might bring to the MCU.

1. More screen space to Lady Sif

Lady Sif was introduced in the first Thor film. Most of the MCU fans expected that she would get a large role later. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The character was sidelined in Thor: The Dark World. Now the makers have understood the significance of her role. Lady Sif will be seen in a larger role this time in Thor: Love and Thunder. She is one of Thor’s closest childhood friends. She might become Valkyrie’s new queen or might get her solo Disney+ series.

2. Setting up Guardians of the Galaxy for crossovers

When Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2014, it was loved by everyone. The sequel also received an equal amount of praise. Now the franchise is getting its third movie. But before that, the Guardians will be seen in supporting roles in Thor: Love and Thunder. MCU has always made various crossovers and has also planned a few for the future. So we might get to see Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy together in a crossover.

3. Valkyrie’s search for a queen

Eternals is going to introduce LGBTQ+ heroes. But Thor: Love and Thunder are all set to make Valkyrie the first LGBTQ+ superhero in the MCU. In Thor: Ragnarok, there was a scene where a woman left Valkyrie’s bedroom. This confirmed her bisexuality. But the scene was removed because of studio interference. Now Thor: Love and Thunder will explore more about this side of Valkyrie. The film will confirm her bisexuality and will revolve around her search for a queen.

4. Gorr the God Butcher might kill Thor

Christian Bale will play the role of Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. According to the comics, Gorr is disillusioned with the gods who ignore the situation of his people. He gets cast out from the society he tries to help since everyone around him has blind faith in gods. He will be a perfect villain for a story where a god trains a mortal to become a god. Gorr was killed in the comics by two Thors. But in Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr might kill Thor.

5. Jane Foster would take on the mantle of Thor

It is unclear if Chris Hemsworth would leave or not after Thor: Love and Thunder. But he won’t be the God of Thunder by the end. This is because the mantle will be taken by Jane Foster. In the next Avengers movie, we might get to see Jane fighting along with Sam Wilson and Captain Marvel as the new Thor. Jane did not get much screen space in her earlier appearance in the MCU. This is the reason she did not return to Thor: Ragnarok. But Thor: Love and Thunder will fix this issue.

6. MCU’s first full-blown romance movie

Romantic subplots have been common in a few MCU movies. This includes films like Iron Man 3Doctor Strange, and Thor: The Dark World. But Thor: Love and Thunder will be MCU’s only movie that would be primarily romantic. Wanda and Vision’s love story was not explored much in Avengers: Infinity War. This led MCU to make a separate series like WandaVision. Well, that experience was on the small screen. But the same thing will be seen in Thor: Love and Thunder on the big screen. Here Thor and Jane Foster’s love story will be explored properly.

7. Zeus introducing Olympians in the MCU

Russell Crowe will play the role of Zeus, the king of the Olympians in Thor: Love and Thunder. Crowe has himself confirmed this news. Moreover, it will be a cameo appearance. But there is a possibility that the Olympians might be introduced in the MCU. According to the comics, the Olympian gods of Greek mythology are real. They live in a little pocket-dimension off of Earth. This might lead to an Olympians vs. Asgardians movie.

8. Establishment of New Asgard’s place in the world

MCU’s Earth is being rounded out as its own thing. The world is dealing with a five-year universe-wide genocide. It also includes fictional countries like Wakanda, Sokovia, and Madripoor. Now a new name has been included in this list. It is the New Asgard. It is situated somewhere in Norway. The New Asgard was introduced in Avengers: Endgame. Now Thor: Love and Thunder will establish its place in MCU’s wider world and its relationships with other nations.

9. Chris Hemsworth’s final movie as Thor?

MCU’s main six Avengers are dying or leaving MCU since Avengers: Infinity War. Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame. Steve Rogers retired as Captain America in the same movie. Natasha Romanoff concluded her arc in Avengers: Endgame. Clint Barton will pass the mantle of Hawkeye to Kate Bishop. Now it is possible that Thor: Love and Thunder might be Chris Hemsworth’s final appearance as Thor. Since he is passing the mantle to Jane Foster, there is a possibility that we might not get to see Hemsworth playing the role of Thor.

10. Jane has cancer

According to the comics, Jane becomes Thor after getting some treatments for cancer. Thor: Love and Thunder have now decided to remain faithful to this storyline. Waititi’s film is going to have some comedy elements. But despite that, it will not ignore the emotional storyline of Jane Foster suffering from cancer. In terms of MCU, Jane was imbued with the reality stone in Thor: The Dark World. Jane’s cancer might be associated with the Infinity Stone exposure.

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