This Fantastic Beasts Theory Solves A Major Plot Hole Of Jacob

We are going to get one more chance to visit the world of wizards and magic with another entry to the Fantastic Beasts movies. This time around the movie will be a lot more focused on the character of Dumbledore. Thus, giving us something that can be as close to the Harry Potter narrative as we can imagine. While we will get to see some interesting history regarding Dumbledore being dealt with in the movie, there might be another major plot that unfolds during this movie. The below mentioned Fantastic Beasts theory solves the plot hole of Jacob:

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The latest in the wizarding world is set to come out soon and it has a very interesting premise. Crimes of Grindlewald had a very divided reception from the fans and that left us wondering about the fate of the franchise. But now it seems that the movie might improve upon the details laid down by the previous entry and work some rather interesting material out of them. This time around we will get to see two significant characters from the Harry Potter arc appear in the movie as we explore the history of the family of Dumbledores. The movie will also introduce some fresh faces and some more interesting wizards.


Following the release of Crimes of Grindlewald, fans were a bit disappointed and expected these movies to stop ruining their favorite world of wizards. The movie only managed to earn about $650 million worldwide and was considered a failure. Debut entry, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a magnificent success and earned more than $800 million at the box office. This actually means that the second entry was a low point in the franchise and at the same time it also ended up being the entry with the lowest box office for any live-action in the canon. But things might change with the upcoming entry in the franchise.


Kowalski Theory

Plot hole of Jacob

These movies are responsible for introducing a lot of interesting new characters from the world. Amongst them is surely the muggle Jacob Kowalski who Newt Scamander comes across in the very first entry. Even though the character was given an end in that movie, he ended up returning for the sequel, and this time around he was in on much of the action. Not only that but the character is going to appear in the upcoming entry and he will be seen wielding a wand in the movie. This wand will be handed to him by none other than Dumbledore himself after Jacob joins the team of people against Grindlewald.


Even though Muggles can pick up wands in the Harry Potter world, they cannot control them. But fans actually got to see Kowalski do just that around the end of the trailer for Secrets of Dumbledore. This has made fans theorize that there is a chance that Kowalski is secretly a wizard. There are a lot of other hints pointing at this, like when Kowalski was able to see into the crystal ball and see visions. This shouldn’t be possible according to the Harry Potter books. If the movies end up revealing that Kowalski was a wizard all along, it would be a clear explanation regarding the events we saw unfold.


Fans of the books might remember when Professor Trelawney told her class that crystal glazing is a refined art in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But Kowalski manages to look into Nicolas Flamel’s crystal ball and sees various visions. Around the end of the trailer for the upcoming entry, we are shown that he asks Dumbledore if he could keep the wand. If this franchise messes with the Harry Potter movies once again, fans are clearly going to have another outburst, as they did in the case of Crimes of Grindlewald. Hope this theory solves a major plot hole for Jacob. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will be released in theaters worldwide on April 15.


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