Here’s How Grindelwald Knew That Credence Was Aurelius Dumbledore

Did you know before Fantastic Beasts 2 that Credence was Aurelius Dumbledore? Or, in fact, that there was someone in the Harry Potter universe by the name of Aurelius Dumbledore? Up until the climactic ending of Fantastic Beasts 2, no one knew that the character even existed. Part of the reason for this is that Dumbledore was believed to have only two siblings, Aberforth and Arianna. But the revelation of a possible third sibling has shaken up the basic premise of the universe. But isn’t it surprising that Grindelwald knew that Credence was Aurelius Dumbledore? Let’s explore it a little further.

As many Potter-heads know Grindelwald and Albus were extremely close when they were children. They were exceptional wizards and thick as thieves. They spent a lot of time trying to learn and perfect their magic. Despite Albus’ brilliance, his sister, Arianna was a curious case. She was bullied and beaten by a group of muggle boys as a child and this lead to her suppressing her own wizard powers. When a powerful witch or wizard suppresses their magical powers they can quickly give rise to an obscurus. That is exactly what happened with Ariana. It is very rare for a witch or a wizard with an obscurus to live beyond the age of 10, but Dumbledores are tough cookies and their powerful magical powers let them endure the pain just a little longer.


Credence Was Aurelius Dumbledore

Grindelwald had seen this curious case with Ariana. The saddest part of this story is that the girl dies when a spell hit her in the midst of Albus and Grindelwald’s duel. This meant that both boys blamed themselves for her death. However, there is more to it. After Ariana’s death Grindelwald, who had already gained the reputation as being one of the best seers, saw a vision of an obscurus killing Albus Dumbledore. He could not let that happen to a dear friend of his. So Grindelwald made it his life purpose to track down the said obscurus.


But now that Ariana was dead there was no obscurus that could be linked to Albus. However, after the events of Fantastic Beasts and the adventures of Newt Scamander, Grindelwald was made privy to the obscurus in New York. At this point, he began his own investigation into the matter and tracked the obscurus to a young orphan named Credence. Grindelwald looked for a boy below the age of 10 but was surprised to see that Credence was a young man.


This made him think that maybe Credence was a Dumbledore because only this family has shown any proficiency with handling an obscurus. He conducted further investigations and deduced that Irma had adopted the boy after his aunt drowned while transporting him to America. Credence was Aurelius Dumbledore and he was sent away by his father to live away from their home. Whether he is an illegitimate son or there is something more to the story still remains a mystery. But one thing is for sure, no one can beat Grindelwald’s clever mind.


The Future

The wizard was able to figure out such a convoluted old plot after spending just a little time investigating the origin of Credence’s obscurus all the while organizing the biggest revolt that this wizarding world has ever seen. It is not easy to accomplish either, much less accomplish both of these things simultaneously. But Grindelwald seems determined to take over the magic world. He would have never figured out Credence’s secret identity if he did not have an intimate connection to the Dumbledore family. But the thing is that this is all speculation at the moment. We don’t know if Grindelwald’s deduction is completely correct.


It is possible that he is speculating just like the fans are. But the thing is that the fans are furious about the implication. Something about adding a Dumbledore sibling reeks of continuity retcon that we cannot digest. The ending of Fantastic Beasts 2 has raised an uproar in the Potter community. People have been eagerly awaiting the next installment so the franchise explains itself to long-term fans in a universe-affirming way. If they cannot do that then J.K. Rowling may end up losing a big chunk of her followers.

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