New Scoop States Spider-Man Rights Are To Be Reverted Back to Marvel

New Scoop States Spider-Man Rights:

Sony & Disney are in the greatest working relations right now than they could be. Sony & Marvel aren’t just putting out movies that link 2 different Universes, but Sony is also planning Spider-Man shows for Disney+, and the two companies are also not competing a whole lot with their release dates, but rather planning their releases in a way so Sony & Marvel could both profit the most. All the animosity that the two studios might have had in the past is not there anymore.

New Scoop States Spider-Man Rights Reverted Back to Marvel
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But from a latest scoop that came from Marvel Scooper Mikey Sutton has stated that the rights for Spider-Man might soon revert back to Marvel/Disney. That isn’t because Disney is buying off Spider-Man from Sony, because Spider-Man alone could prove to be a very expensive property, but it’s because Sony is still in contention to be sold to a bigger company like Apple or Amazon. If that happens, then according the conditions upon which Sony bought Spider-Man from Marvel, the rights of Spider-Man and all the other characters that are related to him will automatically revert back to Marvel.

The war of the streaming services is on an all-time high. Netflix is producing massive original content all over the world. Amazon is also producing great content but their pace is a little too slow. Apple as compared to them is even slower & doesn’t even have a lot of content to make people subscribe for Apple TV+. Disney already had Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar & their own content, but they also bought Fox. So in a few years, they could easily beat Amazon, HBO Max & Apple, if not Netflix. That is why Apple & Amazon are in dire need of rights to more original content, which is why Sony could be bought by them.

New Scoop States Spider-Man Rights Reverted Back to Marvel

Sony has been denying that they aren’t going to sell, but that could just be to prevent any rumors from being circulated before a deal is finalized. According to Sutton and his industry sources, there is still a lot of movement being made behind the scenes & Sony could be bought sooner or later. And that’s gonna be a plus for us Marvel fans who believe in one true Marvel Universe!

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