10 X-Men Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Before there were MCU and DCEU there was 20th Century Fox. Superheroes weren’t thought to be bankable enough in the movie theaters. The X-Men franchise has been proving them wrong since a decade. As years passed by, even solo X-Men movies like Deadpool and Logan made big bucks at the Box Office. Here are some other mutant superheroes that can do the same once they go solo.

10. Magik:

Not all would recognize the name Illyana Rasputin. Let me jog up your memory. She is Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus’s sister. After being abducted by a demon king Belasco, Illyana spent most of her life in an alternate dimension named The Limbo where she trained in the occult arts and amassed enough power to dethrone the demon and make herself the Queen. Her vast knowledge of magic along with her mutant powers makes her perhaps one of the most powerful mutants ever. A movie focusing on her rise to power from nothing would be just as intriguing.

9. Quicksilver:

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Although he hasn’t necessarily been overlooked, Pietro Maximoff hasn’t got the centre stage either. One of the fastest and most popular speedsters in Marvel’s arsenal, Pietro’s character development throughout the years has been nothing short of spectacular. Apart from dealing with his own inner demons, his dealing with the guilt of his sister The Scarlet Witch’s wrongdoings ( which includes massacring 99% of the human population) can be the source of a stellar story driven movie that can win the audience’s heart.

8. Mystique:

The blue skinned temptress has always been an interesting character. Yet her portrayal by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence was nothing short of barbaric. Mystique isn’t a charity case looking for attention. She is a go- getter, a spy of the highest order, a master assassin and stealth expert. She is Mutant James Bond. Would be a shame if her character stays unnoticed by Fox.

7. Bishop:

A mutant whose powers allow him to absorb and release energy, Bishop can be considered a Mutant extremist. Being part of the Xavier Security Forces in a future where mutants are hunted down like pigs, it would make sense for a guy like him to develop a Machiavellian approach to things. Bishop isn’t a bad. He is just the perfect Anti-Hero. A movie on him could help us understand how the-ends-justify-the-means mentality affects everything.

6. Emma Frost:

Hubba hubaa. One of the hottest mutant characters to grace the Marvel imprint, Emma Frost is a well known telepath in the Marvel Universe. January Jones may be just as hot, but she never did give any sort of justice to the role. Emma is a complex character. A member of both the Hellfire Club and The X-Men, Emma won’t shy away from bending the rules if that’s what it takes to succeed. Another criminally underused character by Fox.

5. X-23:

Laura is a mutant clone of Wolverine. Considering herself as someone “without a soul”, Laura or X-23 has been through a lot of pain and misery. And just like her father she was incarcerated, experimented upon and trained to the point of absolute exhaustion over and over again Dafne Keen portrays X-23 in Logan. Does she finally accept her father’s legacy and become the next Wolverine?

4. Multiple Man:

Jamie Madrox is multiple man. A mutant with such a surprisingly incredible fanbase it’s a wonder why Fox still hasn’t reeled him in for a solo movie. As Mutiple Man, his mutant superpower allows him to create multiple copies of himself the more kinetic energy he absorbs. As a youngster, most of his time was spent doing petty crimes and having the occasional switchover between the bad guy and good guy. Madrox owes no allegiance to anyone. Would be interesting to see a character like this feature in a big screen.

3. Magneto:

If Jackman can get a Logan, what’s stopping Fassbender from getting his Magneto? A mutant that has always been hunted and on the run, Magneto for all his flaws the Mutant universe shows us is still not as much of a bad guy. He is powerful enough to kill every guy in the room yet (most of the time) he chooses not to. What is the reason for his restraint? Why doesn’t he just use his immense power to make humanity bend to his will? Why is he adamant on doing it the hard way?

2. Kitty Pryde and Colossus:

Love stories are what Marvel’s X-men storylines are the most famous for. Jean Grey-Scott Summers and Gambit-Rogue may seem like the poster couple but the Kitty-Colossus love story is the one that holds the most depth among the three. They ere lovers at first. Differences led to their break up yet they still stay in one mansion, helping Professor Xavier keep the mutant academy safe and sound. A movie explaining the rusty dynamic between two exes trying to make things work, the things they have to give up (or one of their deaths maybe) is something the movie could focus on.

 1. Beast:


Hank McCoy or as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine puts it – ‘Furball’ is one of the original members of the X-Men. He has seen the team rise and fall and rise again several times. McCoy has been a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe and the X-Men franchise since it’s inception. The Marvel Universe is filled with strange things that even science cant explain. A scientist by heart, it would be intriguing to see Beast dabble into magic and the occult to find answers. For man of science like Beast, Logic is everything. What happens when he encounters something that even science can’t explain? Make it happen Fox!!!

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