The NWH Spell of Doctor Strange Did Not Work on One Character!

People, do you remember, around one and a half months ago, you thought you knew Spider-Man’s identity, but couldn’t recall it? Your friends and family might have gone through the same thing. But don’t worry, because almost everyone on the Earth felt. And yes, we used almost, because we don’t think Doctor Strange did a perfect job in making everyone forget Peter Parker. The mind-wiping spell of Doctor Strange probably did not work on the Hulk! Keep reading to find out how, and why!

Spider Man No Way Home Movie Download Filmyzilla

Spider-Man: No Way Home is crowned as the greatest movie of 2021, and it deserves the respect it got. The movie was not like the previous Spider-Man entries. The movie was dark and violent, but maybe that is what people wanted for the character. NWH is heavily inspired by the four-issue comic storyline, Spider-Man: One More Day (2007). The movie received appreciation from the readers and the critics alike.


The comic book storyline served as a crossover between the three major Spider-Man series, much like NWH. In these issues, Aunt May dies, while everyone protests and rallies around their newly-found knowledge that Peter Parker is, in fact, Spider-Man. So Peter, ridden with guilt, goes to every superhero or villain for assistance. Even Doctor Strange, who denies to help him. Instead, he advises him to stay by his aunt’s side at her death. He even tries to team up with Doctor Doom and Doc Ock to help him go back in time.


Ridden with guilt, Peter Parker and Mary Jane make a deal with Mephisto where he resurrects his dead aunt, in exchange for everyone’s history with Peter. In the issues that followed, everyone in the universe forgot that a Peter Parker ever existed. Except one, at least in the comics.


Spell of Doctor Strange

When everyone in the universe, including Mary Jane and Aunt May, forgot that Spider-Man was Peter, there was one who didn’t. And it is someone beyond your wildest imaginations. It is The Incredible Hulk! And you know why? Because Hulk never forget. A huge shoutout to u/Apprehensive-Neat-68 for bringing this to our attention. Here is the whole post.


This scene happens, that is all. (NWH spoilers) from MCUTheories

This scene is from the 2020 Marvel comic, Immortal Hulk: Great Power. We can see that Spider-Man was somewhat glad to know that in the whole universe, he is a stranger to everyone, except Hulk. This has got to count for something. And it would be great if Marvel and Sony bring this plot twist in the MCU.


Many fans, after knowing about this plot twist, insinuate that Tom Holland’s Peter will meet Bruce in the future. Peter, who will now be used to ignorance, will be amazed that Bruce Banner, or preferably Smart Hulk, still knows his real identity. However, there is a slight problem. This has been repeatedly spoken in the comics that Hulk and Bruce Banner are not one. Instead, they are two drivers of the same car. And at one time, only one can be in control. So, if memories of one of them are affected, the other ones remain unaffected. So, it was easy in the comics as we see the Jade Giant in all his glory. However, it can not be the same in the MCU.


Hulk’s Character Ruined in Avengers Endgame
Hulk’s Character Ruined in Avengers Endgame

During the blip, when every Avenger was dealing with his/her failures, Dr. Bruce Banner was working on a way to fuse Hulk and Banner. And he did it. He brought together the best of both of them. In this way, he made them, and their memories, one. So, Doctor Strange would have erased both of their memories. But it is not only about that because we are not sure if Hulk even knew Spider-Man’s identity to begin with. However, they might’ve met off-screen, during the final fight with Thanos, or at Tony’s funeral. And considering Peter’s tendency to introduce himself to every superhero out there, it is not too big of a stretch.


Spell of Doctor Strange

We know that Marvel doesn’t use the comic storylines as it is. They always change them up to seem more authentic and originals. Moreover, it helps keep the surprises intact. Professor Hulk being impervious to Strange’s spell may seem a little overstretched but in the long run, it might really help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being relevant. In the comics, Spider-Man and Hulk have been great teammates, unlike in the MCU. Bringing this in MCU might work for the betterment of both of the characters.

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