What Would Happen After The Snap of Zombie Thanos?

Marvel’s What If…? is a prime example of the lengths to which the studio can go to make enticing content for the fans. The series has so far explored some of the most exciting storylines that we could have never imagined to witness before. Each episode has given us renditions of our superheroes we could have only dreamt of. This show is the most innovative technique of referencing all the fan theories and concepts that could have never been seen in the movies. The fifth episode gave us many favorite moments but at the same time hinted at one of the greatest versions of an already daunted villain Thanos. Let’s take a look at what would happen with the snap of Zombie Thanos.

The Episode

The fifth episode of What If explored the idea of a zombie invasion taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The events start similar to the opening of Avengers: Infinity War as Bruce Banner is sent to Earth using the Bifrost Bridge. The difference is that instead of landing on the Earth we know of, Banner lands on an Earth that is infested by a virus that is converting everyone into zombies. We get to meet some of our heroes who have managed to survive the invasion and plan to get a cure while at the same time some of the other heroes have turned into zombies.


Snap of Zombie Thanos

The characters try to survive the circumstance and try to move towards their goal. The storyline follows a formula that is at times similar to some of our favorite zombie films. Around the end get to see Spider-Man, T’Challa, and Ant-Man’s disembodied head travel to Wakanda with the Mind Stone which could also possibly be a cure to the virus. To their unknown, we discover that Thanos has also arrived on this Earth and he has the gauntlet along with him. He heads for the snap and that’s exactly where the episode ends and we don’t end up seen the consequences of his actions.


Consequences Of the Snap of Zombie Thanos

Despite his zombification, Thanos continues with his prospects of doing the snap which is similar to some of the other characters who also have control over their powers even after being zombies. But considering the fact the Thanos is a zombie, his snap could have absolutely drastic effects compared to the original snap. The episode conveys the idea that the zombies are not killing people in order to just kill them.

They are motivated to killing the non-zombified people because they have an affinity for the living flesh. This could possibly mean that Thanos might not actually go ahead with his plans of eliminating half of life. Killing half of the population in a world were most are already seems like a futile move. Thanos could rather use the snap to instead create more life.


Snap of Zombie Thanos

Another clear possibility is that Thanos was very clear about his perspectives. He didn’t care about anything else but his objective of eliminating half of the population to increase the resources available for the rest of the population. Sticking to his original plan, Thanos could eliminate half of the zombified population. This could lead to more resources for the remaining zombies. But that has it’s own flaw as even though the zombies have taken over the earth, they haven’t affected other planets.

In Avengers: Infinity War, we were clearly aware of Thanos’s plans of destroying half of all life. Thanos does end up going through with it and we get to see the Avengers taking action on the events that followed. Even though the Avengers end up reversing the events of the snap, it still continues to have consequences that will affect the future of the MCU.

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