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Ultron Will Return as a Multiversal Villain in Phase 4

After creating the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, Sylvie has opened the gates to a whole lot of possibilities. And with the timeline being out of control of the TVA, these possibilities will become new realities. So to cover all these new alternate realities, Marvel conveniently introduced an animated series, What If…?. This show focuses mainly on covering some of these new possibilities throughout the course of MCU. And the first episode of What If…? has shown that any decision made by a human can change the course of time. Now, we’ve got a theory suggesting that Ultron will return as a Multiversal Villain in What If…? and beyond.

What If…?’s First Episode Explained

What If…?’s first episode premiered on Disney+ on August 11. It answered the question, “What If Captain Carter Was the First Avenger?” It was loosely based on the events of Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) with a major twist where instead of Steve Rogers, the super serum was taken by Agent Carter. And following up on this new branch of reality, some details remained the same while others changed drastically. Captain Carter teamed up with a Tesseract-powered suit called the HYDRA Stomper piloted by Steve Rogers and failed HYDRA’s plans just like in the first movie. In addition to this mind-blowing new reality, there are many left to explore.


However, with the TVA not having much power over these branches of the original timeline, old characters might be back for revenge or to save the world again. Many fans believe that instead of each episode of What If…? explaining a single reality, they all unite to form a single overlapping narrative. But the merchandises suggest something different. A poster reveals all possible new characters as a team with ‘Guardians Of the Multiverse’, written below them.

Ultron Will Return

So it might be possible that characters across realities can travel from one reality to another. Besides, it makes sense if all the new superheroes unite to form a league against the Multiversal threats. These threats might also find ways to travel across realities and one such theory says that Ultron will rise again. Even with so many superheroes, Ultron was a big threat to the world. And it would be pretty amazing if Ultron becomes the reason for the formation of the Guardians.

The Guardians Of The Multiverse includes Captain Carter, T’Challa as Star-Lord, Party Thor, Dark Doctor Strange, a variant of Black Widow who never left the Red Room, King Killmonger, and a different Gamora. They were revealed by the Watcher.


Ultron has appeared in various issues of Marvel Comics including 1977’s What if…?. So it seems plausible if he appears as the main antagonist of the series. Many scenes in the trailer point to this theory being true like
Killmonger holding a robot head in his hand and Party Thor striking a familiar robot with his hammer. All these scenes point towards Ultron being the greatest villain of the show.


Ultron Will Return

If we consider the comics, there was a timeline where all of Earth was under Ultron’s control. And even Kang The Conqueror was unable to defeat the android. In order to defeat him, he travels back in time to defeat Ultron and repeatedly fails to do so. He even risked the continuity of the timeline during these efforts. And now that Kang the Conqueror and Ultron both are going to appear in the show, it just might be a huge success.

Ultron was initially created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner using the Mind Stone. It soon got out of their control and threatened the extinction of humanity. Ultron was almost successful in destroying the entire planet until the Avengers put an end to his plans. However, in an alternate reality, he achieved his goal in the comics until the remaining Avengers traveled back in time to stop him. But in the movie, he failed remarkably. However, with all the multiversal advancements in the MCU, he might come back from a more-developed Earth and terrorize humans.

In one of the multiple timelines, Marvel could place Ultron as the only inhabitant of the Earth with all 6 Infinity Stones in his hand. With all these stones and his AI program, he can be a formidable villain. He might travel to different timelines and invade the Earth. Such an epic event might make a good precedent for the formation of the Guardians Of The Multiverse.


If What If…? goes according to the comics, then the ending might already be known to the comic fanatics. In 2015’s Secret Wars, different worlds from different timelines merge into one called the Battleworld. There, the heroes trapped Ultron’s army with the Marvel Zombies with no victor emerged. A similar thing might play an important role in the show as the Guardians find a way to bait Ultron’s army into a trap-world consisting of the Zombies of key MCU characters.

What do you think of this theory? Is it possible that Ultron will return as a multiversal Villain? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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