Why John Walker Should Fight Hawkeye Next In The MCU

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier entertained us in many ways. Moreover, it gave us the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, after Steve Rogers stepped down from the pedestal in Endgame. The sho even gave us new characters to enjoy. However, one that stood was John Walker, the U.S. Agent. A worthy competitor to the mantle of Captain America, he was ultimately defeated by the Falcon. But in my onion, his course with Sam is over. John Walker should fight Hawkeye in the future.

Why John Walker Should Fight Hawkeye

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier proved that the U.S. Agent goes a long way in the MCU right now. This was proved when Val (possibly for Dark Avengers or Thunderbolt) hired him and gave the Marvel U.S. Agent. Well, if that is the case, then let me tell you about his course in the comics. In the comics, John Walker strongly loathed the archer during their time together on the West Coast Avengers roster.

The reason for the hatred from both ends was pretty simple because it is simply human behavior. On one hand, Clint (Hawkeye) hates him because was a Captain America wannabe, and sneaked his way to become a super-soldier. Meanwhile, Walker simply thinks that Clint is incompetent and is not fit to be their leader. The hatred is pretty much evident in the comics and seems like a reasonable path for Marvel to pursue.

Why Marvel Could Follow West Coast Avengers

West Coast Avengers brings a bunch of superheroes together. This includes U.S. Agent and Hawkeye. Well, it was almost too instantly that they started fighting. Moreover, Walker became a government-appointed member of the West Coast Avengers after failing as Captain America. Hence, the feeling of resentment is quite active. The two immediately started quarreling, with Clint being furious that the government slid in the U.S. Agent into the Avengers.

In my opinion, Walker should not be introduced in the newly announced Captain America 4. What I believe is, Sam and Walker’s account is now closed. Both should lead on to their personal endeavors as the MCU is never lacking threats. Hence, Walker vs. Barton seems like a fitting story. Plus, like the comic book characters, they could be forced to team up. And then, face off in a heated showdown once they can no longer stand each other. This could make for a compelling storyline. Of course, alterations will be there. But John Walker should fight Hawkeye to make up for a better storyline.

How U.S. Agent, Hawkeye, & War Machine Connect

Marvel is all about weaving a universe so connected that everything starts feeling like a domino effect. With Walker as US Agent, Hawkeye with own series, and War Machine to be the centerpiece in Armor Wars, we can make a connection. Moreover, the comics also prove a relationship between these three. The three of them briefly became such good friends that they even sort of had a “team name” for each other, the “Brothers in Arms.”

In 1994, Marvel tried doing occasional flip-books. The concept revolved around War Machine who was just trying to keep people from dying. He then discovers that the rebels were being trained by Hawkeye. However, U.S. Agent convinced Hawkeye to return to civilization. Then, the former Avenger leader decided to take up the U.S. State Department on a request for him to train the superpowered rebels.

However, we then learn that US Agent’s old bosses at the Commission had requested for him to train the superpowered members of the established government. In the end, all three realized that they had been manipulated by a called The Advisor who was just looking to take advantage of the chaos. The three got past their differences and teamed up and at the end of the story.

Where Could John Walker & Hawkeye Meet In The MCU

The Disney+ series, Hawkeye has finished filming. In the final stages of production where Hawkeye rests, we are excited to see him train Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfield. Well, the mantle is being passed on now. But, it would be no surprise if we see John Walker in the series as well. If their relationship is adapted, it will definitely make up for fun elements such as Hawkeye’s childish behavior.

As far as Walker is concerned, he is now hired by Val. And, the possibility of Dark Avengers or Thunderbolts is almost too evident to be ignored, especially after The Raft was mentioned in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as well. If Marvel were to bring this tense relationship on-screen, they have one too many projects where they can be seen.

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