Did Savitar Feel Inspired From Zoom? The Answer May Shock You

Well, the unimaginable finally happened. Iris West died a painful death and Savitar’s prophecy is fulfilled. The DC fans are in absolute shock, some are even crying as no-one thought show-makers would turn Flash TV show dark like Arrow. It is supposed to be a family superhero drama on CW, but killing a major female protagonist like that has sent chills down the spine of every DC fan. In the last season, Zoom murdered Barry’s father right in front of him. This time Savitar murdered Iris in front of him.  But apart from being ruthlessly conniving, Zoom and Savitar are very similar in terms of their origins.

Zoom’s story is akin to Avery from Making a Murderer series, a guy who was framed and went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and then after he was released he was again accused of murder and went behind the bars. He was an innocent child who witnessed the murder of his own mother, sent to foster care, and then thrown into the Earth-2 prison system, subjected to torture, and finally became a convicted serial killer. Zoom had also experienced a tormented childhood which turned him into pure evil.

It was revealed that Savitar was one of the time remnant of Flash that he used to fight Zoom to beat him in his own game. As a result when Zoom invited Flash for a race to power the magnetar and create a huge trans-dimensional shock which will destroy the entire multiverse. Flash created a countervailing force to reverse the effects of massive energy generated to activate the cosmic device and finally let time wraiths took him as he distorted the rules of the speed force. But Barry’s friends including Joe West, Cisco abandoned Savitar and left him in pain and agony. He then decided to turn speed-god and had his revenge from the original Flash for betraying him.

Both Savitar and Zoom are evil speedsters created by the horrors of the past.

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