Flash Season 3: 4 Things to Know About Doctor Alchemy

The Flash season 3 is off to a great start. The first two episodes dealt with the Flashpoint Paradox and it was great to see how the show incorporated comics and went with their own story as well. This season’s villain Doctor Alchemy is already out there and people (who haven’t read comics) are wondering what is this villain all about. Already a few theories are floating around.

Here are 4 things to know about the Flash season 3 villain Doctor Alchemy:


Flash season 3 doctor alchemy
Doctor Alchemy/Mister Element (source: Wikia)

His real name is Albert Desmond. He suffers from a multiple personality disorder. One is a law abiding citizen and the other is a criminal. When he turns to his dark side, he uses his chemistry knowledge to create elemental weapons. He is sent to jail by the Flash and learns about Philosopher’s stone. He escapes and finds the stone and transforms into Doctor Alchemy. His good personality resurfaced overtime and he hides the stone and quits crime.

His Brother:

Alvin Desmond (Source: Wikia)

After Albert Desmond quits as Doctor Alchemy, a new Doctor Alchemy surfaces. He is none other than Albert’s own twin brother Alvin Desmond and they both share a psychic connection. Albert confronts and defeats Alvin to again take up the role of Alchemy.

Powers and Abilities:

Alchemy Flash season 3
Alchemy and Philosopher’s Stone (source: Wikia)

Albert Desmond initially calls himself Mister Element and uses a weapon which he creates using his knowledge to alter elements. After he possesses the Philosopher’s stone he can transmute substances and also human body. In a storyline, he once transformed The Flash into a water vapor. With telekinesis, he could control the stone from a distance.

The Alchemist:

flash season 3 alchemy alchemist
Curtis Engstrom (The Alchemist)

After Albert quit being Dr. Alchemy, S.T.A.R. Labs takes possession of the Philosopher’s stone and uses it for a medical computer. But, both the computer and stone are stolen by Dr. Curtis Engstrom and he calls himself the Alchemist.

Thus, we have got a lot of surprises coming our way in The Flash Season 3 on how they treat Doctor Alchemy. He already bought back The Rival’s powers and who knows what is in store for the fans as the show progresses.

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