Marvel’s Multiverse Rules Make No Sense Between Franchises

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally embraced the multiverse. Marvel Studios seem to have decided that the best course of action for their franchise would be to create all sorts of branching pathways for the main character. It seems that Marvel wants to be able to kill people on a whim and do preposterous stuff without having to sully their own universe. We say that with no malice. It is simply the truth at this point? What’s that? You don’t believe us? Well, my sweet summer child has you noticed that Marvel is inconsistent in its approach. Have you noticed that Marvel’s multiverse rules make no sense between franchises?

Marvel Studios has a habit of creating stand-alone stories. Even when you look at the projects that they made specifically to conclude series arcs of the franchise, you’ll see that Marvel’s aim is to always create a movie that anyone can watch. This enables them to target a wide audience. We all have friends and family members who have never seen a Marvel movie and do not wish to catch up to a franchise that is 27 movies deep. Marvel tries to make movies not to appease loyal fans who have ardently seen and preached about the 27 movies, but to cater to the people who are new to the franchise. We can appreciate that approach. After all, Disney is at the reins and they want to mint money rather than appease the fans. But this approach is causing serious continuity issues now.


Marvel’s Multiverse Rules Make No Sense

We were first introduced to the concept of the multiverse back in Loki. The idea was that each event that was different from what happened in the sacred timeline created a new universe or a new parallel timeline. This was called a nexus event and this is where the timelines diverged. We were told that there is a space outside universes where the TVA resides and here only the Timekeepers and He Who Remains has power. It was an interesting way to present the multiverse and the fans embraced the explanation with open arms. But then things got complicated.


Marvel’s multiverse rules

When Spider-Man: No Way Home came out, we realized that the death of He Who Remains had freed the multiverse and meant that travel between the universes was now possible. The movie showcased this by bringing in all the old villains from Sony’s earlier Spider-Man franchise. Then to put a cherry on the cake they even had Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield make an appearance in a way that they would be able to help Holland in the final battle. We loved all of this and ignored the minor plot holes that this created because the multiverse was now free.


We even ignored the leap in the logic of throwing vulture into the Sony universe. But now Multiverse of Madness has shown us that multiversal travel is dangerous. The movie iterates that wading through someone else’s universe can cause what some call an “incursion”. This is a very dangerous event that causes two universes to collide, ensuring that neither of them survives. But this makes no sense. If Multiversal travel is truly that dangerous then why has the TVA been sending out variants all of these years?


The Problems

Moreover, how are things so calm in the multiverse. The MCU has been trying to wade through the multiverse for years now. Wanda has been looking for her kids, Spider-Man has been trying to live, and America Chavez is now living in the MCU. Surely all of these things could cause an incursion at any given moment. And yet, everyone is so calm about the entire situation. It makes no sense. The only explanation we can think of is that Marvel is treating each movie as its own bubble universe and not giving too much thought to how all of it will connect together.


Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness Download Movie

That is a very dangerous game. Especially from a Studio that is known for its continuity prowess. We are more than a little worried about the fact that this exercise will hamper their reputation.

Let us know what you think about this Marvel’s Multiverse rules down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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