John Cena Reveals Whether He Will Be the Next Captain America

It has been a couple months since the rumor of John Cena becoming the new Captain America begun. It all actually began from his Instagram feed where he feeds random or sometimes, not-so-random stuff without any context. He just posted a clawed Captain America Shield and the world decided that he is the new Captain America.


John Cena Next Captain America

Well apparently this was a random post but the timing of it was impeccable. Chris Evans had just bid farewell to the role a while ago, and this appearing on Cena’s Insta handle made people jump to various conclusions. There are surely no talks that have happened between Cena and Marvel as of now, and all this was just to raise the hype for nothing. Cena is going to appear in the upcoming Bumblebee movie where we will not be able to C what he actually does.

John Cena Next Captain America

But now, as he appeared on Ellen’s recent Episode, she asked him about the rumor of him being the one to take on the mantle of Captain America. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“For real. Finally it’s happened! If it’s out there, if the Captain America people are listening and you’re watching right now, I’d totally do it. I totally will, because I think I’d be a good Captain America…and I’ve already ruined everyone’s childhood, so it can’t get any worse!”

John Cena Next Captain America

While we don’t know what the future of Captain America holds post Avengers 4. So far, reports suggest that the next Cap could be chosen from the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier TV show. Frank Grillo who played Crossbones in the MCU even revealed that from what he has heard, the next Cap could be an African American, or in fact a woman. So we really don’t have any idea.

After Evans’ tweet, people started coming to the conclusion that Cap will in fact bite the dust in Avengers 4 (it obviously makes sense that way, but let’s just hope it doesn’t happen). But recently Infinity War co-director Joe Russo was interviewed by USA Today and there he mentioned the fact that Chris Evans is certainly not done as Captain America yet, even though they are with the MCU. Talking about Evans’ farewell tweet, here’s what he said:

“I think it was more emotional for [Chris Evans] than it was for us, mostly cause he’s not done yet. I don’t want to explain what I mean, but audiences will soon understand.”

John Cena Next Captain America

So no one can be sure of the fate of Captain America until Avengers 4 comes out and gives us a clear picture of whatever it is. But we can as a matter of fact say that John Cena would be a great Captain America. He is a steadily growing name in Hollywood. Changing careers from Pro Wrestling to acting obviously takes time, but it has proven to be hugely rewarding. Just look at the Rock!

John Cena Next Captain America

John Cena Next Captain AmericaWhat I mean here is that signing John Cena for a long contract now would actually make a lot of sense. Even if it is for Captain America or any other MCU role, he will be available at a rather cheaper price for now than he will be 3 years for now.

Captain America John Cena MCU (2)

This is the kind of push that Cena is looking for in Hollywood, and he would also become huge if someone like Marvel does end up signing him. So, both the parties would benefit from a deal eventually.

Avengers 4 Trailer Release Date

Cena has the acting chops and Hollywood can certainly make him happen. But let’s just look forward to Chris Evans’ exit from the MCU. Here’s what Evans said in an interview earlier this year about departing from the role of Captain America:

“Well, you know, my contract is over, so that’s as far as I know. [I’ll miss] everything [about Captain America]. I mean, it’s not just the character, it’s the people – the experience, such good movies, such wonderful memories. I’ll miss a lot.”

“You want to get off the train before they push you off. I used to have thoughts of wanting to climb to the top of something, or wanting to be somebody. But when you get the thing that you think you want and then you wake up and realize that you still have pockets of sadness, and that your struggle will reinvent itself, you stop chasing after those things and it is liberating, because you realize that right here, right now, is exactly all I need.”

Hopefully Avengers 4 end with doing the character justice. It comes out on May 3, 2019.

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