5 Superheroes Who Can’t Stand Spider-Man

Spider-Man is vastly known for his quick one-liners and his wit, but this funny attitude of his is not appreciated by many of the others superheroes. Here is a list of some, who just can’t stand him:


Even though, Wolverine unwanting respects Spider-Man and has teamed up with him a lot of times, the clawed X-Men member can’t simply stand the web-slinger. On all their missions, either Spidey is following Wolverine, or Wolverine is very much irritated by the antics of the webhead.


This is something big. To be hated by a superhero that doesn’t even exist in your universe. Well, we’ll know how Batman, is and there is absolutely no surprise in him detesting Spider-Man because of his humor and joking attitude. In the crossover where Carnage frees Joker, Bats until the very end is against Spider-Man working with him. Eventually, they team-up, but even after they’ve defeated the villains, Bats tells Spidey, he wouldn’t want to work with him.

Rocket Racoon

Spider-Man is one of the few reasons why funny guy Racoon hates Earth. This is what he said in an issue. He first finds himself face to face with the web-head, when Spidey is rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy after he’s kidnapped by the Skrulls in order to get Agent Venom out in the open. “Take off the mask, I wanna smack his stupid face,” says Racoon, when Spidey’s lying out cold.


When Elektra enters the Avengers tower, it’s Spidey, Wolverine and her in the room. Seeing Electra enter, Wolverine uses this situation to get away from Spidey, after which the webhead tries to hit it with some small talk, but Elektra plainly just stares at him and doesn’t let a word out until Wolvie returns.



When Wolverine is dying and sends Peter as his replacement to the school, which now Storm is taking care of, Spidey gets a very cold welcome from all the X-Men, not only that he is also not granted the teacher tenure and is kicked out of the school. Well, that’s some hate.

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