MCU Theory: Steve Rogers Will Return to Fight Kang in Avengers 5

After bidding farewell to his beloved MCU role, Chris Evans was reportedly in talks to return a couple more times. Deadline shocked the world when they reported that Evans is already set to return to the MCU. In fact, even Evans seemed to be as surprised as everyone else. Apparently, it was news to him as well. Even Kevin Feige sided with what Evans had tweeted. But still, Deadline continues to stand true to their report. Considering their legitimacy and previous track record, I’m willing to believe that we haven’t seen the last of Steve Rogers. In fact, I’ve got a new theory suggesting that Steve Rogers will return to fight Kang in Avengers 5.

In the past, many actors have denied factual casting reports in the past. Tatiana Maslany refuted her role as She-Hulk until Kevin Feige revealed it. Hailee Steinfeld kept denying her casting as Kate Bishop until she started filming the Hawkeye series. And even Jonathan Majors did not confirm his role as Kang the Conqueror. And recently, even Andrew Garfield tried to play the same game by pointing out its similarities with Mafia and Werewolf. So, we can’t totally believe Evans. It won’t surprise us if he was just hiding the facts with his tweets.

Steve Rogers will return

Deadline reported that Evans will be signing up for one appearance, with a possibility of another one in the future. And, his appearances will be more like what Robert Downey Jr. did after Iron Man 3. So, we reckon that Steve Rogers could first appear in a project like Captain America 4 in order to guide Sam. And then he could return in a major crossover event.


But according to a new theory, Steve Rogers will return to take on Kang the Conqueror. Everyone knows that Jonathan Majors is set to appear as Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But he is a major Marvel villain who could also be the main antagonist in Avengers 5. In fact, we believe that the buildup for Kang will start with Phase 4 itself.

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There’s a reason why his casting has been announced so soon. Kang could surely have something to do with the Loki series. After that, he could be involved with Ant-Man 3 and then finally appear in Avengers 5. As for Steve Rogers, he retired and turned old. He got a happy ending, and most people are worried that this ending could be ruined if he returns.

Well, there’s a way which won’t ruin that ending at all. You see, Steve Rogers created an alternate timeline when he decided to live his life with Peggy Carter. No one knows what Steve did during this timeline. Even when he returned to pass the Shield to Sam Wilson, he did not tell him about his past. That’s because this past actually involves Sam Wilson of the future. Young Steve Rogers was not done fighting.

Steve Rogers will return

Someone from Sam’s future might bring Young Steve back from the alternate timeline to fight Kang. That’s how he might make his triumphant return in Avengers 5. Just imagine the look on the faces of Sam, Bucky, and others when Steve shows up to save the day. He could have a “Bring Me Thanos” moment of his own. And who knows, he might even bring Mjolnir along with him from the new timeline. It is here that Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, and Bucky could form a trio and blow our minds!!

And after defeating Kang, Steve could return to his timeline to continue his life with Peggy. That way he’d grow old and meet Sam Wilson in 2023, just like we saw in Avengers: Endgame. Because Steve’s battle with Kang happens after 2023, Old Steve couldn’t have told Sam or anyone else about it. If he would have done that, then the future won’t have happened as it was supposed to. This is the same reason why Doctor Strange did not tell Tony Stark about the winning outcome. He said, “If I tell you what happens, it won’t happen.” So just imagine, Old Steve could have actually fought beside Sam Wilson’s Captain America in the past. And then, later on, he became the one to pass on the shield to Sam’s younger self.

Steve just wielded Mjolnir in the MCU. It would be fair to say that he retired in his prime. There’s a lot that he could still offer to the MCU. And that’s why young Steve Rogers should return. Hopefully, Marvel could make it happen in a way that pleases everyone.

What do you think about this theory? Do you think that Steve Rogers will return? Let us know in the comments.

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