5 Reasons Why Goku Is Not Even Close To Being The Best Character of Dragonball Series

Goku is surely considered the best character in the Dragonball series, and rightly so. The guy trains hard to keep the Earth safe and has many times given his life in order to protect the Earth. Well, as much as we’d want it to be true, that is never the case with Goku and Goku is not the best character of Dragonball Z. Why? Here are a few reasons:

No Care for Wife and Family

Well, this is something that we have accepted and is totally expected from the main character of the Dragonball series. Goku can never, that is never seen taking care of his wife and kids. Chichi cooks, cleans, and forces Gohan to study, her image is that of a nagging wife as she asks her husband to earn a living. Goku didn’t even ask for her consent when he decided not to be revived after he died fighting Cell, as he wanted to train at King Kai’s planet.

His Lust for Battle

Goku seems to be a child in a body of an adult, an adult who can obliterate planets within seconds. What happens when you give this much power to someone with such a mind. Disaster, yep that’s what is next in line. And so is the case with Goku, in the most recent example because of his lust to fight, all the universes face a threat of being destroyed by the Zen-oh Sama.

No Character Development

What provides depth to a character is his traumas, his weaknesses, and the turmoils that one has gone through. When it comes to Goku, well he has had no character development since all these years, as it is only his power level that has increased. He has no tragic past that would motivate him to strive harder, only his lust for battle does that. The dude killed his grandpa, and has no remorse for it, even though it was when he was a child.

No Humane Side or Weakness

A character in order to connect with the audience needs to look humane or have a weakness when it comes to Goku, the dude can’t be seen having any weakness. At all, I mean we don’t want a fucking Yamcha out of him but still, how personified can a character be? Also, he’s got no humane side, all his emotions can only be seen when he’s in battle. Apart from that, he can leave his family for years, not meet his friends for years and just care bout his training.

Made To Be A God

No, we are not talking about the Super Saiyan God form, but Goku is made to have everything go his way. He can use King Kai’s planet for training, whenever he wants can even befriend the freaking Zen-oh Sama or as he calls him Zen Chan. While he has given his life only twice for the world, there are a lot many characters who, even though are not so powerful but have still tried their utmost best to do what they could. While still they are kept confined to the Earth and made to be second or third-grade warriors.

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