7 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea originated in China and was used as a medicine. Drinking green tea has many benefits to the body. It has lots of polyphenols and anti-oxidants which makes you and keeps you healthy. There are a lot of benefits of drinking green tea.

The research about these benefits is still going on. Many claim it to be true but some are still sceptical. So, if you are using green tea for any medicinal purposes, you should either do your own research or contact a doctor. Drinking green tea, in general, may have a lot of benefits like:

Weight Loss



Well, everyone might have heard of the fact that green tea helps you in reducing weight. True! It increases the metabolic activity of the body converting all the food you consume into energy. So, there is no chance of any fat getting settled and you lose weight!




Green tea protects your heart. It reduces the chances of getting a heart attack or any other cardiovascular disease. It increases blood antioxidant capacity and hence prevents heart disease. It also helps the blood vessel relax and gives the ability to endure pressure changes in the blood.


Green tea helps your skin to be flawless. It is an anti-aging remedy. Green tea reduces the free radical formation. This protects your body from the damage. The anti-oxidants improves your skin and makes you look younger.




It is believed that the consumption of green tea reduces the risk of cancer. Studies suggest that it helps in reducing cancer like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, etc.



Green tea also lowers the risk of getting diabetes. Green tea helps in controlling the increase of blood sugar after a meal by controlling the glucose level.



Green tea helps in relaxation and prevents depression. Theanine (a kind of amino acid) is present in green tea which helps the mind to relax.

Makes you smarter

L-theanine and a little caffeine is the perfect mixture to give your brain a boost, making you work for longer, smartly!

There are a lot of other benefits of green tea which helps your body stay fit and you can live a longer and health and longer life.

If you want to start the consumption of green tea, there is something you should know. Some studies suggest that drinking one cup of green tea is beneficial for health. Others say that drinking two to five cups of green tea gives a substantial result. Some others suggest that you can go up to ten cups a day.

Well, to start with, try to have two to five cups daily. If you are allergic to caffeine, limit your consumption to one cup a day. You surely would not like to spend half of your day in the washroom!

Pregnant women should not consume green tea as it contains tannins. Tannins are supposed to decrease the folic acid and iron absorption capacity. Also, when you select a green tea, buy a branded one instead of a cheap one.

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