5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Dressing Well

“First impression is the last impression”, no matter how old or how overused this saying is but surely it holds certain strong grounds. As before talking our impression is marked by our appearance, to be precise by our clothes. Because the dress we carry nourish our personality further there is nothing wrong in looking good as it is one form of self-love in which the pleasant feeling of adorning the self is dominant. Technically there are many benefits of dressing well so go check this out and make your opinion of dressing well stronger 🙂

1. Women/Men Check You Out

Everyone loves appreciation and certain attention. It gives the air of confidence and works as a moral booster when any person of the opposite sex notices you and admire you. So the better the dress sense more the acknowledgment.

2. Strangers Ask You For Direction


You see, when you dress well, you exude confidence. People even strangers, pick up on this. In return, they give you respect, and trust goes hand in hand with respect. When you dress well you look reliable. Imagine you are in a foreign city and totally lost who would you rather get directions from a well-dressed person aura shabby guy?

Regardless of which person gives the best directions the well-dressed man clearly looks like he knows what’s going on. After all, if you can’t even get your clothes right how can you be trusted with bigger things like navigating a city?

3. People Trust You More


Friends even random people start asking you for style advice, you get the job (even though it wasn’t your best interview)
People bring you into their inner circle. They want to collaborate with you and be around you because they like the way you make them feel. You project confidence and goodwill.

4. You Feel The Urge To Get (Or Stay) Fit

After getting so many compliments and appreciation for your dress sense what all you demand is well fitted and sharp clothing. With this urge to look perfect ( indirectly) you work for your body also, as a dress appeal more to a healthy body. You start exercising which gives long time benefits.

5. You Become Responsible


While handling your closet, matching your accessories, learning your hairdos you also learn to iron and doing your work all by yourself. As people compliment on your outer beauty, your inner beauty also gets garnished.

So don’t underestimate the power of dressing well:p as in many ways our dressing affect our lives.

“get up, dress up, show up and never give up”

Shraddha Bareja

Shraddha Bareja is an observer. No she isn't glued to tv screen but a hard-core reader and detest fakeness. Writing is her medium of expression and escape. Her life is surrounded by smiles and food. Dramatist, traveller and a lover of life.
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