Shraddha Bareja

Shraddha Bareja

Shraddha Bareja is an observer. No she isn't glued to tv screen but a hard-core reader and detest fakeness. Writing is her medium of expression and escape. Her life is surrounded by smiles and food. Dramatist, traveller and a lover of life.
  • Jul- 2016 -
    12 July

    Pretty You: 4 Things to Relish Your Unique Beauty

    Markets nowadays are flooded with the diverse variety of fashion products especially for girls from fairness creams to body shapers. The fashion society has set certain lines of looking beautiful, featuring desirable height as 6 feet, the accurate figure is 36’24’36 and  with many more specifications…which has captured the minds so strongly that everybody has joined the race of looking…

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  • 1 July
    NewsTO DO LIST

    5 Things To Add In Your TO DO LIST

    Yes, we all have a never-ending and constant increasing TO DO LIST which we had once started making with all high spirits and a promise to complete that with utter proficiency… but with our busy schedules and loads of laziness are left behind maybe somewhere under our bed?? Or is gone with the garbage.. . A plan is necessary to…

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  • Jun- 2016 -
    28 June

    5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Dressing Well

    “First impression is the last impression”, no matter how old or how overused this saying is but surely it holds certain strong grounds. As before talking our impression is marked by our appearance, to be precise by our clothes. Because the dress we carry nourish our personality further there is nothing wrong in looking good as it is one form…

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