5 Things To Add In Your TO DO LIST

Yes, we all have a never-ending and constant increasing TO DO LIST which we had once started making with all high spirits and a promise to complete that with utter proficiency… but with our busy schedules and loads of laziness are left behind maybe somewhere under our bed?? Or is gone with the garbage.. . A plan is necessary to get certain direction in the life, and I am not talking about your failed attempts of meditating or joining a gym but there are certain things which you should definitely add to your list for personal growth, happiness and fun.



The more you read the wiser you are:) . This should be a must thing in your routine as reading significantly adds to your efficiency, increase your knowledge, vocabulary and confidence. Read anything in any language without any boundation. If not Dan Brown then switch to Jane Austen or even newspaper will work.


So I am definitely not talking about the professional dance forms and strict postures, just dance to feel free, to smile, to laugh, to enjoy and to shout and sing in your highest pitch. This is a great stress buster and moral booster.


Hey, foodie soul!! Just for an adventure or to develop one more art do give a try to cooking. You can master a new art, can make other people happy by showcasing your new talent and feeding them:p but most importantly you can be dependent on yourself­ you can eat what you can cook… ALL BY YOURSELF. Plus this past time will teach you how to make decisions and be responsible.


Writing is the best way to purge out your emotions and the pages will never judge you:)) with this constant habit of writing the brain start developing at a faster pace with a sure increase in improved language, patience, and time to think from the point of view of others as well. Thus writing ends up making you a better person:o

Talk to yourself

This is not a sign of any mental issue but is a necessity. We all are so busy on WhatsApp and messenger with our 1134 or more friends that there is no time left for the most interesting and unique person i.e. you, my friend!! Yes, and it is highly beneficial to talk to oneself, take some time out for yourself, talk in the front of a mirror, think, reflect, know yourself, appreciate yourself. An honest chat with yourself will help to get direction in life with realism.

No matter how packed up your schedule is, for these 5 things you can surely make space in your world to make it more bright and interesting.

Shraddha Bareja

Shraddha Bareja is an observer. No she isn't glued to tv screen but a hard-core reader and detest fakeness. Writing is her medium of expression and escape. Her life is surrounded by smiles and food. Dramatist, traveller and a lover of life.
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