5 X-Men Powers We All Wish We Had

Since we all were kids, we all have secretly as well as not so secretly wished o have superpowers or wished to be like our favorite X-Men superheroes. Here are some superpowers from the members of the X-Men that we wish we had:

Weather Manipulation

This power in the comics is possessed by Storm. Wouldn’t it be cool to actually control the weather? No, we’re not talking about raging thunder on your enemies or your horrible bosses, but wouldn’t it be good to have the weather under your control, like having a cloudy windy weather for a date night or a pleasant morning when you need your daily dose of positivity.

Healing Factor

Okay, we had to keep this one on our list. Be it Wolverine or be it Deadpool, we all know how cool can one’s regenerative capabilities and healing factor be. Not only would one be immune from all the diseases, but would have absolutely no tension ever, whatsoever be the case. No bar on driving fast or doing any adventure sports.


We all have seen how phenomenal can Nightcrawler’s teleportation be. Be it him teleporting himself during fights or be it him doing that to others. In the real world, Teleportation can come in handy. Be it going from your place to work, or reaching a date in time. You don’t ever have to think about the traffic factor again.


Mystique’s ability to shapeshift into any person can be a great ability that a person can have. In the hands of any smart person, this power can be a great asset, not just that this can also be used to get various jobs done. Along with being a great power, in the hands of someone not so good, it can be disastrous.



Come on, even you knew this power would be at the top spot of our list. Be it Professor X, Jean Grey or Emma Frost, all have this cool power and even we wish that we had this. Be it reading others’ minds, knowing what they think about us, a situation or someone else, to tell whether someone is telling the truth or not, or to talk with someone without others even noticing, telepathy can come in handy.

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