5 DC Characters Who Failed To Redefine Their Comic-Book Persona

You have seen DC Superheroes and DC Villains in movies and comics.There are times when we see a mismatch and there are times when we feel that they have beautifully complimented their counterpart. Check out whether these 5 DC movie superheroes and villains live up to their comic counterparts?


DC Comics

Batman’s costume was almost in line with the comic book and looks quite cool. Affleck’s Batman(DC superheroes) owes all around to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Both variants have been battling the wrong for a considerable length of time and have turned out to be drained and skeptical. Keeping in mind Miller’s variant displayed the most brutal Batman up to that point, even that rendition wasn’t as easygoing about slaughtering as Affleck’s, maybe the clearest pointer that he feels like his main goal has been futile.


DC Villains

Jonathan Kent was no more a supporter of his child utilizing his forces to improve the world a place. This cycle of Clark’s dad was considerably more wary, defensive parent. This eventually brought about a rendition of Clark Kent who was uncertain of himself and wary of humankind for a large portion of his life before wearing the notorious red cape. It’s a bona fide takeoff for the character– one that a ton of fans can’t move beyond. Keeping in mind there’s point of reference in the funnies for Superman (DC superheroes) executing Zod, the picture of him snapping the maverick Kryptonian’s neck is one that will dependably frequent this emphasis on the character.



LexLuthor is definitely Superman’s biggest enemy and has been seen in different combinations in the DC comics, for example, a crazy scientist, real estate tycoon and of course President of the US. And to be honest Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor justifies the character to a greater extent. But this version of Luther is someone who is quite eccentric, a bit awkward, highly obsessed and one who makes a disaster when it comes to fashion.


 DC Superheroes

Cyborg (DC villains)has just been a part of Justice League since the New 52 reboot. As a component of the New 52 reboot, Cyborg’s mishap and resurrection have turned out to be firmly fixing to Apokoliptian innovation. To be precise, Mother Box.

The Joker

DC Movie

This Joker (DC villain) is no more into his famous purple suit, rather wears those gaudy. Jared Leto wrenches his execution as far as possible up to 11, thereby giving us a dramatic Joker.

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