10 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Stress

“Stress” this is the culprit, the main root cause of every problem and what is amusing is that today, everybody has it, every single person has stress. No wonder we have all become crazy annoyed beings frustrated always! We need to understand that stress is harmful, oh yes it is, and it works in insidious ways and demolishes everything peaceful. We need to get out of it and no matter how important or how difficult it is, we need to END the STRESS including whatever it is that is causing this monster to take birth needs to be ended right there and then without mercy! So, in this part-2 of the Anti-stress post, here are some tried and tested ways to help you get out of stress and get a fresh breath, you really need it and it is definitely worth it! It is time to “Let it go”.

(p.s. – recap: Part 1 was the negative effects of this stress monster, go check it!)

1. Meditate

Well, you would have heard it a lot and tossed the whole idea of meditation right into the bin but hey, hey, give it a chance and it won’t let you down! Snatch away an hour from your routine and if not an hour just 30 minutes and relax! Don’t know how to meditate well, lord YouTube has all the answers, lazy enough to go check, (well, yeah that’s why reading this blog) then just sit with a straight back and folded legs (the meditation pose) and chant OM. Forget about everything and chant OM loudly and you’ll feel refreshed! This word is really magical.

2. Breathe In And Breathe Out

This is a clichéd one and you must have known it, yeah right, but what you don’t realize is that it really works! Whenever you feel everything is rushing out, you are losing all the control, everything is a chaos, in short, you are super stressed, just STOP, you need to STOP for a few moments and then just take deep breaths, breathe all positivity in and negativity out, remember it is easy, BREATHE IN AND BREATHE OUT, this is the mantra you need to keep in mind ALWAYS.

3. Social Intoxication

Well, nothing serious! Don’t worry, not a medical procedure, but a procedure to take seriously! Yes, you have data packs, yes you have Wi-Fi but, you also have STRESS. Intoxicate the too much addiction to social media and yes, WhatsApp comes in it, don’t be smart! Although it is difficult so, just take it slow. Start with keeping your Wi-Fi or data off and break away from all your smart gadgets, Smartphone and laptops for some time once in a while, but who will work then? Yeah right, how about night time or once you are off your work? Give yourself a break and no matter how hard you deny but more than 50% of stress is coming from there, yes more than 50%. Intoxicate yourself, keep a distance and observe the stress vanishing away. And yes be strict, you can’t cheat, take break guys from everything and spend that time either with family or a nice relaxing book or movie, anything that de-stresses you!

4. Write It Down And Throw It Away

A very literal way of throwing away all your stress in this method! Write all your worries and stress on a sheet of paper and all your frustrations, and then roll that sheet into a ball with all the force of your stress and make a tiny lil ball of it, yes that’s how powerful you are, and that’s how weak your stress is! And then throw the filthy thing in the dustbin and watch your stress go! (psst. You can burn it too just so if you are too mad at your stress).

5. Talk It Out

Talk it out, talk with your friends, your mom, your sister or anyone who listens and consoles and let yourself breathe. Keeping it all in is quite a task and a huge burden, and hey you cannot keep it all to yourself, you need to talk it out and let it go!

6. Play

Yes, yes I am serious! Play some outdoor games in the morning or at night and calm your body and mind. Remember that quote, “Healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind”, and games will definitely help your mind and body to relax. Be it any game, outdoor or indoor just play and it will be your daily dose of exercise too!

7. Family Time

We all grow up and get busy with our own lives and routines but one is never too old to spend some time with your family, your parents or grandparents or even the little kids. It is the best stress buster and it is sure to work. Inculcate this in your routine and see the difference.

8. Early To Bed

Okay, you are a late night owl but, set a time limit for yourself. The body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep and nothing can compensate the night-time de-stressing sleep. Try this for one week and you will see the difference, yes it will be difficult but not impossible and nobody is forcing you to go to sleep at 8 come on, but at the right time. Do not stay awake the whole absolutely no! And try to make an early to bed regime and stick to it, make a high limit and do not let yourself stay awake after that!

9. Eat Healthy

Do not skip meals and do not leave unfinished meals. No matter how stressed and busy you, do not permit it to interfere in your meals. Eat right and eat on time, DO NOT SKIP. This is the easiest one you just have to eat healthily!

10. Music

There’s nothing music cannot heal, whenever stressed, just close your eyes and shut out everything, throw your phone out of the window (or maybe just switch it off) and let yourself on a musical treat. Listen to inspirational, soulful light melodies and if songs bother you, go for just music and instrumentals. Untwine, unwind and let the stress dance away with all your worries!

Guys, being busy is cool but letting that burden you and letting that creepy monstrous stress in your peaceful is not cool. Actually, “the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”. It is a virus which will corrupt your system completely and beyond repair!  Just stop running for a moment and sit back doing nothing. A stop is necessary and stability is really the need of the hour and gets it in your life! And a piece of advice, take some time off and just throw away anything and everything that causes stress, there’s nothing more important than your peace of mind and mental health because “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

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5 Foods You Should Eat To Be Energetic At Workplace

Ever wondered why do you feel so worn-out in mornings even when you don’t skip your breakfast? Wel, your stomach and diet have the answer. Not a single day goes without wondering that why we don’t come out so productive and fail to complete our official responsibilities at work. Sitting all monotonous, we crave for something delicious amid our claustrophobic working hours. We pick up fascinating foodstuff which only satisfies our tongue, not our stomach. So how about the idea of eating healthy foods and staying active throughout the day. Still confused? Check out five foods that will make you full of vim and vigor at your workplace.

 1. Eggs

5 Foods You Should Eat To Be Energetic At Workplace

One of the cheapest sources of protein, Eggs have it all to boost your energy all day long. Rich source of vitamin D, B6, selenium, B12, zinc, iron and copper, eggs are a slow-energy source of food that will keep you active and awake for long hours. Moreover, it takes less time to prepare scrambled eggs, omelet, and boiled eggs.

2. Whole Grain Bread

It’s brunch time now and you are starving. Now who is going to save you? Whole grain bread. It has several health benefits that you can’t even think of. It is rich in Fiber, protein, B vitamins, minerals like iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium, and antioxidants. A diet rich in whole grain minimizes the risk of obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

3. Kiwi

Having a plate of kiwi salad during lunch time can ward off sleepiness during the day. You can Kiwi a super fruit. It is rich in 20 nutrients like vitamin A, K, E and B, potassium, fiber, copper, and folate. The best fruit you keep you awake after our lunch.

4. Protein Bars

Now you just finished half of your assignments and still have to be going on. Grab some protein bars and get your butt back to the track. Protein bars are the instant energy source and keep you active until you until you reach home.

5. Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds have several health benefits that will catch your attention. It has Omega-3, Fiber, Protein, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin B1, Phosphorus, and Selenium. Flax helps cure constipation and increases the immunity of our body.


5 Healthiest Resolutions of 2017 That Will Help You Lead A Happy Life

So we are in the year 2017 and a list of resolution is all handy and you are thinking to give a new direction and meaning to your life. Right? Well, before you can hit a gym, start bicycling and other resolutions and to make you through all the obstacles, the difficult part of our lives is to work for a healthy lifestyle. There are several things around us that affect out healthy life apart from eating healthy. Check out five healthiest resolutions that will keep your life easy-going.

 1. Take time to meet your friends

Let this leave your unwashed clothes and make time to meet your friends. We will always bee surrounded and entangled in our daily life commitments but taking out time for your friends and chatting make you more relaxed. Moreover, those who often meet their friends are more capable of handling difficult situations in life.

2. Don’t overeat to impress your friends

It barely happens when you meet your friends and eat healthy food them. So its good to be them and listen to their talks, but partaking unnecessary calories and junk food will make you ill. And that’s how life remains the same as every year pass by.

3. Use your smartphone judiciously

Whether you have to gain weight or lose weight and you can’t afford a trainer or health advisor, smartphone come in rescue through health applications. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit can help you achieve your fitness goals easily. Get a fitness band and an app, and you are good to go.

4. Read book before you sleep

Reading is just like you are feeding your brain like we eat food. Reading even 10 minutes before your sleep will keep your mind healthy. Reading relaxes your mind and reduces tension, which helps you sleep better.

5. Drink More water

Healthiest Resolutions 2017

The internet is flooded with several articles on how to keep yourself hydrated. Go through them and understand how you can fix several minor health problems. It is being advised that a person should consume one liter of water on every 20kg weight. Besides, if you can’t drink water at times, fulfill your water intake through drinks like green tea, juice, and coffee.


6 Things that Make Men Attractive to Women

Men always wanted to know what the things that women find attractive in men are. Though one cannot generalize the things that women like in men, but still more or less one can figure out those things. Not everything is in your control, but there are certain things that you can still change. Take a look at these 6 things that makes men attractive to women.

1. Money


A study has confirmed that women are attracted towards men who have high earning potential. They like men who are ambitious and have good future prospects.

2. A Deep Voice

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen on stage during a town hall at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California September 27, 2015. Picture taken February 27, 2015. REUTERS/Stephen Lam/File Photo - RTX2K5PB

Voice is really important for women. She can fall in love with your voice. In fact, by listening to you she analyses your personality. So, it’s not just how you look or what you do, your voice plays a vital role.

3. Her Past


Knowingly or unknowingly, women tend to relate their current relationship with that of their past. They would tend to compare on different aspects. It doesn’t mean she is judging you, but she already has a mental map and the moment you do something, it navigates her to her previous experiences.

4. The sense of Humor

Portrait Of A Funny Couple

Women like men who can make them laugh. Women are attracted towards a man who has a good sense of humor. And this is really important for them.

5. Piercings, Tattoos, and Scars


This is pretty subjective.  There are women who love men who are inked and then there are women who are not fond of men who are inked. So, if you are inked, then you better pray that your girl likes that.

6. Fitness freak


Women like men who like to take care of them and if you are a regular gym person or exercise daily or is into any sports activity, then your girl might be more attracted towards you.


6 Mistakes Everyone Makes at least Once in their Life

Have a look at the 6 mistakes that everyone makes at least once. You might have learned a lot from your mistakes, if not, then do it now.

1) Spending an Excessive Amount of Money on Extremely Needless Things


This is fun. Isn’t it? Only when done once, if this becomes your habit, then that’s’ the problem. So, spending it once on a concert or booking an expensive hotel or anything of that sort that could have been avoided, but you end up doing it for one reason or the other.

2) Getting Addicted to a TV Show


Be it English or Hindi, but  am sure, everyone has their favorite and they are so addicted to it that they even watch a repeat telecast with the same enthusiasm. And it’s kind of fun. Imagine you collect all the seasons and watch it back to back as if someone will take that away from you.

3) Throwing out your old Clothes and Eventually Realizing that those were the Clothes that you Needed.


That calls for a LOL. This happens, that scarf, jacket, one piece, shoes, socks, belt, shirt or anything that you once thought was a waste and threw it became important.

4) Getting Drunk and Saying and Doing Stupid Things


All of a sudden you feel that you have so much to talk and that you have got the license to do stupid stuff in the name of the alcohol. You say things that no one expects you to say. All and all you feel good, but don’t wanna remember what happened that night.

5) Putting a Tick against the “Terms and Conditions” without actually Reading it.


Who will get into the trouble of reading the entire terms and conditions? Putting a tick is easy, isn’t it?

6) Follow Trends (Blindly)


Be it a trend of a haircut, dress or anything. If it’s “in”, then you have followed it at one point of time or the other. If Anarkali is the fashion, then whether it looks good on you or not, you might have followed it blindly at least once in your life.

There is no harm if you have done it once, I mean we all are human beings and have the leverage of making mistakes. 🙂


5 Most Splendid Destination Wedding Locations in India

Wedding is a very important day in one’s life and people want to make it the best and the most memorable one. Destination wedding is quite popular among couples. In order to make this special occasion memorable one needs to choose the best destination. Getting married to the love of yoyr life is just so perfect. It is a fantasy for anyone to get married to the love of their life. Be it arrange marriage or love, what is important is that you get married to the person you wish to. And having a destination wedding is a dream. Have a look at these 5 most splendid destination wedding locations in India.



If Royal wedding is on your mind, then Udaipur is the place for you. You can have this whole heritage feel and it gives you the chance to treat yourself like King and Queen.



The city displays a perfect place to get married. You can get wide variety of options like Raj Palace, Gold Palace and Samode Palace. The city has witnessed both Indians as well as Hollywood weddings. You can choose to get married in old forts and palaces and then cherish this moment forever.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


This is another beautiful place to tie knot with your beloved. Sounds filmy, right? Getting married on an island with your family and close friends



Goa gives you spectacular views. One can have a great pre wedding shoot, with such awesome locations. Saying I do in such a breath-taking locations is like a fairy tale for many. One can create some beautiful and eternal memories.



It is the queen of hills and this one of the perfect destinations to get married. Apart from the amazing view for pre wedding and wedding photographs, one creates memories. It is like a dream come true for most of the couples. Imagine you will get married away from the hustle and noise of the city.

Sex & Relationships

9 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Divorce is orthodoxly a taboo subject and is still not accepted by the Indians. But, the notion associated with ‘happily ever after’ is in a way declining. Our life has become so complicated and so goes for our relationships. Situations and people both have changed and this has resulted in increasing rate of divorce. Divorce is not always bad. If it helps you move out of a marriage for your good, then it’s worth the step. But people have now taken liberty and have taken divorce as an easy way to escape. Let’s take a look at the 9 reasons why people get divorced (These reasons are not in any specific order).

Women Have Now Become Financially Independent


Whether you believe it or not, this is one of the reasons for divorce and also of the fact that the ideal age of marriage has been pushed from 24-28 to 28-32. Initially, the top most priority of the girl’s parents was to look for a guy who can take care of their daughter and they were very keen on the financial angle. Earlier even if the girls were not happy they were bound to listen to their husbands as they were financially dependent. Nowadays, most of the women are financially independent and more confident and hence accept no nonsense.

Marriage Against The Wish


Well, if you got married against your wishes, then chances are you won’t be willing to give your 100% to the relationship, which will eventually lead to a bad or failed marriage.

Declining Patience Level


This might look like a small point, but has great relevance. We have lost patience with almost everything. And have now inculcated a habit of looking it from the negative angle. It is my way or highway, but this is actually spoiling the whole institution of marriage.

Communication Gap


Communication is the essence of every relationship. Most of the problems build in because of lack of communication among couples.

Lack of Commitment


Nothing can work without commitment. Even a project at office fail if you were not committed to it. Imagine, if a project can fail without commitment, then what can happen to “marriage”.



Big No. If you are cheating on your partner, then you are cheating your entire relationship. Why did you marry the person at first place? Think 100 times before you marry someone, because you need to do justice to your relationship. You just can’t get bored and walk out of it.

Lack of Emotional Connect


Physical attraction will gradually go away and what remains is emotional connect. Lack of emotional connect can lead to divorce.



Till the time the couple is addicted to each other it’s fine, but when you get addicted to things like alcohol, tobacco, and such stuff, you spoil your relationship.

Different Expectations

I want

Every individual is different and so is their expectation. Before saying yes to someone for marriage, make sure you are clear about expectations as failure to understand this can result in divorce.


10 Effective Homemade Natural Face Packs For All Skin Problems

Our face is the very important, actually, it won’t be wrong to say, that it is actually the most important part of our personality and we spend all our time making it look presentable and better, we all “face” it! All of us either explicitly, “out-in-the-openly” or implicitly and quite secretively go on and on in pursuit of the best ways and products to have flawless skin and a radiating one. Our face goes on through so many hardships whole day and everything, even stress and workload show on your face, you owe it to your face and take care of it.

Here are 10 DIY face packs which you can make easily at home without any expensive over-the-top ingredients rather with the easily-available-at-home ingredients for both guys and girls, hey it bothers them too! They are tried and tested to refresh your face, remove the dirt and to make it glow and feel rich and healthy! They also work on lightening the acne marks, reducing spots and pimples too, while giving it a lively glow which will surprise you! (Psst.. although they are tried and tested and are made from natural ingredients but to be on the safer side, do a patch test!)

1. Gram Flour-Curd-Turmeric Pack


This is a wonder pack and the one I can swear by! The easiest pack with a great many benefits and it is super safe. Just add Gram flour (Besan) and curd in equal proportions (if you have super dry skin a lil more curd, and for the highly oily a lil more Gram) and then add a teaspoon of turmeric, the wonder herb known for all things good! The pack won’t only give you a nice radiant glow but also makes your skin feel soft and it also removes tan, yes, it is an anti-tan pack as well. Gram works to reduce the high oil secretion while curd won’t let your skin fall dry and stretched out, filling in the moisturizing requirements.

2. Rice Flour-Milk Pack


Rice flour is Asia’s numero uno secret in of brightening and whitening (as in glowing!).  Mix rice flour or powder in milk to make a paste or in rose water and apply it on your face and say hello! To tan free brighter glowing skin! You can even add milk powder in place of milk. Regular usage would surely show the difference! It is the proven Asian beauty secret!

3. Aloe Vera Gel-Lemon-Glycerin Pack


Aloe vera gel is an all-rounder and the jack-of-all-trades personality; you seriously gotta ask it, “is there anything you can’t be used for?” take some fresh aloe vera gel and if you don’t have the magical plant then don’t worry, you have the bottled up magic from various brands, Patanjali being the famous one! Go for the organic one without chemicals, though! Add some lemon juice the natural bleach and a lil glycerine or rose water to keep up with the moisturizing needs of the skin! They would remove the unwanted dullness, and give brightness while rejuvenating the skin and acting on the marks and spots.

4. Honey-Lemon Pack


Lemon is the natural bleach we have and this sour lime can help reduce pigmentation, dark spots, dullness, acne scars while brightening the tired lifeless skin and Mr. Honey is the best ingredient for all the skin types, especially the sensitive and is also known for its bleach properties along with making the skin soft, supple and radiant! Keep it on till it dries but not more than 25-30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also apply just the honey minus the lemon juice for the first try as well!

5. Neem Leaves Powder And Milk Pack


Neem or Azadirachta indica is a medicinal herb known for being a purifying agent and has been a part of traditional remedies too! It is a useful skin care agent and specifically known to be the best to fight acne and its marks, every face wash these days have neem, and that says it all! Just get some leaves of the healing herb, dry them and make a powder, or just go for any organic ayurvedic neem powder pack and mix it with raw milk to make a paste. Apply the magical paste and I give you word that it will reduce the acne, pimples, and the impurities from the skin, making it glow with freshness and life! Personal experience is the assurance, it actually helped get rid of all the dirty impure acne and make the skin smooth and fresh! Nothing heals pimples and its marks like this, it is magical!

6. Tomato To The Rescue


Tomato is a common member of the kitchen family and the best anti-tan and brightening agent! Just grate tomato and apply the paste or actually rub tomato directly on the face and keep it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off for soft, glowing skin and the amazing glow that accompanies. It is an effective pack to reduce acne as the acidity of tomato along with its vitamins and antioxidants fights the acne and reduces pimples with the first attempt! It also exfoliates the tan to give a glowing brightness and the regular usage will even help in removing the unwanted facial hair and minimizes the pores as well, the biggest and the major problem with super expensive treatments and lesser results. It is also good for fighting pigmentation and reduces it to a greater extent with regular use.

7. Papaya Pulp Mask


Make papaya your best friend as it actually is loaded with wonder qualities to be your skin’s best friend! Papaya carries nutrients which help in healing dry, flaky skin, reduces acne and the dark spots, and smoothens, boosts collagen production thereby becomes an anti-ageing and skin tightening agent. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and gives a smooth, fair look and fights pigmentation and other signs of aging alongside! Well, there’s nothing to be said. Go try it now! And you can add a teaspoon or a pinch or two of turmeric as well, won’t harm but enhance!

8. Raw Milk And Turmeric Pack


Well, the wonder herb and raw milk the easiest and quite effective face pack for one and all! It will brighten the skin; remove the dead cells and dullness along with the hateful tan! Just mix raw milk and turmeric together in half proportion and apply it on! The only thing about turmeric is that it leaves yellow cast, so just apply them well before going out!

9. Cucumber Pack


Cucumber is the summer hero and your skin’s savior from summer as well! It refreshes, rejuvenates and cools off the skin in the scorching heat giving it immense relief and comfort. Just apply cucumber pulp on the face or along with aloe vera gel, milk, curd or turmeric and refresh your face anew!

10. Potato Pack


Potatoes are quite a hit with everyone and go along well with every other veggie, now it will be a hit with your skin care regime and will go along with your skin pretty well. It contains nutrients known to give a healthier and brighter glow to your skin. They help reduce dark spots, dark circles, well yes, regular under eye usage would help you get rid of the incurable without burning a hole in your pocket for the sky high priced under eye creams! It also removes tanning, pigmentation, dark patches, acne and is also anti-ageing! Just grate a potato and get the juice and apply it on! And, ah, yes, you can add turmeric powder as well!

So, these were 10 of my all-time-favourite, 100% effective and safe face packs which can be applied to all the beautiful faces of both guys and girls. The best part is they are natural, free of all kinds of harsh and frightening chemicals and well, you made them on. Your. Own. With all things natural! Go natural and pamper your skin! They are super easy, economic, and there’s absolutely no way you can not try anyone of them! Give your naturally beautiful skin a break from the artificial and chemically-loaded products and a whole charade of cosmetics and rejuvenate it naturally with these 5 DIY packs!


5 Annoying Texts All of Us Have Received

In this day and age where texting is one of the most popular forms of communicating, we have a variety of texters and their annoying habits. Some of the major irritating texts that most of us have received have been highlighted below.

1. The essay


If you are a human and have relationships (and I don’t just mean the romantic ones), you are bound to have issues within those very relationships. Don’t get me wrong, it’s healthy in the long run to sort out your problems but if you’re arguing over text, then may the lord help you. Text messages are meant to be short and random which usually follow this trend: Hi- what’s up- nothing much, you- Nothing much- ok I’m going to eat something, bye. The day you have an argument with your friend or your better half, get ready for some long detailed dissertations via text. There may even be diagrams and flow charts, prepare yourself, buddy!

2. The speed-breakers


Yes you
Why do
Text like

When can you simply text this way? Was that so hard? A full sentence in one go! Oh my, what a delight! But let’s not judge, maybe the person wishes to think, think again before typing each word. After all, it’s not easy to understand the concept of flow, fluidity, and umm, normalcy? Save us all the extra ping noises on our phones and just write what you want in one go, please.

3. The midnight text


We all have a friend who sleeps during the day and stays awake the whole night or a friend who simply doesn’t sleep much. In my group, I am that friend. I will text you at 3 am asking you if you’re awake as I am unable to sleep. I will want to have a long detailed discussion about my future plans and why I will never have children because they’re just difficult creatures. I apologize on behalf of other midnight texters, but we are lonely, no one else is awake, please respond to us.

4. The wrong number


Ever received a very random message from a very random number asking you something extremely RANDOM? Yup, those are the “fun” wrong number texts. Most of the time it’s going to be a male individual (I just don’t know why but it almost always is!). The content of the message is usually “hi”. Rarely is it a full blown important message. I once got a wedding invitation from a stranger. I seriously considered asking the sender whether there would be non veg snacks there. Besides messages from individuals, have you ever been added accidentally on a WhatsApp group that you weren’t meant to join? Come here, let’s hug it out, I know the feeling.

5. The flickering wifi text


Hello, yes, I admit it, GUILTY. My Wifi is the one and the only, the great, the amazing, the superb MTNL! For those who are unaware of what MTNL is, let me break it down for you: MTNL= no steady wifi+ unhappy customer. For the past 2 weeks my texts have progressed in the following fashion:

Friend: Hey!

Me: Hi, how are you?

Friend: Nothing, so tell me what happened?

Me: I need to tell you so much, ok so she was acting so weird man! I swear aaah how come? Oh, wait wifi not working you will receive these messages later.

It’s like MTNL knows my soul and will stop working just when the conversation reaches an interesting or a crucial point.

These were some of the annoying texts I have doled out or been on the receiving end of. What kind of a texter are you?


Meeting girls for Arranged Marriage? (Men side of the story)

Arranged marriage is equally shocking for men too. I mean, come-on, we always talk about the difficulties that girls/women face during deciding on the guy for arranged marriage. But we should not forget that men are equally tortured. Imagine they have the pressure of earning more than his prospective bride. He is considered as the primary earner of the family. So, let’s see the men’s reaction when someone talks about arranged marriage:


Parents: You have met this girl couple of times, she seems to be nice. Let’s take it to another level

Men: um, yeah, I like talking to her, but I am not sure.


Question (Relatives/neighbours/colleagues) :“When are you getting married”

Men: Smile (please refer to the pic for the original reaction)


Parents: We really like this girl. You two look good together. We have been to their place and they have been to ours. We are planning to make you “rokafied” in the next meeting.

Men: Excuse me…You said I have to meet this girl and talk…where did this “roka” thing come from?


Parents: Why are you not getting married? You are 34 already…log kya kahenge? (What will people say?)

Men: I didn’t find anyone of my type. Why should I be bothered about what will say? It’s their work, let them do it.


When men are in a matrimonial meeting and they are not interested in the girl for the xyz reason and they are like………


P.S: This is based on the experiences of friends, relatives, and colleagues. If you have any issue with it, then please keep it to yourself 😛


9 Everyday Excuses For Being Late

Are you the one who only sets an alarm so that you can snooze it? Well, most of us find it difficult to get up early for work. We realize how creative we are when we make up stories to justify the fact that we are late for something. Interestingly, it has nothing to do with our age. No matter which age group we fall into, all of us are good at making excuses. Let’s peep into few excuses that we give for being late. You might smile as you read down because you might have given them at one point or the other.


1) Car/Bike issue

I left on time, but I got a flat tire or met an accident. So basically your car/bike/scooter becomes your savior.

2) Parking issue

This one works perfectly when finding parking is an everyday challenge. “I got late because I couldn’t find a parking spot”.

3) Family backup

This is one of the common reasons that people give. My wife/husband is not well or any other family member is not well. Well, I am not denying that there are people who would never use this as an excuse, but there are many who would not hesitate to do it.

4) Traffic

Another reason is traffic caused due to a major accident or rain or any other reason.

5) Alarm clock

One of the reasons that people give is that their alarm clock ditched them.

6) Health issue

“ I am suffering from fever/cold/cough…….”

7) In-laws

This is a good one for couples. “I have to pick my in-laws from the railway station or airport and hence I will be little late”.


8) Social Service

Another popular reason is when people say they stopped by to help others and hence got late.

9) Pet

There is no one to take care of the pet and hence you have to stay back till someone comes

I am sure each one of you reading this is much more creative than the reasons written here. There are various other ‘weird’ reasons which are illogical too, but people never hesitate to use them. None of us is perfect and it is okay to be late once in a while (but don’t make it a habit). So, next time what would be your reason……… J ?

P.S. : At times I wonder why are people actually “late”………


8 Tips To Conquer Stress

Stress is just so common nowadays. No matter what your age is, the sad story is everyone is stressed about one thing or the other. All you need is a way through which you can vent it out. Here are few ways that can help deal with your stress:

1) Practice Yoga or Meditation


Practicing yoga or meditation helps to balance your mind, body, and soul. This will not happen overnight. You need to have patience and trust. This not only improves your concentration and makes you healthy but also helps in creating positivity.

2) Eat Healthy and Drink Healthy


Never skip a meal. No matter how sad you are, one should never compromise with health. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

3) Exercise daily


You might be the busiest person in the universe. All you have to give yourself is just 10-15 min. If you would exercise as a part of your return, you would not only feel more fresh but energetic also.

4) Sleep well


It is a very crucial element. Adults should sleep at least for 6 hours. If you can manage 8 hours sleep, nothing like it. Sound sleep is an important element for sound health. Avoid taking medicines to sleep. Also, avoid taking alcohol or caffeine before you sleep.

5) Listen to music


It is very soothing and is a stress buster. It is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body.

6) Open out and share

Speaking to someone you trust is an instant stress buster. You feel relaxed. But make sure you only talk to someone who is actually bothered about your problem. They can always look at the problem and render you a bird’s eye view.

7) Go for a walk


This helps a lot. When you go for a walk you see so many things happening around. Also, you try and look things from a different perspective.

8) Pet


If you have a dog or any other pet, then you should be thankful. Dogs have this sense of connection with humans and it is amazing. They are a big time, stress buster.

So, just go and kick your STRESS……


Introverts v/s Shy People: Learn The Difference

Introverts are often seen as people who speak less in public or take less initiative in conversations. They are often confused with shy people. But there is a huge difference.

According to google, shy is someone who is nervous or timid in the company of other people. But this is not even near what defines an introvert.

As popularized by Carl Jung, there can be two types of people, introverts, and extroverts.

First, we need to understand who is an introvert, or what is introversion.

The word introvert is derived from the Latin words ‘intro’ and ‘vertere’ which mean ‘to the inside’ and ‘turn’ respectively. Introverts are the people who get their energy from the inside, via introspection, reflection upon their thoughts, by just being with their own selves. Due to this, they tend to enjoy solitude as it charges them from within. On the contrary, extroverts are the people who gain their energy from other people, as a result of which being social and interacting with other people makes them feel more alive.

Imagine it this way, introverts and extroverts are two different kinds of batteries, one charge on its own and others charge with the company. It so happens that this makes extroverts love social events like parties but it becomes exhausting for introverts as they lose their energy in such situations.

So, it is nothing like introverts are shy or they do not like to talk to other people, it’s just that if it’s not worth it, it is definitely draining their energy which no one would prefer, and for introverts it’s a part of their psychology and many introverts choose to save themselves from such loss subconsciously. For something that is worth discussing, a great topic they are interested in, any genuine issues, they’ll be the ones who speak the most as they feel like their energy has been ‘utilised usefully’ and not ’wasted’ which feels great! The same goes when they talk to their loved ones, their energy is put to good use and they love it but they sure can’t stand people who talk to them just to pass their time.

This is the reason extroverts are comfortable with small talks as it keeps their energy alive while introverts escape small talks which make them seem shy while they are not, it’s just that they may not find it worth their energy. Introverts do love people and they are actually pretty sensitive since reflections and introspection sessions do bring a deep understanding of their little world around them. As a matter of fact, some extroverts also love to introspect and understand their fellow introverts by giving them their space without asking for unnecessary interaction. They can also be shy, as we don’t usually hear. Think about people who are shy in your class the first day and then they are the most talkative ones throughout the year, were they introvert the first day and became extrovert the rest of the year? No. Think about the first month in a new college, even an introvert tends to be social to be able to make new friends in a new place.

At the same time that does not mean introverts can’t be shy, there are shy introverts and there are social introverts. There are shy extroverts and there are social extroverts. We, the most advanced species on earth right now, cannot be simply classified as black or white, we are shades of grey and we see our best shade according to need.

Introversion and extroversion are personalities while being shy or outgoing are traits that come and go, do not confuse the two.

You are lucky if you have an introvert in your life, since, as a result of their natural introspection abilities and various scientific reasons in this context, many introverts tend to be therapists, highly intelligent (probably scientists), musicians, writers and what not.

Some of the famous introverts are William Shakespeare, Lisa Kudrow, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling, Christina Aguilera, Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffett…

So the next time you meet an introvert, do not hesitate to talk to them with a preconception of them being shy. Whether we are introverts, extroverts, shy or outgoing, none of us should be judged. 


The Challenges Faced by an Introvert

This weekend, I could have gone out somewhere. Maybe to the trip that my office friends had been planning since the last two weeks. Enticing? No doubt. But then also, I didn’t go out.  I knew about the trip all week. Marked it on my calendar and I said to myself that I am going to go. In anticipation, I was very happy and had a huge smile on my face that turned into a pout. Silly me!! I didn’t have the courage to go out. I betrayed so many people. I didn’t keep promises with my friends. I got freaked out and backed out in the end. And as always this weekend I spent all my time hanging out with myself. It was very boring just because I got anxious and chickened out.

So, you may ask. Why skip a life full of glee?

I really don’t know. But I would say that it surely beats the hell out of me. At the time I had a reason and I am trying to list some of the dumb reasons that came out for not to go out. The very first reason that I told myself is that I should not have fun for at home there are many things that need to be done. My plan was to work hard like I was under the gun. Clean up the room, finish that half read the book, and learn some new skills that could be helpful for my job or maybe write something for that out of reach blog page that I created one day out of mysterious zeal.  So, you may ask, “How many things did I finish?” None!

But the real reason so far that I can figure out is the one that I don’t really understand very well. Call it a condition or a social mountain that I need to climb or ocean to swim across. It’s people. They just get me freaked out like hell. When I am home on my laptop, I feel no need to be freaky and online I am composed and I am funny and witty. But in person, I am concerned that people can see through me and I feel standing naked as people are judging me. They could make out that I am not cooler that I seem to be.

When I talk to people, I feel like I am on a stage and me, a struggling performer. Be witty, funny entertaining and excited. And then I wish with no doubt that I shouldn’t have come out and stayed at home comfortably. There was one more good reason that I should have gone with my office friends as the girl for whom I have been falling for lately was also going to come. But eventually, that made things way tougher as I can let other people still have a bad impression of me but for her, I didn’t dare to take a chance. What if, I told a joke and she didn’t laugh? What if we got into an argument about god and religious, as she was a believer and I am not? I should stay away from her as I couldn’t let her know that I feel for her because she wouldn’t understand it for sure and think that I am such a creep.

That day when I come back from office, I was thinking about her and how much I liked her. I wanted to do something good for her just to make sure that she knows that she is appreciated. First I thought that I will stick around and make her feel special by sharing some jokes or any kind of good gesture. Maybe I could company her to some movies or out so, that she is entertained when she is alone and bored. But then I stopped. What if things do not go as per plan and I commit a mistake? Apologies are much more complicated for me. I don’t know how to say sorry the correct way where you are forgiven easily. For instance, if I say sorry and she is like whatever. But I am really really sorry. An apology never gets over. I say sorry because I feel bad that I made you feel bad and I keep on telling that I feel bad until you feel bad and I feel bad for making you feel so bad and the chain continues.

In social life, I stay low and almost invisible because it’s the only practical and easy way to go. As I know that even if I try, I wouldn’t be able to make it go too far with the constant compulsion to impress people and one day I will fail. Then again I will be left alone on my own. I know that I am the real loser but then sometimes it’s good to console yourself that I am great and others are not intelligent enough to have thought close enough to understand me.

But I also wonder about this thing that people do, when they ask, “Hey man! What going on exciting in your life?” and when you are talking they are waiting for you to be through so that they can say that they are busier and more interesting than you.

But it’s all in my mind. These reasons are silly and I don’t need to be worried about that. My friends are not judgmental people. Staying home alone is boring and I must come out. I only live once so I can put up all my chances. Next time I will join them and go out. Yes! Sure I am going to do that. There are cool things to see and new things to know. I need not be afraid of people and make anxiety such a formidable enemy.  So, I will take a chance and talk to people without any doubt. Maybe! Maybe not!


8 Must do Things With Your Bestie

S/he knows when you are happy and when you are sad….your Bestie is the one who knows you in and out. You can do some of the craziest things together and can later laugh at it. They are a big time stress buster. They share your sorrows, happiness, make fun of you, and make fun of you. You cannot think of living without them because then who would give you advice, scold you, and accept your stupid ideas. Here are some of the things that you should do with your bestie…..

1) Go for a vacation – Domestic


Traveling and staying together nurtures the bond. If you do not have much time then you can select a weekend gateway and relax. Another option is going for the trek.

2) Go for a vacation……ABROAD


Europe, US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Dubai or any other place. Select a place and take off for at least 10 days. Trust me you will love it. Staying together, you get to know a hell lot of things about each other. And if you are friends from quite a long time, then you already know a lot of habits. At times it’s funny and amazing that you exactly know who his Mr/Ms. Dependable and the other one can just be carefree. Of course, you interchange roles. Creating memories together will strengthen your bond.

3) Gossip


Those of you who are thinking this is just for girls, you are HIGHLY mistaken. Boys too enjoy gossiping. Yes at times it is bad, but it is all the more fun when you do it with your bestie.

4) Borrow clothes


Jo tera hai wo mera hai…jo mera hai wo tera hai – What is yours is mine… What is mine is yours…

5) House party

5 party is an awesome idea. Don’t worry if it’s just you two. You can cry together, laugh, crib about life and do some crazy shit together. You will always remember these nights.

6) Be brutally honest


You gotta be brutally honest and this gonna save your bestie from a lot of trouble.

7) Share your food and drink


Sipping from the same glass or having their piece of food is just so awesome.

8) Take relationship advice


Be it about your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, family or office, a best friend would never misguide you. They will be in those 0.1% who are actually bothered about you and your life and can’t see you in pain.

Even if you have ONE good friend or bestie as we call it, your life is sorted. I am not saying you won’t face problems, but it will be a lot easier.

PS: Don’t rush into calling someone your bestie. This bond takes days, weeks, months and eventually years to build.


The Sense of Scents and our Mind: The Hidden Smelling Affair

When you enter a shopping outlet, does your nose catch a light faded odour which has been sprayed in the atmosphere of the showroom? Have you ever wondered why shampoos, body lotions, bathing soaps, gels and other cosmetics have beautiful redolence? Have you ever thought why while passing by a café, the coffee bean aroma makes your tongue stick out and long to feel a coffee drop oozing on it? Have you ever given it a thought why a bloomed jasmine climber leaves you so fascinated and your mind so fresh?


We have never realised it but our subconscious mind is aware of the force of fragrance and the power of our sense organ- Smell.

Here are certain astonishing facts that will leave your mouth wide open!

What you smell influences your dream!

Perplexed? Well, it is a fact!
In a research, people were tested for two smells- rose and rotten eggs.  It was found out that the people who smelled rose scents reported having rosier dreams, on the other hand, people who smelled rotten eggs had unpleasant dreams.

Why did this happen?

Scientists say smell and emotions are closely related. Smell is associated with the limbic system in our brain which works in governing our emotions and behaviour. And if odour has such a strong effect on our emotions while we are awake, it makes sense to have effect while we are asleep.

Smell triggers memory!

Did you know- Young, as well as old adults, are able to recall more than twice as many memories when they are associated with an odour?



Why is it so?  

Interestingly, it is because of the way our brain processes fragrances and memories. When we smell something, the stimulus drives through olfactory bulb ( a smell-analysing region in our brain) which is very closely connected to the brain regions (amygdala and hippocampus) that handle memory.

Henceforth, whenever we smell something, it can even trigger a memory from our childhood! Amazing, isn’t?


But surprisingly, according to a research conducted on 7000 young people (16-30 years), about half of them were willing to give up their olfactory senses (smelling capabilities) than giving up on their technology gadgets like laptop, cell phones!

Now, after reading the blog and being a part of this materialistic world, are you still ready to give up your smelling senses?

Think it over… Scents have a senseful role to play!


7 Things That WE (Men & Women) Say VS What WE Actually Mean

It is often said that girls are difficult to understand or that they are complicated, however, I strongly believe that we are an open book with lots of difficult chapters…(oops not that difficult though ). It’s really easy to understand us, all you need to be is…witty, trustworthy, honest, and supportive and there is a long list, which I can definitely talk about in my next article.

So, let’s get back our focus to this, it is always assumed that we (women) say something and mean something else and to an extent, this goes for the guys too. But when we say something indirectly, it’s only because we believe you are intelligent enough to sense it (especially if you are close to us). It is a myth that guys ‘actually mean’ what they say (actually at times they really mean what they say) but at the end of the day even they are human beings and bit emotional. So, here is a list of things what men and women say Vs what they REALLY mean…

1) I am Fine…


Men Most of the times..yes I am fine
Women I am not fine, I am definitely sad about something and you need to figure out that ‘something’. So for that either you need to be a good mind reader or should have hell lot of patience to know the reason.



2) I am not Jealous of her (in case of girls) and him (in case of boys).


Men I am hell jealous, I wanna know everything……..
Women I am so freaking jealous of her and I am not gonna share you with some xyz person. You better reduce the frequency of meeting her or talking to her, else you are screwed………!!


3) Do whatever you want


Men I am just so angry that I have said this, I don’t want you to take it in the literal sense.
Women Lol…of course you can’t do whatever you want, you gotta be careful in selecting what you do..we are watching u very carefully.

4) We need to talk


Men I have been longing to ask something, but don’t want any cross questions, so answer my questions and then we will just change the topic.
Women You better listen carefully, coz there will be loads of things that will be coming your way.

5) Nothing


Men There is something, it is just that I don’t want to discuss it now.
Women This means everything….there is something that’s bothering me and you gotta be smart enough to figure that out.

6) I am not mad/upset


Men Yes I am, but don’t feel like discussing it.
Women I M MAD

7) NO


Men NO
Women NO

Both the genders are quite complicated, which is okay I guess…we are emotional and experience multiple emotions because of which we react to things and besides all this, what’s the fun if we directly say what we are actually times it’s fun..Just balance it correctly…


The Perception Problem

I have failed and re-failed to understand why there are certain perceptions that people walk around! I do not deny that we all tend to make certain perceptions but at least test the hypothesis on which you draw results!

Am I sounding technical ? So what! I have to be technical now! It’s been more than two decades that I have been observing this.. we live around our perceptual world! And the best part we impose our perceptions on others.

No, it is not wrong to discuss, give suggestions or debate, but it is not also right to tell people what they should think.

A very simple example – Women drivers.. what came to your mind ? Accident ? Damaged car? Illogical driving ? A halt car? And a scenario where you are scared of coming in front of a woman driver because you think she might overrun her car on you?


Did you think of a woman who drives safe? Did it come to your mind that in spite of surviving in this male dominant society, a woman learns to travel independently?

FYI: It has been proven that women are much safer drivers than men are!

And you are just running around the same bush again and again! And whenever you see any woman driver, you tend to maintain distance! Am I not right?

Yes I know our brains get trained to certain things.. but try exploring things… stop criticizing people and start appreciating.

This is just one issue. There are a uncountable number of perception problems!

When will we all realize we have been given minds of our own? Start forming your own opinions. Unless you appreciate the person in front of you, you will never see the positive side of that person.

To see the rainbow after the rain, the sunshine needs to peak through the clouds, tearing the layer of thick grey clouds!

Clear the haze in front of your eyes.. clean your lenses. let your sunshine become evident .. let your aura of thoughts shine brightly!!

Choose and form your perceptions without any prior perceptions!

Have a happy and independent perceptual life guys!


Pretty You: 4 Things to Relish Your Unique Beauty

Markets nowadays are flooded with the diverse variety of fashion products especially for girls from fairness creams to body shapers. The fashion society has set certain lines of looking beautiful, featuring desirable height as 6 feet, the accurate figure is 36’24’36 and  with many more specifications…which has captured the minds so strongly that everybody has joined the race of looking attractive. Look in no sense I am saying that it is not nice to look good, in fact, girls it’s our birth right to be beautiful but to be beautiful as we are and not as someone other told to be or just to fit in somewhere or due to peer pressure or something.

No Idolizing


The truth is that girls like to dress more or are expected to do more. From a young age, girls start idolizing Barbie as the standard for beauty and then there are models, celebrities, magazines, TV which serves as the standard for beauty. Girls then became conscious of beauty products which make you look good but costs very high.

Don’t Run After Unrealistic And Unattainable Goals


Media tells great information about how to be in shape, how to look good and now we know what beautiful is(according to media) slim yet curvy body with ideal features like big eyes, small nose, large lips, fair skin and fashionable clothes. But isn’t it like wearing a mask and excuse me, ladies!!! We are not clones. Everyone is born differently and beautifully.

Don’t Be Obsessed With White Shade


All colors are beautiful and worth celebrating but when it comes to your skin color….. Girls please please please don’t act as if white tone marks beauty. Whichever your skin tone is- accept it, embrace it and look gorgeous.

No One Can Sell You Beauty


If you know who you are then-  accept it and feel proud of yourself. The kind of beauty you are no one can sell. Work on yourself but not artificially. Be happy and remember if you are happy from inside your beauty will reflect outside.

So I would conclude that outer beauty and inner beauty it counts only if it affects you. There’s just one thing that you should accept what you are and no one else has the right to judge you. 😉


8 Things Misconceived About Real People

Being real to the world and showing who you really are is a big deal of a question these days. The question here is not who is real or who is fake. The question is that the people who are real are often misconceived the most and there is nothing that hurts more than that.


1. They Are Thought Of To Be Fake

More than what it already takes to be the real person you are on the upfront as well, the people around you make it worse for survival by truly believing you to be a fake one as well. Like all the others around, you too are thought to be a fake one and that hurts too much because even though you really are who you are, you are still abandoned of trust.


2. They Get Hurt The Most

As is the human nature that we believe everybody else to be just the way we are, we tend to believe that everybody around us is also real, which is surely not true. As a result of which, we end up getting hurt the most for one simple reason that the world around is surely a fake one, which we often misjudge to hurt ourselves the most.


3. They Are Termed As The Attention Seekers

People mistook them a lot for attention seekers, not realizing that someone who isn’t fake will never be able to hide their feelings well. If someone does hide their feelings really well, that is one proof that the person is surely an attention seeker. However, the real one, being who they are and not really asking for any attention are accused of something they don’t even understand.


4. They Get Abandoned For Being Misconceived

What really happens the most of the times is that they are considered to be someone they are not and not acknowledged for who they really are. That puts the ones around them in a state of crime for they end up abandoning the person who was nothing but loving and caring towards the others. However, not many people understand the ones who are generous at heart. At the end of which, they end up getting abandoned and being understood by none.


5. They Are The Ones Who Are Always There For Others

Since they understand what it feels like to be lonely, they make sure that no one else ever feels that way. They know what it feels like to be hurt so they make sure that no one else ends up that way. The problem, though, lies that they are always there for others, they are always there to support and provide a shoulder to the others while the time when they need someone to cry in front of, all they have is a wall and their dear pillow. That’s heartbreaking.


6. They Just Give, Give And Give

We learn it all our lives that we live in a two-way world and it is always give and take however for the people who don’t know how to fake it, they end up giving in way too much but they never get anything back. They are stuck in giving away all of their hearts but all they get back in return is silence and hatred.


7. They Are The Ones Who’d Cry Themselves To Sleep

All day long, you’d find them smiling their ways through but when it’s time to go back to bed, the silent place where a person is supposed to be extremely calm and satisfied with their lives, they cry out there, almost all night to be able to sleep. They are the ones who weep tears down there to be able to forget all the harshness they go through and be able to sleep.


8. Yet, They Don’t Forget To Love

Even after going through all that they do, they don’t start to believe that in this world, being fake is the only way out. In fact, they never stop believing in love and continue to love unconditionally.




10 Reasons Which Make Stress A Monster

It is true, yes, “Nothing can trouble you more than your own thoughts” and those thoughts have now taken the shape of the S-Monster- “Stress”. The impertinent stress can be of two types – positive and negative. Positive is a kind of motivator to help achieve our goals but, like the two sides of coins, there is a toxic one too, after all, if there are pros there has to be cons! And if you are experiencing the negativities in life or the cause of these 10 negative effects is unfathomable then, it is the bad, bad toxic stress!

Which is actually the new “F-word” of our times, nothing can screw your worse than this ugly demon and our generation’s biggest problem that needs attention right now and why you ask? Here are 10 ways the creepy stress monster is eating you up from inside and affecting you badly in the 2 part anti-stress series!


Decreased Immunity

Do you know that a positive attitude and a healthy stress-free mind promote the well-being of the immunity system making it competent and able to fight better! Therefore, this stress buddy is playing with the effectiveness of your immune system, making you fall prey and an easy target for diseases and that is why you are falling ill so frequently, now you know! Even something like common cold is all powerful in the presence of its guardian stress!

Inhibited Digestion

Started feeling uneasy? Feeling like food is not really getting digested? Cannot eat properly? Is constipation now a usual affair? Experiencing regular stomach ache or acidity? Well, well, the only reason behind the entire yes answer loop is “Stress”. It has an effect on digestive system and digestion is repressed and hence, the whole conundrum of digestive and eating problems.

Sleep Disturbances

Cannot really sleep, tossing on the bed all night from one side to another, laying awake at night without any reason, well not without any reason, the reason is Stress! This is a more direct effect of stress and an alarming one because, lack of sleep can lead to an innumerable array of negative effects which can make up a topic for another blog post, seriously!


I bet you knew this one, didn’t you? It is really the culprit behind this demon!

Mood Swings

Stop blaming mood swings and crankiness on PMS solely, stress is the numero uno reason causing the erratic mood swings and yes the reason behind your cranky, hate-everyone mood is this miscreant.


Tired of suffering from indescribable hair fall? No shampoo and oil seem to come to your rescue and every possible method to stop that nasty hair fall but alas! No luck! That is because the main reason and cause behind the autumn of your hair is stress! Until and unless you deal with it, nothing is going to work.

Perpetual Fatigue

The reason why you are always feeling tired and not in a position to do anything is, yes, you guessed it right, stressss. It affects your brain and in turn, makes your body tired and lethargic all day, you never really feel refreshed and are always tired because of this!

Dark Circles

Yes, late sleeping and irregular sleeping patterns do cause dark circles but what you don’t know is that it can cause those hideous hard-to-treat dark hues under your eyes. It strains and affects the fragile capillaries to leak or burst to cause the darkness below your eyes!

Faltered Coping Mechanisms

It can really mess your coping mechanism and make you behave erratically and absurdly! The whole way and mechanism to cope becomes corrupt by this filthy stress.

Irrational Negative Thinking

The incurable and indescribable negativity in your life which has entered out of nowhere and the irrational fears and anxiety are all the wonders of stress, magician it must be! It makes you jump off to the worst possible conclusions and yes, you are governed with many irrational negative thoughts and fears!

So, this was Part 1 of the Anti-stress series which shows 10 ways which make stress a monster and the negative effects of stress testify that if not directly, indirectly and in a very insidious manner stress is destroying us and our body. In this rushing “way of the world”, we are just running and running and letting the ominous and perturbing ruffian stress usher into our abodes and affecting it in ways beyond imagination and understanding. It is time to save ourselves from the inflictions of the cruel victimizer – “Stress” and that is what the next part will be all about. But, guys stress can really mess with you physically and emotionally it already is! Beware!


10 Shaving Myths Debunked

So let’s see, do you have sensitive skin, no money and a low resistance to pain when it comes to hair removal?

Well, same girl!
After deep contemplation and fits of doubt, I finally decided to take a brave step towards shaving. Yes, although it’s always seen in a bad light but trust me, it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I’m not even kidding. But before telling you to give it a try, it’s important for me to separate fact from fiction for you:


1. Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker And Darker

NO, IT DOESN’T. That’s a mere illusion. It’s just that shaving doesn’t remove your hair from its roots like waxing or epilating does, therefore, when it grows back the hair might seem a bit harder as it is blunt towards the end. Your genetics and hormones determine hair growth. Certainly, it doesn’t grow back darker or thicker as there is no way that shaving your hair would change its texture from the inside.


2. Hair Grows Back Quicker.

As I mentioned above that shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the roots, then yes, it might/might not grow back quicker, depending upon your growth. But yes, it does grow back a bit quicker as compared to any other method of hair removal. Also, the underarm hair grows about 50% faster than the hair on your legs, so it’s naturally growing faster with or without shaving.


3. Shaving Makes Your Skin Itch.

Some body parts such as legs and underarms are prone to dryness which can irritate your skin and make it sore, thus, you need to take good care of yourself after shaving and during the process. Many women also complain about razor bumps, which can completely destroy the smooth look that one wishes to achieve. Razor bumps occur because the hair starts growing back into the skin, which then becomes inflamed, trapping the hair and forming an angry-looking red bump. To prevent this, one needs to keep the skin hydrated and completely moisturized. It is thus advised to use a good shaving cream along with an after shave or a moisturizer afterwards, which is of extreme importance. Also, shaving one spot over and over will irritate skin—fast. If you’re having trouble with rough spots or stubble, it’s a sign that you need a new razor.


4. A Tan Can Be Removed By Shaving.

There is absolutely no way that one can “shave off” their tan. Instead, it helps in exfoliating the skin as it removes the top layer that might be dead or flaky.


5. Shaving Causes Ingrown Hair.

Ingrown hair can be caused by any hair removal method be it waxing or shaving. The only thing that can prevent this is clean, exfoliated and healthy skin.


6. The Razor Blade Causes More Nicks And Cuts.

Shaving with an old, dull razor blade results in nicks and cuts. Another reason could be if one applies too much pressure or uses a single bladed razor. The key is to apply a light touch and try using a double/triple razor blade that is much more relaxing and gives you a closer shave.


7. Shaving Every Day Is Bad For Your Skin.

That’s not true at all. All you’ve got to take care is that you’re moisturizing well afterwards and not letting your skin dry out.
Many people have fast growing hair, in which case they might feel like shaving every day and it’s completely okay. In fact, it might prove great as it exfoliates your skin making it look and feel smoother.


8. Razors Should Be Stored In The Shower.

Razors need to be kept somewhere dry. They tend to remain wet in the shower and can be susceptible to bacteria growth and also rust.


9. Dry Shaving Is Ok If You’re In A Rush.


Not only wrong but unsafe also! Never try this. It will only cause you problems like irritation, dry and flaky skin. Water gives your skin moisture and support and without it, the process gets pretty messy and even a bloody procedure. (Pun intended.)


10. You Should Shave As Soon As You Get In The Shower.


You must relax and soften the hair before shaving, so make it the last thing on your shower to-do list. The warm water will further help smooth things up!
Here you go, a fast, cheap and a very convenient alternative for hair removal, which when done with the right method and blade can provide with the best results. You don’t have to wait for a month for your hair to grow back enough that you can go for a wax. You no longer have to cancel out your favorite outfits this summer simply because of some hair growing on your skin. You can simply shave it any day and anytime and you’re good to go. HAPPY SHAVING GIRLS!



4 Reasons Why There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Different

Not all people are the same in this world but it’s a shame that we have made it a bad thing to be different. Being judgmental has become a mainstream thing that every single person is following these days but here’s why there is not harm is being different.


1. You Get The Chance To Be Weird.

There’s no fear of being judged when you know that you like being different. There is not fear of being called by names for being a certain sort of a person. There is no harm in being yourself and each one of us shall believe it right away. We must accept ourselves the way we are and love it.

2. You Get To Stand Out Of The Crowd.

Who wants to be one of the sheep in the herd? Do we all not wish to be someone known? We all wish to stand out of the crowd and be recognized. We all wish that we get renowned, that people know us by our faces, remember our names and know who we are but that can never happen while we are still one of the sheep in the herd. To be known, we must stand out and make ourselves be seen. Being different than all others serves a great deal to this.

3. You See The World Differently.

You shape different perspectives, you have different beliefs, you stand out and walk differently, you achieve differently, you succeed differently, you love differently, you make yourself a life differently. The different is better for most of the times. There, that tells us straight that being different is actually a great thing.

4. You Get To Be Who You Are.

You don’t need to pretend to be someone else because you already are so good, only because you are completely different than this world. You get the chance to be who you are without any fears of judgment for we are all looking for better and if you are different than everybody else, you are already better than everybody else.




5 Things To Add In Your TO DO LIST

Yes, we all have a never-ending and constant increasing TO DO LIST which we had once started making with all high spirits and a promise to complete that with utter proficiency… but with our busy schedules and loads of laziness are left behind maybe somewhere under our bed?? Or is gone with the garbage.. . A plan is necessary to get certain direction in the life, and I am not talking about your failed attempts of meditating or joining a gym but there are certain things which you should definitely add to your list for personal growth, happiness and fun.



The more you read the wiser you are:) . This should be a must thing in your routine as reading significantly adds to your efficiency, increase your knowledge, vocabulary and confidence. Read anything in any language without any boundation. If not Dan Brown then switch to Jane Austen or even newspaper will work.


So I am definitely not talking about the professional dance forms and strict postures, just dance to feel free, to smile, to laugh, to enjoy and to shout and sing in your highest pitch. This is a great stress buster and moral booster.


Hey, foodie soul!! Just for an adventure or to develop one more art do give a try to cooking. You can master a new art, can make other people happy by showcasing your new talent and feeding them:p but most importantly you can be dependent on yourself­ you can eat what you can cook… ALL BY YOURSELF. Plus this past time will teach you how to make decisions and be responsible.


Writing is the best way to purge out your emotions and the pages will never judge you:)) with this constant habit of writing the brain start developing at a faster pace with a sure increase in improved language, patience, and time to think from the point of view of others as well. Thus writing ends up making you a better person:o

Talk to yourself

This is not a sign of any mental issue but is a necessity. We all are so busy on WhatsApp and messenger with our 1134 or more friends that there is no time left for the most interesting and unique person i.e. you, my friend!! Yes, and it is highly beneficial to talk to oneself, take some time out for yourself, talk in the front of a mirror, think, reflect, know yourself, appreciate yourself. An honest chat with yourself will help to get direction in life with realism.

No matter how packed up your schedule is, for these 5 things you can surely make space in your world to make it more bright and interesting.


6 Times When You Feel Too Homesick

Being away from home for a really long time can be too hard at times. Here are a few of those moments when you feel so. Find out if you’ve already felt homesick during these times.

1. Been Away For Too Long For The First Time

If you have been home for most of your life for a long time and you’ve suddenly had a long period of time to be away from home as well as the people you love, you will definitely feel homesick. Sometimes, it might get way too much of a feeling that you’d want to cry yourself out.

2. When You Miss The Person You Could Be When You Are At Home

When you are away and you dont feel like yourself anymore, you start to miss the person you really were and the fact that you really could be yourself at home. After all that is what home is all about.

3. Feel Suffocated Even When You Are With Your Family Members

When you are away for a long time and you don’t feel like yourself anymore, it doesn’t matter if you are with your family members or not, you do feel suffocated at times when you are either extremely shy to say something or feel that it wouldn’t matter even if you did so you just don’t bother.

4. The Expectations Of A Certain Thing Go Wrong

You do expect certain things from a particular trip or any get-away before it all even starts. You imagine things and make pictures in your head that you wish would come out that way. At times, though, it doesn’t happen that way. When the things start happening against of your expectations, it feels weird and you start to feel homesick.

5. When You Miss Specific People Way Too Much

You spend all your time with particular people in your normal and routine life. You are habitual to those. You feel incomplete without all of them and you feel that something is missing when they are not around. You start to miss them way too much and time seems to have stopped. The missing that you have for them makes you feel homesick.

6. When You Miss The Place And All Its Comfort

Home is a place full of comfort. You have nothing to worry about at your home. It is a place where everything you have will make you feel comfortable and happy too. When you can not be at that place for a really long time and you start to miss it, it is then that you realize how homesick you are.


10 Things You Need To Tell Your Future Self

We don’t know what the future holds for us, but here are certain things we can tell our future selves and do a favor:

1. Do not get upset over what you are doing right now. It will all be passed.

Whatever you are doing right now is because you feel that it is okay. You will do such things in the future too. It doesn’t matter. Just relax and do whatever you feel like. These days are not going to come back.

2. It’s okay that you haven’t turned out the way you thought you would.

There are a lot of dreams and fantasies that we create for ourselves in our minds that we imagine would happen in our future but it doesn’t always happen as per our choice. You need to understand that whatever will happen will be a result of whatever choices you made so never regret those.

3. It isn’t such a big deal to change your dreams every once in a while.

We grow up and change as a person. As a result of that, the dreams that we have for ourselves change too. It is okay that your dreams are changing, doesn’t really matter. You have the power to change them as many times as you want as long as you are working towards them.

4. You still have a lot of time to make things work.

Time will always be sufficient. Remember that its never too late. You will always have the time to restart and do what you believe in.

5. Don’t cry yourself to sleep. It isn’t worth it.

Crying yourself to sleep at nights is not going to fix the problem. Thinking working and fixing it will.

6. If “the one” isn’t there yet, he/she will be. Don’t worry too much.

Things will soon work out. Be positive.

7. It’s okay to break the rules. Try it once and you’ll know that it was fun.

You don’t always have to be the innocent and obedient kid. Sometimes its amazing to go against the rules.

8. You aren’t yet too old to do the crazy things you wanted to.

It’s never too late to be a child. Let the child inside of you be alive for once.

9. It is really okay to still be a child at heart.

You can make the choice of being a happy child at heart. Don’t be scared of being judged. It doesn’t matter.

10. Age is really just a number.

Age should never be the factor to stop you from doing what you like.

Sex & Relationships

5 Ways To Avoid The Unavoidable

Relationships consist of two individuals which are bound together with love, trust, connection and mutual respect and admiration. But the basic component of all relationships is “two people together”. And no two people, however, similar they are can never be same in their interests, ideas etc. There will be conflicting ideas and a difference in one way or another, and thus, “arguments” are inevitable! It is the one thing which is absolutely unavoidable, after all, we are talking about two individuals and distinct personalities which are unique in everyone!

The undeniability does not mean it cannot be avoided or taken care of. Here are 5 ways to avoid the unavoidable in every relationship :



It’s a world known stature of silence as a golden rule, well, that’s true! “Silence is one of the hardest argument to refute”. If you know the argument is getting pretty intense and deep and going nowhere but down the nonsense lane, be the sensible one and adore silence. It is the ultimate solution and would make the other realize soon enough and then when the time is right, sort your differences. But talking and shouting along when you know it is useless would worsen the argument.



Accept the fact that you cannot always have it your way! Relationships are nothing but a 50-50 partnership, the day you stop taking and believing yourself as the superior and more important one and assuming that your issues and concerns are the most important, making adjustments would become a cakewalk. The “my way or highway” rule is not acceptable in an equal partnership. Adjust a bit for your love!



When you are deeply in love compromises are not something forced but they come from within. More than half of stupid unnecessary arguments can be avoided by taking the mature high road. There are some things which cannot be changed some issues which do not need argument but a little compromise. Although you must know where to draw the line, because compromise from one side only and mindlessly is an unfair one!



Keeping things and issues which are bothering you inside gives birth to frustration which takes the shape of unnecessary arguments. Why not eliminate the problem and its root cause? Talk your heart out, don’t let even the smallest thing bother you or prick and never wait for your partner to understand your issues on their own, they are humans! Two-way discussions and communication fosters healthy relationships and keeps arguments at bay.



The past is past, it has gone by, STOP bringing issues and past events which have been sorted and don’t leave any present concern for future discord, when it will be a thing of past! Live in present and stop lurking in the past, you don’t live there anymore! Period.

Arguments are bound to happen and relationships can never always sail smoothly but not letting your relationship is still in your hands! We may not be able to avoid them but we can avoid happiness and love. Although love is all powerful and conquers all differences but it is not enough. Incorporate these simple ways and avoid the unavoidable!


8 Reasons Why One Must Travel Alone Once In A While

Travelling, we all know is a great thing for or the other reasons but do we really know how to travel? Along with family and friends, yes, of course. But here is why one must travel alone as well, every once in a while.

It Gives A Little ‘Me-Time’


In the busy lives that we have, all of us forget to know how we ourselves have been feeling all this while. Traveling alone is a great way to spend a little time with yourself and know how it feels to be you.

Observation Is Important And Easier Being Alone


Knowing what the world around you is like, is an extremely important part of our lives. We must try and know what it is like to know how people in the other parts of the world live like. Observing things and people around is much easier while you are all alone and you have no one else to observe.

Exploration Of Everything New Is Fun


Travel has many mottos one of which is to explore as much as possible. However, exploring new ways too is much easier while one is traveling all alone. It rids your of all restrictions that are there while you travel along with someone.

Freedom Is The Core Key

Isn’t it that we are all looking for some or other sort of escape which is the reason why we travel? Well, the freedom that you get when you travel alone is incomparable with anything at all. That is when you actually find whatever you are looking for.

You Are The In Charge Of Yourself


It’s all your wish when to go out, where to go, when to come back, what to wear, what to eat, when to sleep or when to wake up. Nothing is ever looked over or questioned. You can be the in charge or everything you want. That is surely an amazing feeling.

The World Is A Better Place


The world, definitely is a better place. This is because now you can see the entire place with your own perceptions. No one is there to abridge your version if the world. It really is an amazing feeling.

It’s A Chance To Meet New People


Travel can end up giving us endless memorable stories to live. So can meeting new people. Why not combine the two and make a much better version of the very thing.

You Learn A Lot

When we travel, we go to places we have never been to before. Such places have a lot to offer. We must grasp it all but grasping it is much more fun when you can do it your way which can be very easily done when you travel all alone.


4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Travel Alone

Before you take a big step like traveling alone, these are a few things you must be sure about.

What sort of place do you want to go to and why?

The reason why you wish to travel that too all by yourself must be very much to known to you if you wish to have a good time. It is extremely necessary that you know why you are going places where you have never been before that too all alone. If that is much known, it is easier to travel around the world. You won’t get lost in mind even if you get lost literally if you know the kind of place you want to be at. That makes is easier because you’d definitely be happy if you’d be at a place you wanted to be at. That is what makes all the difference.

What is making you take an escape to travel?

Is it really an adventure that’s making you take a toll or something has been bothering you for which you need an escape to which you take traveling as the resort? Is there really something wrong? You must make sure you know the reason why you are leaving home so that you come back all fresh and known to the solutions to everything that’s been bothering you. That is when the purpose of travel would be completely fulfilled.

Are you really ready to be by yourself?


Is it that you just think so are you really ready to be by yourself? Are you sure that you won’t be feeling all lonely and miserable once you are there? Are you really sure that you are ready to face the world by yourself? Be sure of these things because if you are doubtful and a single piece of you is there that suggests that you stay, it’ll mean you aren’t yet ready and would cause troubles to ruin everything you have been looking forward to. Don’t let such a thing come in between of this.

Is it all worth while?

No! don’t take this decision hastily. Think about it. Would it all be worthwhile to leave everything behind for a few days and be at a place you know nothing about? Think about it before you step the foot into it. If you feel it is, just go for it without thinking another moment.


Where Is The Conversation Going?

Girl: So, you mean to say that girls are a burden for their parents and parents just want to marry them off?

Boy: No, all I’m saying is that parents have a responsibility towards their children. Be it, daughters or sons, they want to settle them. And the kind of society we live in, we face such issues.

Girl: Oh! Great. So you wanna say that one should get married just because the society wants? Are we here to satisfy this society? And if you want to just look after the society, parents should not give birth to daughters.

And the conversation is not going anywhere!


I agree that we are all educated, independent and have the right to put our points forward but we are EGOISTIC too! Is this ego taking us anywhere? Are our conversations going anywhere?

We name it discussion but it is actually ARGUMENT which many times is related to DICTATORSHIP (No, I’m not talking about Hilter here! But this is for the people who are NEVER open to receive opinions from others and just want to prove themselves right).

We start our journey to get to our destination, but we get stuck in the middle of the road by becoming the giant iron nails and the cause of the tyre puncture!

Here, I have fetched the best possible explanation of depicting how discussion and argument looks.



And the picture below is sufficient to explain what dictatorship is.


But do you even know or have you ever thought how your arguments, your fire glued words, your forceful sentences affect not only the other person in conversation but also your mind and your body?

Here are some side effects of your SIDE EFFECTS of an argument:

Short-term memory loss:

Due to the stressful conversation, cortisol, a steroid hormone that helps your body stay alerted in a bad situation increases. And if it increases over a period of time it can result in loss of synapses in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with short-term memories.

Social impairment:

When your brain is in fighting mode, it just keeps on shooting one bullet at the other. And it decreases our ability to handle and manage complex situations.

Increased heart rate and blood pressure:

When your brain gets a signal that there’s a danger, it sends signals to your adrenal glands telling them to release the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline increases the amount of sugar in your blood which increases your heart rate and raises your blood pressure.


Loss of creativity and innovation:

A stressful mind can never be home to creativity. You lose your creativity eye to look at the situations while you have you fighting goggles on!


004Source: Erik Mace for Yahoo Health

So, now when we know how our brain and body is affected while we are busy throwing and catching fireballs, we should stop and check ourselves and understand “Where the conversation is going?” before we stress our body and mind the next time.

It does no good to anyone!



5 Simple “Do it yourself”s That You Must Try!

There are many things we want others to do for us don’t we? But here are 5 “do it yourself’s” that you must try “YOURSELF”.

1. Earring holder

DIY Earring Holder

I’m sure all the girls out there agree with me that storing our jewelry can be a total mess, getting to store them in huge boxes and then dealing with all the untangling, I know how it feels. Well, why not go ahead and flaunt it, making it a part of your room decor? Sounds interesting? Keep reading.
All you will need is:
-picture frame
-a sheet of scrapbook/handmade paper of your choice
-a roll of tulle or ribbon
-packing tape

(a) Take the back out of the frame and remove the glass from it.
(b) Trace the back of the frame onto the paper. Then cut out the traced part of the paper.
(d) Tape one end of the ribbon or tulle to the back of the scrapbook/handmade paper. Then firmly stretch the ribbon or tulle across the front of the paper.
(e) Tape the other end of the ribbon or tulle to the back of the scrapbook/handmade paper. Then cut off excess material. Make sure it is tight enough to support the earrings. Repeat until the paper is covered with material.
(f) Place the covered paper on top of the frame backing. Then secure the back of the frame.
(g) Finally, attach your earrings to the tulle or ribbon and display the frame.
And TADA! Your unique earring holder is ready.


DIY Soda Can Vases.....So cool!:
Things you need :
-Pop cans
-acrylic paint of your choice

(a) Take your pop can and dent them a little by pressing them.
(b) Now all you have to do is paint your pop can with the color you’ve chosen. You can experiment with the colors here. Your time to be creative!
Tip: You can whiten a little bit of white in the paint and that’ll give it a hint of vintage and it’ll look a bit artsier. You can draw on it too if you prefer that.
(c) You can stick artificial flowers into them or even grow real ones in them.
And Woop! It was that simple guys.


Things you need
-A pair of scissors
-And old photo frame

(a) First, you need to find a picture of your choice that you wish to print out. I suggest you go to and search for free printables for your wall.
(b) Print out that picture according to the size of your frame, cut the extra sides if it’s left out and fix your printout into the frame.
You can make these as many as you like for your wall.
Super easy right? Plus it looks so “Tumblr-y”, and who doesn’t love that?


Things you need
-Thermocol sheet
-A pair of scissors
-A marker
-A cutter
-A wooden/cardboard sheet

(a) Go to google search box and type “world map Tumblr” . This gives you tons of beautiful and artsy images. You can choose whichever you like the most and then print it out. Just make sure that it’s scaled to fit the entire paper.
(b) Next, go to an online editor, I would suggest “Picmonkey editor” and type out the letters you want to print. For example W A N D E R L U S T. Print these letters vertically/ horizontally whatever suits you but make sure to turn them laterally, and also to make it easier, print them on the back of the world map that you had taken out.
(c) Now, you just have to cut them out and paste them on a Thermo cool sheet, the letters facing the side of the world map on top. (OBVIOUSLY!)
(d) Using a cutter, cut them out neatly and paste them on a wooden/cardboard sheet according to your own requirements. And it’s ready!



diy off shoulder shirt kids | How to make an off-shoulder blouse out of an old t-shirt

Things you need:
-A pair of scissors
-A t-shirt of your choice
-Needle and a thread

(a) Strip off the sleeves and about 4” off the bottom of the shirt.
(b) Resize the width of the shirt if needed.
(c) Hem one edge of the strip you cut off the bottom
(d) Sew this strip upside down onto the top edge of the shirt, to hide the seam, all the way around the t-shirt. Be careful to leave enough space on each end for your arm to fit through.
(e) Wear with the strip falling over your shoulders. Simple and sexy!


6 Reasons Why You Have Got To Live Alone In Your Twenties

As we grow up, we have an endless account of experiences in life. Some experiences happen to us and the others, we make them happen. Make this one a part of that list which you are going to carry to your old age and looking back at which, endless smiles are going to strike you. Try it for once and what is bound to happen is that you’ll learn a lot of things in life.


It’s A Totally New Experience

Surely, you haven’t done that ever before. It’s an entirely new thing for you to experience and change is always good. So bring about a little change in your life and see how it all comes along. One thing that will surely happen is you will have something new in the list of your life events. That is always worth a shot.

The Joy Of Doing Anything You Want Is Amazing

You are the decision maker of the house now. You don’t need to seek permission for anything from anyone. You can do whatever you like and no one is going to question you on that. The freedom that you get is one amazing thing to have. More so because initially it feels great and you feel on top of the world but as you start coming to terms with the reality of life, you become a better a more learned person than what you already are.

No One Is A Better Teacher Than You

Nothing will ever teach you anything better than you yourself. You can try new things out like cooking or play a new sport or a little dancing. You can teach yourself whatever you’d want. There is no limit to learning. You can learn whatever you want until the time you want. No one will judge you when you fail. You can do everything fearlessly.

There Is So Much To Know About Yourself

We try and try and keep trying to understand others but we spend very less time trying to understand ourselves. Living alone gives us a lot of “me-time” which is really very important. You get ample of time to understand who you really are and make yourself an even better person.

There Is No Better Feeling Than Making Your Own Home Up

You get to build the place where you’d be living, as per your own wishes and choices. You are the master of everything. You can put whatever you want wherever you want. You can buy as many books as you want, purchase the painting and finally have it on your wall that you’ve been wanting for quite a time now, put up the posters of the things you love which you weren’t allowed earlier. It feels great to do all these things by yourself.

Twenties Is When You Will Know What You Want To Make Of Your Life And Living Alone Lets You Out Of All Extra Responsibilities

Twenties is the time when you are trying build something of yourselves. You are definitely not ready to have anything to worry about rather than your own self. So would it not be great to do that without all the pressure from other people in the house and in the society. It will give you a sense of responsibility along with a sense of freedom too


Science and Mystery

Universe and Us

Ever wondered, if there is a connection between the universe and us?

No, I’m not talking about astrology here. Just a parallelism, the so many similarities in the way we and the universe behave. It’s like we can simply look at us and at each other and learn about the things out there or we can look outside and learn about us, without even realizing it.

For instance, just like all the planets revolve around the sun- the source of life on earth and heat for mercury and so on, people have their lives revolving around either themselves or others.

The independent ones, who are capable of handling themselves are like their own sun, whose schedules are not set solely on the basis of other people because they have their own stuff to do. At the same time some people are not as independent, either emotionally or materialistically or both, they have to schedule their routine according to the time available with the ones who are their ‘sun’, either for some real thing, or for some emotional support, their lives kind of revolve around some other person, these people are like the planets.

(While we are at it, let’s not forget the useless stones/meteors that revolve around the planets or anything for no reason, such people exist too.)

So, there can be the ones who, like stars, create their energy and help others with it. It is also possible these people faced many problems in their life before becoming this ‘star’ kind of a person, just like actual stars are formed after numerous explosions. And there can be the ones who just extract all the energy out of you if they are around, people who have nothing to offer but only take, they are just like the black holes, gravity (like people’s needs) so high that it’ll take everything in.

Our soul itself is a whole universe we can’t understand. Because seriously, how can it be ‘just’ chemicals that make us moody? Chemicals are all active when food is cooking, but I’ve never heard of a boiled potato becoming happy on turning into french-fries or becoming sad on turning into a tasteless vegetable.


Some of us can feel so deeply just by looking at a sunrise, just by waves of the beach, just by the night sky, just by shadows, at times even just by the very existence of everything around, it’s like we directly connect to the universe. The power of telepathy, deja-vu, intuitions and being able to reflect on the past, not just in the way of memory-retrieval but with feelings attached. Our thoughts are enough to trigger the feelings of love, friendship, courage, fear, excitement, compassion and so much more, all composed of different variations and combinations of a set of hormones, just like a big-bang (if it’s true). All this within us is as deep to understand as vast is the universe.

And it’s definitely not just the outer universe to find a connection to, there’s so much tinier and the invisible reality that behaves in the exact same way, the atoms are the best example.

Just for a second consider the structure of an atom, electrons and protons revolve around a nucleus, the atom with more electrons gives the extra ones to the atoms which have less electrons, and thus every chemical reaction that ever takes place, EVER (inside our body, outside our body), has only ONE purpose, to maintain BALANCE. Recall the Chinese ‘Yin & Yang’ here, equally good, equally bad, with the good in bad and the bad in good (this good and bad includes all kinds of metaphors you can think of). That is exactly what life is!


These atoms are the foundation of everything. The way they work reflects on how we work, how the universe works.


The comparison can be drawn endlessly, in ways that are parallel and concentric. It’s the same pattern that goes on and on from the tiniest to the largest.

Isn’t that the biggest of coincidence of universe, maybe this is a trivial sentence.

Isn’t that the greatest reality of existence?

Or is this all just an illusion?



Sex & Relationships

10 Times Movies Gave Us Unrealistic Relationship Ideas And Ideals

A nice rainy weather, an awesome windy night or pleasurably silent hours after midnight, these are the perfect paradisiacal times to occupy yourself with an inviting romantic movie, which is like almost every movie in Bollywood, right, either with action, comedy, thriller, ROMANCE has to be there!

But these romantic movies do much more than being a pastime, they’ve spoiled us and adulterated our ideas deeply. More often than not these movies gave us quite unrealistic “Relationship goals”, “Ideas”, and “Ideals”. So, here are 10 ways in which they do so.



Remember the idea that true and a perfect love story and the relationship are the ones with complications, and not just “a” complication but manny. So, when everything just falls into place smoothly, you begin to question it, oh yes, you do!



Okay, guys, don’t kill me for bursting your bubble and throwing some reality, but happily ever after is just a proverbial saying which includes small bumps in the road. It actually means the larger picture which we fail to see and some jerks in the relationship seem like mountains and we lose all our hopes, because true love is “happily ever after”, yeah right!



Well, yes, intimacy is important but it is not a one-word solution to all your problems and definitely not the sole way to create a happy beautiful relationship. For it to be magical you ought to be comfortable and most importantly, do it by CHOICE and WANT rather than NECESSITY and NEED.



In this generation, I doubt if an independent girl would wait for a guy to make the first move. It’s just a clichéd idea, fed to our brains by the movies, where a guy, has to be the one making the first move. Of course, you have to propose, you’re a GUY!!! You go, girl, you can take the first step too, and guys can be shy too!



This is quite stupid, and not all girls are materialistic to CRY OUT LOUD! Simple, small, heartfelt gestures are all it takes for a girl to be impressed and to sweep her off her feet, you need not do all those magnanimous actions, and they are not the fundamental obligations to be carried off.



Some things do happen on their own and you have no control over it, but not everything happens on its own, you gotta take some action and well, yes, actions do speak louder than words. So start working! You need to speak out and express your love.



Nothing is perfect guys, NOTHING. Period. Nuff said!



Guys and girls take this point, if you think that making your partner jealous is the best thing to bring the spark back and would lead to passionate love, well, that’s slightly problematic, though. Jealousy leads to chaos and builds insecurity and gives way to trust issues = unlimited fights! So, next time if you think of making your partner jealous, think twice! Possessiveness and possessive boyfriends are quite celebrated in movies, but actually, can be the root cause of the death of any happy, healthy relationship. Trust your partner and give them space, now that is cool.



This one is for all those who champion Tom (from 500 Days Of Summer) and Kundan (from Raanjhana) as the perfect lover for not giving up on their love! Okay. people a NO means NO. well, yes you can give it a try and push if the girl likes you too but when the other person likes you too, but if it is a clear no, then anything you do is called stalking and is a punishable offense. So, one-sided love, is ONE SIDED, what part makes it two?



Guys, girls today are not the damsel in distress figure as shown in movies, actually, I doubt if they ever can be! The ideal love story and the relationship start with a poor girl in the problem and a knight in shining white armor will be her Prince Charming! Guys and girls this is not the definition of a perfect beginning of any relationship.

Movies are fun, an escape from reality and to some extent mirrors “the way of the world” but we mustn’t forget reality. It is good to dream and believe in magic but hold on to realism and reality too. And hey, enjoy movies but don’t feed unrealistic expectations to your heart and brain which would spoil your perfect love!

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9 Things Every Child Grown Up Enough Must Tell Their Parents Now

As we all grow up, our parents grow old. They tend to have insecurities and breakdowns just as we did while we were still children. At moments like these, they must be reminded that they are well loved by their children and they have raised us right. Go tell them these 9 things right away and make them happy until the last moment you spend with them.

Thank You


As children, our parents fulfill each one of our dreams. There’s never anything left out of our wishes that aren’t fulfilled. Not that we will ever be able to thank them for everything they have done until now or everything they will be doing in the years to come, but it would make them smile for a long time if we’d say it every once in a while. They would love to know that we cherish whatever they do for us.

I Love You

We know that we love them way too much but hesitate to say it. Why? Did they ever hesitate to say that they love us after every goodnight kiss? Did they ever feel that they shouldn’t say it as much? Did they ever let us go to sleep without telling us they love us? Why should we do that then? Tell them you love them every night. nothing will give them a better sleep than that.

I Wish I Am Able To Raise My Child Like You Raised Me

Say that and they will be proud of the way they have raised you. They will love you even more every day and will make even better efforts. They will make sure that you come out as an even better parent than them. Yet, tell them that they have raised you right and you love them for that.

I Am Proud Of You

So do we all not love to know that someone is proud of us? Whatever we do, we wait for our parents to be proud of us the most. However old do we grow, we will still love to be appreciated by our loved ones. Trust me that our parents would be happier doing whatever they do knowing that we are proud of them. That makes all the difference.

I Wish I Could Be A Child Again So I Could Have That Time With You Again

There are so many moments that we have spent as children with our parents that we know nothing about though we’d love to live them to remember them. However, they remember it all. Tell them that you surely cherished all those moments and would love to have them once again so even you could remember them the way they do. It will make them feel too special.

I Will Miss You When I Am Away

There sure comes a time when we grow apart from our parents, at least physically. Maybe because of higher studies or to make something big of ourselves. They would never want to be the reason to come in between of your success and happiness so would never say a word. We all love our dreams so we can’t stay with them forever but just to tell them that you will really miss them when you are away will brighten their day and they will have the strength to let you go.

There’s No Better Teaching Than Those That You Gave Me

They have taught us so much in all these years. Whatever we are today is because of what they taught us and how they raised us. If you believe that you are a great person and a good human being, it is because of your parents. Tell them about it. Sure it is better to show such things but words have their own power too. Show them that you love them and are proud to be their children.

When You’re Old, I Will Still Be With You. Always

Ageing shall never mean separation. Let your parents know that when they are old and you are successful, you are not going to forget them. You will still be with them as much as you were when you were a kid, even more than they were with you when you were growing up. Tell them that you will always want to take care of them as they took care of you.
Tell them that it won’t matter if they would be dependent on you. Instead, that will be the happy part about it. Tell them that you will always be with them, no matter what.

I Promise I’ll Take Care Of You

Don’t say it just to say it. Promise them that you really will take care of them the way they did when you were sick or when you hated yourself or when you went through a hard time. Tell them that you will look after them even more than they looked after you. Tell them that they will never have to worry about anything and I assure you that they will never lose a smile from their face.



Feeling Dejected? Go Shopping!!

No, I am not writing on this because I’m a woman😛 and I want to go out there and buy every possible thing 👜 (although yes my emotions in the blog are overpowering!), but I really mean it!

The whole week you spend time listening to your boss and clients, directing your subordinates, and sometimes you even end up feeling bum out. Not to worry anymore, we have a great therapy for that too!😁😀😉

To all the boys and the girls, males and females, sisters and their brothers 😝, women and men out there—Go and fetch the things you really want your cupboard to have, your homes to have, you want to gift your family, anything you buy would definitely freshen up your mood.

Don’t trust me? Then here are the reasons why shopping gives to immense pleasure and brightens up your mood!

  1. Kicks stressors out of your life

When you are buying anything whether online or offline, you put all of your concentration on the things you want to buy and thus, you focus on what you want to buy and forget the stressors… Thus, you prick the tension bubbles wandering around your mind. Quick! Take the shopping needle in your hand and start picking!


2. You are the power

When you visit a store, salespeople come running to help you, letting your mind feel in charge of the situation. So, buy those nail paints, shoes, and frocks and become the boss…


3. Newness in life

When you shop, you bring new things into your life which you admire only till the time you use it for the first time 😛 but nevertheless, it refreshes your wardrobe, room, and YOUR mood.


4. The Brainy thing

Here comes the Science! Shopping has science to people! When you shop, your brain releases Dopamine and this dopamine chemical plays a major role in reward- motivated behavior. Thus, putting you in the state of immense pleasure and feel good feeling!





5 Signs That Show You Are Ready To Take The Next Big Step In Your Relationship

In every relationship, there comes a stage when you are sailing in the boat of happiness and things couldn’t be any better. That’s when the ever so crucial question, rather a dilemma strikes; you are willing to move ahead take the next big step but you don’t really know how and when or whether you should even take it in the first place. The one thing which almost everyone forgets is the question, “Are you there yet?”

In the whole pandemonium of “to do or not to do,” we overlook the already present signs which can solve the whole mayhem in our heart of hearts.


The focal point of any relationship is the comfort level you share with your partner. It is the elementary factor that shows the reflection of the intimacy level you have achieved with your partner. So, the quintessential sign of taking the next big step is the comfort level. You can take any step if you are comfortable in taking it with your partner.


Intimacy is the fundamental principle for successful relationships which grows and fosters naturally. But if you are feeling that you are forced into it and it’s not naturally coming then trust your instinct and don’t rush. Wait till you are there!


Trust is the building block in any relationship. One of the four pillars which support and nurture it. You know you can take the move if you trust your partner completely.


The other pillar holding your relationship together is compatibility. If you know he/she is the one into you and you are amazed by the compatibility you share, then it surely is the right time to take things further.


Having a connection with your partner is very important, you know you have it when it just clicks and you know you are meant to be together. But, emotional connect is the primary connection. You know you are ready to take the next step when there is more to your relationship than just libido. This is the one thing that ensures the longevity of your relationship.

Moving ahead with time is inevitable and taking the next step is obligatory. However, taking the next step won’t save a bad relationship from ruins. It just makes a good relationship better, and by no means is the last resort to save the dying. Albeit there are signs which help you in making the right decision but, nothing is more accurate than your gut feeling and love. So, just pay heed to your heart and let it do the rest!


Believer, Agnostic, or Atheist- Which One Are You?

Within the context of religion, we have many categories, the major ones include people who believe that there is a God/a higher being, people who do not have a definite belief regarding God, and people who do not believe that God exists.  I was curious to know the youth’s views regarding these three groups. Given below are their opinions and reasons for belonging to one of these categories. Read on to see which group you belong to!


These people are pretty simple to understand, they believe that God or a higher existing. After questioning them as to their reasons for this belief, they revealed that most of them have this view due to the religion to which they belong. Others feel safe believing that someone else is looking over them and that it helps them move forward from setbacks, thus providing the feeling of protection of sorts. They also feel that things that aren’t in their control or events that science cannot explain, point to the presence of God. For some, practices such as praying provide them with the peace which then reaffirms their faith in God. One person even said that believing in a divine power makes life more interesting!



I like to call individuals who fall within this group as people who like to “play it safe”. They feel that a concept such as the existence of God is unknowable and hence, refrain from commit to either believing or not believing. Some agnostics feel that there may be a supreme power but they don’t know what exactly it is. Usually, some individuals who are agnostic tend to lean towards a certain side (believers or atheists), others not so much!



Aaah, the ones who follow the scientific route, the “I need proof to believe in a concept”, a.k.a, me. An atheist is one who does not believe that God exists. Simple right? The atheists I questioned claimed that their reasons for not believing in a higher power are a lack of proof, not wanting to depend on something else (being able to view oneself as being responsible for one’s own life outcomes). Some atheists often mock believers by claiming that they are wasting their time putting their energies into believing something which may not even exist, others however respect differing opinions.


Having read the basic descriptions of each, and people’s opinions about each, which group do you think you belong to?


Practice Makes The Brain Perfect!

In our primary school, coloring books, thought books, in the speech of great scholars, our high school etc. etc. etc… We all have been hearing the phrase “PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT”.

It has been a week since I joined my new job (actually, my first ever job!) and what I learned in the first week was: “Practice would make me perfect”. And then I realized, be it any job- customer service, business development, teaching, or the sales job; you have to practice in order to become perfect and master your job.

And then suddenly, the Science student inside me woke up and I became hungry enough to find out why and how practice would change the chemicals flowing inside my brain!

And here is how it works:

We all know that neurons are the basic unit of the cellular building of our brain. If you don’t know this then I think you need to repeat your 5th standard 😛😛. And then there is a white matter that fills nearly 50% of our brains. That white stuff is myelin, a fatty tissue that covers much of the axons which are the ends of neurons. Now the main point is how is all this related to practicing and our brain?

So, when we practice, we trigger a pattern of electrical signals through our neurons. Over time, that triggers some specific cells to myelinate those axons, increasing the speed and strength of the signal. It enhances the ability which further leads to better performance.

It tells us why not only the QUANTITY of practice is important to improve your skill as it causes repetition of the same nerve impulses again and again to activate the myelinated function, but also the QUALITY of the practice. So you have to make corrections every time you practice so that you don’t spend time practicing the wrong thing! If we do not correct our mistakes, we will myelinate those axons, increasing the speed and strength of those signals – which does us no good.

Now we know why and also how “Practice makes us perfect!” 🙂

And remember…

So keep on practicing… and you will surely become perfect one day!

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5 Quotes On Love Which Comforts The Contort Soul

Love is all around, in the winds, in the blazes, in the animals we love or in the nemesis we used to befriend with.
get in the flow with the nano-tales, to experience the comforters of love in the states of contritions and emotions.

You’ll always be the one what my heart desires for.

Isn’t it’s something what we always say to those without whom we’re going to part our ways? Or to those people who from the lands of no-where becomes our friend, then an infatuation, a crush and then the love of our life.


In love, you don’t need to lose yourself. You should find your another self instead.

Love is not the game of wits, and thus in love try searching for your doppelganger who understands you from the deep within.

He is like a drug to me, hard to resist even harder to achieve.

Those girls out there who are still shy in accepting their love to their dire consummate, this one’s for you. But, honestly, drugs could be good at times, like simply and gently they just tranquilizes the pain deep within.

Even a parenthesis is incomplete without the summation of 2 brackets!

Just like there is no clap without 2 hands, there is no parenthesis without 2 brackets, living alone is as painful as living in the hopes of a dead to return.

We don’t pick who we fall in Love with and then they never rise in love with us!

True. We never get to choose with whom we fall in Love with, but come on, let’s give love and life a chance, may be these contorting winds bring your comforter with them.

So, just Cherish those moments with the one you love,  may be they never come back the way they were supposed to be.


5 Reasons To Travel As Much As You Can

We have all seen many people talk about travel, our families travelling together and ourselves asking for trips on every vacation. To those who don’t really like to travel, here’s why you are wrong. To those who love to travel, here’s something that’ll make you fall in love a little more, with travelling. To those for whom it is their life, you are on the right path already people. High-five!

Travel Will Never Disappoint You


Wherever you go, every place will have something new for you. Not every trip can be a piece of cake but you will surely have a memory to look back at. In the future days of life, everything seems like a good one. Everything seems like a beautiful one to look back at and smile while you say “I wanna go there with you people again” whilst remembering the happy times spent together even of there existed a hardship.

It’s Like Living Your Mind For Real

Travel makes you go places you have once imagined or fantasized about. It will give you peace and will make you fall in love with your own self. It will boost your energy to the level of what happiness feels like. It will make you live your imagination and literally bring dreams to life. It is the only escape from everything.


Travelling Will Give You New Goals

When you travel, you come across new things that make you look at life in many different ways. That makes you a different person every single time that you travel. As you become someone new every single time, you tend to love your life a little more as a result of which, you wish to make something better of it. As you try and work harder towards yourself, you create new goals. It gives you an insight for everything.

Travel Is Something That Every Artist Needs

Artists, or creative souls, as they might be called, need something new every now and then. As is well known that the same place every single day can never give us anything new to do. Going places helps us open our minds up and live in a different way every day. Any writer, a musician, a painter, a dancer, or maybe, a TRAVELLER, will all find something or the other that makes them happy as they travel. It makes you love the world you live and so create something new. CREATION COMES FROM TRAVEL!


Travel Is Life!

It helps us nurture ourselves. It makes us live life to the fullest. Let’s face it, nobody wants a boring life that starts in the same room every morning and ends in the same room every night. our eyes want something new to look at, our hearts want something new to feel, our body needs something new to embrace and we need something new to live. So let’s live our life like it really means everything to us and make it count. Let’s make us count to the world. Let’s make a difference. TRAVEL WILL HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE.



7 Ways To Get Clear Glowing Skin Naturally

Every individual whether male or female desires clear, bright and glowing skin and for that, they use a variety of cosmetic products, which not only cost them financially but also have an adverse effect on the skin. Cosmetic products sometimes instead of making skin more clear and glowing, creates more problems in the form of pimples, dark circles etc. Here are 7 simple ways to make your skin glow naturally without using any cosmetics.


1. Proper Sleep

Glowing Skin

Proper sleep for 8 to 9 hours is one of the secrets behind the clear and glowing skin. Improper sleep leads to stress which causes white heads due to excessive oil production by stress hormones. Proper sleep helps to reduce stress and get rid of white heads. Thus, by sleep, your body will lose excessive oil and you will get clear and glow skin texture.


2. Drink Water

Glowing Skin

Water is one of the most important resources for clear bright and glowing skin. Almost 15% of the human skin is made up of water. Drinking a glass of water early morning helps to remove toxins and other impurities from the blood and provide with clear glowing skin. Water keeps our skin hydrated and prevents it from being dry, tight and flaky. Drinking around 2 liters of water every day is a secret behind the bright skin.


3. Exercise

Glowing Skin

Regular exercise is essential for good and bright skin. It helps in increasing the oxygen and blood flow within skin cells that help in carrying away waste material from the cells. It also helps in neutralizing the dangerous effect of free radicals and oxidative stress. Exercise helps in removing cellular debris from the body. It is the best way to clean your skin from inside naturally.


 4. Wash Face

Glowing Skin

Hydrating the skin from inside and outside is important. By drinking lot of fluids skin is hydrated from inside but to hydrate it from outside you need to wash face twice a day. It helps in removing dirt and dry cells and gives bright and glowing face. Do not wash face more than twice a day as it leads to dryness. Use cold water instead of hot water as hot water open skin pores which allow dirt to enter into them.


 5. Sweat

Glowing Skin

Sweat removes skin impurities by opening pores that help in proper oxygen flow and leads to the formation of new skin cells. It clears the skin from bacteria, dirt, oil and impurities. The normal pH factor of the skin is same as a pH factor of sweat.

6. Avoid The Sun

Glowing Skin

Although the sun is an important source of Vitamin D which is an essential element for skin. But for bright and glowing skin one should avoid the sun during day time as the UV rays are quite strong which not only damage skin texture but may also cause skin cancer. Try to wear clothes that cover almost all your skin when going under sun rays.

7. Healthy Diet

Glowing Skin

A healthy diet like fruits and vegetables, juices, milk products are good for clear glowing skin. One the most important vitamin for the skin is vitamin C as it helps to improve the complexion and to reduce the signs of skin ageing. Regular intake of food items rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, pineapple, strawberries, sweet potato, enhance skin brightness and protect skin from damage caused due to harmful UV rays.




The Facebook Experiment : An 11-Month Break

Facebook in its essence is the mother/father/god of social networking sites. Almost every person has their profile on facebook. I joined this site in 2013 (yes pretty late I know, but that’s what you get when you have strict parents). Needless to say, it slowly grew on me. I started adding people from school, college, and coaching classes. It was exciting at first, watching that tiny red icon indicates new notifications was thrilling. Facebook provided a host of opportunities, from groups regarding research, internships, conferences, seminars, competitions, to pages devoted to specific colleges, their admission procedures, and more. Besides information, it also offered entertainment. This could be in the form of memes, jokes, videos, or simply stalking your friends and celebrity crushes.

So many positives right? No. facebook has another side to it. It starts affecting you negatively when you start comparing your life to those of others. It was in June 2015 that this side of facebook started to affect me. I started doing the inevitable, comparing and overthinking tiny things. I started judging people by the things they posted, and by doing so I realized that I was becoming very superficial. That needed to stop. So one day, without asking anyone for advice or suggestions, I googled ‘how to deactivate your FB account’ and did the same.

The first week was very tough as I realised I was quite addicted to that site. It felt similar to what I can assume is the process of detoxing. I had to force myself to delete the app from my phone and not visit the site on my laptop. Once the first week passed, the subsequent days seemed to get easier. Shortly after deactivating I went on a trip with some friends, and that helped a lot. I realised it was much more fun living in the moment than online. I had so much more free time that I could spend doing other things.  I even ended up reading story books after what seemed like ages.

But alas, I couldn’t stay off facebook forever (clearly). Once I had gone a few months without it, I realized I was missing out on a lot of information and opportunities (especially research related, as that’s my field of interest). Slowly months passed, and college came to an end. Three years had passed by so quickly. Then I decided, it was time to join it again. After making several pros and cons lists with several friends, I told myself “ok, its time”. I couldn’t let my own issues prevent me from accessing the things that are necessary.

Finally, in May 2016, I opened the page on my laptop, stared at it for 15 minutes, typed my id and password, stared at it for another 15 minutes, then clicked ‘enter’. However, like many others, I have a tendency to look at the negatives more than the positives (I’m trying to change that I swear). So some of the measures I’ve undertaken to prevent myself from sinking into the same low that leads to deactivating  previously involves: not having the app on my phone, going online only once, or maximum twice a day, and not comparing myself to anyone else.


All in all, I would like to underline the fact that all social networking sites have their advantages. It is only when we start interpreting  and perceiving them in a negative light that they start posing as disadvantages. It is important to deal with these things and take them in our stride. It should be an addition to your day and not the whole day itself, after all, moderation is key.


How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally

A lot of people are spending too much money for doing facials and buying cosmetics. Their absolute aim is to lighten their skin. It should be noted clearly that most of the cosmetics that are available in the market causes a lot of side effects. Regular facials can also affect your skin badly. Many of us go behind the fake advertisements blindly which at last ends up in spoiling our natural beauty.  What are the need of spending so much money on cosmetics and different kinds of facials if you can naturally lighten your skin with easily and naturally available ingredients?


Cucumber Pulp


Turmeric Powder

Orange Juice or Lemon Juice

Gram Flour



All the above-mentioned ingredients are available naturally and are really good for the skin and they help in lightening your skin. Gram flour works as a cleansing and exfoliation agent. Turmeric powder has numerous uses and provides a special glow for your skin. Cucumber pulp helps to remove the black spots and dark circles and rejuvenates the skin. Orange juice and lemon juice are good bleaching agents. Honey has a lot of medicinal values and plays a vital role in skin care. Milk helps in improving the skin tone and reduces aging.

  • First, mix 5 big tablespoons of gram flour and turmeric powder along with required amount of cucumber pulp.
  • Then add 2 or 3 small teaspoons of orange juice. If you don’t have orange juice, lemon juice will also work as both of them are good bleaching agents.
  • Now pour some honey over the mixture and mix well to make it a pastry.
  • Now take the mixture and apply it evenly over the face and neck with a make-up brush or hand and gently massage.
  • Leave it for about 20 minutes so that it can dry and act as a mask.
  • After 20 minutes use milk to remove the mask by gently rubbing as the milk softens the hard mask.
  • After that, you can use either cold water or lukewarm water to completely wash it off.



10 Nano-Tales that show the Power of Words and will Leave You Surprised

Words have a power, most of us are unaware of. We believe there are certain ways to say particular things, which is true. However, though, there remains a certain sort of immunity in words, when put together in particular ways, that they present a whole new story to themselves.

Here are a few that will leave you confused whether to keep laughing or cry at the one you just read.


“I do.”

She exclaimed it out loud as she looked at the chocolate cake and kissed it for the first bite. True love was once again, proved.


” It’s dark finally.”

She thought to herself.
The night still groaned, wondering if the darkness would ever stop taking all the credit for its beauty.


Since the day we saw the sun together, the night seemed unhappy.
“You’re still our favorite time, and will always be.”
We told it. That was the widest smile it had ever had.


Short skirt, hair ruined and tee-shirt all dirty.
Her dream finally came real with the tennis racket in her hand.

“Heaven means true love, and hell, we’re living in.”

“She said YES.”
“So are you guys really going to the church?”
“Yes. She really wants to see her mom marry the love of her life, even if daddy’s not the one.”

“What’s your problem sarcasm?” Asked the others in her heart.
“I’m less likely to be understood. That’s what makes her like me more.” He showed-off.

“The wonders of nature are pure enough to depict that, however shall man modernize, it still remains unbeatable.”

“A red dress, a black 3-piece and red wine. The novel made their honeymoon night.”

“The postmortem report never showed the cause of her brain-hammer-age. The bruises of his hands on her body laughed to a stomach-ache.”






10 Things to do When You Feel Sleepy at Work

You have slept for umpteen numbers of hours and still your boss realizes (and you don’t) that you were sleeping on your desk? It happens for many reasons. You should change your lifestyle a little so that you sleep a little less in your office. Eating healthy, sleeping, and rising early and exercising are some fundamental things you should start incorporating from today. For now, if you want to be awake, here is what you need to do:

Go, wash your face:


Well, needless to say, anything for this. You have been hearing this all your life from your teachers.

Chew gum:

This have helped you survive in those long boring guest lectures in college. Right?

Take a walk:

Well, it won’t certainly be a walk to remember (unless you with special someone). But, it would definitely help you in waking up!

Take help from stairs:

Climbing stairs make you do some physical activity and that would help you in being a little active and not sleeping on your desk again.

Bask in the sun:


Get hit by the photons. When you bask in the sun, it synthesises vitamin D. This helps in reducing drowsiness.

Drink water:

image3Every drop would count!



Doing some stretching would help you become a little active. Just do a little stretching here and there and you are fit to start again.


Play some music which would make you dance on the instance. But some upbeat music would surely be helpful. (Don’t dance, please.)



Yes. Take a power nap and you would feel fresh.

Do something else:

Do something other than what you are doing right now. Start doing any other assignment or some work which is not related to it. The switch would help you in reducing drowsiness.
Feeling sleepy at the workplace is a normal phenomenon. It happens to almost everyone. So, don’t worry, just follow these steps and ensure that your boss doesn’t catch you while you count Mississippi.

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4 Things To Remember When Meeting Your Friend’s New Partner

I don’t know if many of you have been in this situation but trust me it’s WEIRD. When your close friend starts dating someone new and wants you to meet him/her, it’s something you can’t really title or label (at least for me). When I meet a friend’s new partner, all I remember is what my friend has told me about this person. One thing about us girls is that we talk about everything. IN DETAIL.  So when you’re meeting her new boyfriend, it’s like “Hey I know everything about you and you may know a lot about me too but let’s pretend that’s not the case and introduce ourselves anyway?” Yes. That’s how it goes for me. Here are some tips for surviving the “introduction”.

Start with a clean slate

If your friend has told you 100 things about this individual, FORGET IT ALL. What you don’t know is that your friend is providing only one perspective, and in no way should his/her words be an image of the whole person. What we don’t realize is that everything we hear from our friends is subconsciously creating biases and impressions in our minds. If we go with a pre-set impression and find that it does not match with the person in front of us, that is bound to result in discrepancies and irritation. So wipe that slate clean and go meet this person without any prejudices!

You’re NOT third wheeling

For me, the biggest and most awkward fear is that I’m going to be a third wheel, or a kebab mein haddi if you will. But it’s important to realize that this is not the case. If you friend has voluntarily called you to meet his/her bae, it’s obvious that both of them know you will be there. they will NOT start talking lovey-dovey nonsense in front of you (if they’re mature enough). Put that fear aside and go hang out with them as friends. If they’re sensible enough they will involve you in such a way that you forget they’re a couple and just think of them as your friends.

Don’t bring up stuff from the past

This point is pretty crucial and must be adhered to at all times. You do not really know for sure everything that your friend has told her new boyfriend. So don’t assume things and start joking about exes and random guys who she’s had crushes on. The mood can drop from joyful to cold and disappointing within seconds. Pssst helpful tip: Before the meeting, you can ask your friend to brief you about the topics you must definitely steer clear of. This will ensure you stay safe from your friend’s wrath and everyone stays happy.!

Don’t fawn

new partner

Last but not the least, DO NOT fawn over your friend’s new girl/guy. They are not yours to have. They are at max going to be your friend. Do not cross the line over into the danger zone and mess with people’s lives. If you like the person a lot then that’s great but keep it at a platonic level. Don’t start fantasizing and dreaming about having them around your arm one day. Respect boundaries and respect your friends.


7 Advantages of Waking Up Early

As they say, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. It stands true today as well. Waking up early has a lot of benefits. Most of the successful people that history has seen were early risers. Even today, the successful entrepreneurs, business tycoons and actors are early risers. There are a lot of examples and facts that point to the fact to the countless benefits of waking up early. Well, here are a few of them:

More time to exercise:

You get more time to exercise when you wake up early. You can complete the whole circuit without rushing for the day. You have all the time in the world so you can warm up and cool down properly. Exercising in the morning keeps your fatigue levels low. Hence, you feel energetic the whole day.

Drives your day better:

Because you have risen early, you don’t have to rush to start your day. You have a “head start”. Because the first hour of your day goes well, your day would be a good one!

Won’t miss breakfast:

The night owls rise late. They skip the most important meal of the day i.e. the breakfast. Ever wondered why it’s called breakfast? Because you are “breaking the fast”. When you are sleeping, you are fasting for 6 to 8 hours. So, the first meal of the day becomes important. Because you rise early, you don’t miss it.

Enjoy some quiet time:

No matter how much hustle bustle and noisy your day goes, the morning hours are the quietest. Spending some quiet time is really beneficial for your mind and soul.

Sleep well:

Because you have risen with the sun, you tend to feel sleepy early. Once you get waking up early, your sleep routine would be fixed. So, you would feel sleepy at the same time. Waking up early also improves the quality of your sleep.

Better productivity:

Because you chose to be an early bird, you surely have the “head start”. So, you have more time to do the same things. But, you tend to accomplish more when you rise early. This is because you don’t have any disturbance in the morning hours and hence, you can do some important things (like keeping your mailbox up-to-date) with complete concentration.

Good Wi-Fi speed:

L.O.L.! Needless to say, no one uses internet 5’o clock in the morning. So, you can use Netflix or see the series online you always wanted to. Amazing isn’t it?

Well, now that you know some potential benefits of waking up early (like the last point), you can think of waking up early. At first, you will feel sleepy during the day and that’s completely fine. It takes some time for your body to adjust to it and set the sleep clock. But once you get used to it, there is no stopping to it.


8 Tips on Saving Money

Money is important to everyone. But we don’t even know where our salary is going. No clue, seriously! But it’s important that we save some money. Even if you are not materialistic and have no plans of travelling or getting married, you might face some emergency. So, even for that, you should have some liquid cash in hand. Well, here are a few tips on how can you save a little every month:

Make a list:

Make a list of your expenses. This is very important to understand where your money is going. Note down all the expenses that are constant like the rent. There must be a few of them. Note them down and make a list of it.

Understand your wants and needs:

Getting a Zara dress every month is not a “need”. Check how much you are spending on your needs and wants. Make separate columns for it. Check it your wants is that important? If not, you can probably cut it out and save some money for yourself.

Say no to credit cards:

For everything, there can’t be a credit card. No! Don’t have the habit of swiping the credit card every now and then. This is a point where your money is vanishing magically. So, think before you use your credit card. Just don’t take when until it is very important.

Go green, use less electricity:

Switch off the fan, lights, and TV when you are going out. Even if you are going out for 15 mins, just switch it off! This would save a lot of electricity and you would save some bucks here.

Savings account:

Have saving accounts. Start a recurring deposit account where you put some money. So, if you see no money, how would you spend it? Simple!

Say yes to automatic bill payments:

This is also one way to spend less. It will automatically deduct from your bank account. So, you would see no money and tend to spend less.

Have a mindset to save:

Nothing is possible if you don’t have a mindset, make your mind save. If you make up your mind that you have to save money, you would feel less bad about going to the mall and not playing bowling.

Keep a check on savings:

Well, checking your savings grow would certainly motivate you to keep doing the good work!



7 Wonderful Benefits of Doing Planks

Well, there are a lot of bodyweight exercises that are just amazingly effective for your body. Planks are one of them. They have a lot of benefits as it affects your abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles play a crucial role in the whole gym journey. This is because your abdominal muscles support your spinal cord and back. It also prevents accidental injuries. Doing it doesn’t take much time but is quite crucial for your fitness. Here are some advantages of doing plank:

Develops your core:

Planks develop your core muscles. These help you in lifting heavier weights, jumping, getting that six pack look and with side-bending. These set of muscles are important for different exercises. Like the rectus abdominals improves your performance in any sporting event and transverse abdominals develop your capacity to lift heavy weights. Hence, these muscle groups play crucial roles. Planks are the best exercise to develop them and improve your performance.


When you do planks, it affects your back and abdominal muscles. It helps in improving your posture. Your ability to stand straight all the time would develop. Your posture would be stable as your abdomen muscles affect your back, chest, neck and shoulders.

Less injury:

While lifting weights or doing some other exercises where your spine is involved, there is always a risk of your back getting injured. That is the worst thing that can happen as your spine is an important part. It affects your back and makes it strong. So, the chances of getting a back injury reduce. Also, it reduces any back pain, considerably!


It affects your posterior muscle group and hence increases flexibility. Meaning your shoulder, shoulder blades, hamstrings, collarbone and even feet and toes would expand and contract while you perform planks. The side planks help in achieving this.

Improves Mood:

Well, exercising improves your mood. It does follow the same rule! Doing planks have a positive effect on your mood. It helps you in releasing stress and anxiety. This is because when you do it the muscle group that contributes to stress and anxiety which was ineffective for hours (because you were just sitting in your office all day), gets stretched.


Stood on a leg, ever? Did it even last for 10 seconds? Well, it will help you with it. You will improve your overall balance. You can then show off by standing on a leg for a long time. Planks with extensions and side planks would do the trick.

Boost to metabolism:

It boosts your metabolism rate better than other cardio exercises. Doing it daily will keep your metabolism rate high throughout the day. So, basically, you would burn more calories and keep burning it the whole day. How amazing!

Well, now that you know the benefits of doing planks, try to include it as a part of your exercise schedule. If you don’t find much time to exercise, try to do planks for 5 to 10 minutes daily.


7 Ways to Become Successful

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? We all have 24 hours but still why some could make it and some couldn’t. Some do it all and some cant. Have you ever wondered why one particular employee gets a faster promotion when everyone in the team works equally hard? Have this ever crossed your mind that certain people just don’t complain and lead a better life than others. How they do it? Well, the definition of success differs for different people. For some it may be buying a car or a home. For some it may be lead a happy and fulfilling life. Whatever you think of success, there are some things you need to do differently than you are doing now to get successful. You need to push yourself towards that goal. That can happen by changing or including small things in your life, practising it daily and making it a habit. Here are some habits that you need for success:


This is the most powerful tool to achieve anything you want. Yes! Appreciate whatever you have in your life at this moment. Even if it is going through a rough phase, there must be something that you can appreciate. Take some time out to do it. Say, when you get up in the morning, think of all the things you have in your life for which you are thankful. But, don’t do it just for the heck of doing it. Feel happy appreciating!


There is a difference between hearing and listening. You should listen to people. Making this a habit will take you to places. People who are successful are great listeners. But, to develop this habit, you need a little patience. Try to do it daily. Like listening to some news or video for a few minutes, listening to a conversation, etc. From a few minutes, you can extend it to an hour and so on.


Reading is an essential thing no matter in what field you want to excel. Even if you want to lead a happy life, this is important. All the successful people have this habit of reading. You can read books, newspapers or anything that increases your knowledge. If you are not an avid reader, start with a novel or read news for a few minutes daily. Keep doing that daily and you will get good at it.


Giving compliments is one thing which people don’t do or fake it. Giving compliments is taken for granted. That’s where we go wrong. If you are giving a compliment, be honest about it. A compliment creates positive vibes and giving compliments feels as good as receiving it. So, do that!

Wake up early:

Yes! You need to do this! Most of the successful people you see in the world are early risers. Be it Richard Branson or Shahrukh Khan, most of the successful persons has the habit of getting up early. There are many advantages of getting up early like you don’t get much disturbance in the early hours; it’s good for your health, etc.


Think what you want to achieve. What would make you truly happy? What is that you want to buy? The habit of thinking is a powerful exercise. If you want something, think of it with full concentration, feel good about it.


Behave as if you got it. You are the person you want to become 10 years down the line or you have that car you dream of. What differently you do when you have achieved your goal, start doing it now.



10 Types of Oils Which are Good for Your Hair

Taking care of hair sometimes becomes tedious. It takes a lot of effort to keep your hair undamaged. You always dream of getting that perfect look but somehow in your daily world, you don’t get that. Even the salon magic stays for a while and then fades away! Here is a list of essential natural oils which you should include in your hair care regime:

Coconut oil:

Be it an oily or a dry scalp, coconut oil works for everything. It makes your hair thicker, and roots stronger. The wonder oil will make your hair shiny and healthy. It also helps in preventing dandruff. In case you want to try some hair products which have chances of damaging your hair, coconut oil is a must in your hair care regime. Try to use the extra virgin coconut oil for better results.


Almond oil:

Another “wonder oil” on the list is almond oil. Including this amazing oil can have many benefits to your hair. The vitamins present in the oil makes your hair shiny. The almond oil is very helpful in treating dandruff. The best part of using almond oil is that it repairs your split ends and strengthens the ends.


Castor oil:

The thick liquid protects your hair from damage and boosts hair growth. Castor oil is less known when it comes to hair care. But it is amazing oil. Because it is very thick, you should try to use it with some other thinner oils like almond oil or coconut oil.


Argan Oil:

You must have heard of it. It is sometimes referred as liquid gold or miracle oil. Well, it is! It repairs your hair, protects it from the sun and heat! It’s an all-rounder. It makes your hair softer, reduces the fizziness and reduces hair breakage. It makes your hair more manageable.

Olive Oil:

You must be wondering that it is used for cooking purposes and is healthy for your body and blah blah. Yes, it is. But, it is also helpful for your hair. Olive oil contains vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants. This helps your hair lock moisture. Olive oil keeps your hair hydrated. Hence, your hair looks a little more healthy and shiny. Also, it helps in preventing bacterial infections and improves blood circulation which promotes hair growth. Use the extra virgin version.


Tea tree oil:

Itchy scalp? Get tea tree oil. Add it to your shampoo or conditioner and its anti-bacterial property will reduce the itchiness of your scalp.

Amla oil:

The Indian Gooseberry Oil, it is. Well, it is great conditioner and helps in preventing dandruff. But, the best part is it solves the problem of hair greying. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, yes! Believe. Applying amla oil regularly helps in restoring the colour of your hair. No, no premature greying. All thanks to Amla oil (and me, of course)!

Avocado oil:

Avocado surely has many benefits for your body. Well, it also has benefits for your hair. Avocado contains proteins and vitamin A, B, D and E. These helps in keeping your hair moisturised for the day. It makes your hair stronger.

Rosemary oil:

Well, it’s a great cleanser. For thin and brittle hair, it is an amazing product. Use it with some other oil like olive oil.


Jojoba oil:

Well, you will fall in love with this one. Absolutely amazing oil that conditions and hydrates your hair. It also prevents dandruff. Jojoba oil is magical oil. It brings life back to your hair, literally!

Now that you have a fair understanding of different kinds of natural oils, try and include them in your hair care regime so that your hair look amazing and shiny always!

Sex & Relationships

Fall in Love!

Love, the best feeling a human being can feel. That feeling makes you a completely different person. It gives you a reason to smile, to live, to survive every hurdle you face. It gives you some extra magical power to be happy in worst conditions. You smile, you laugh, you dream, you sleep with that feeling, 24×7.  And what makes your love the perfect one is your partner, with whom you want to spend rest of your life. 


You can fall in love with anybody. All you need is to feel your heartbeat when that person is around you. 
You can fall in love with the girl sitting on the last bench of the class, simple, cute, still gorgeous. Even in boring classes you find yourself smiling. You can fall in love by the way she adjusts her hair, the way she plays with the pen while writing the notes, the way she tries to hide her smile when you are being scolded by teacher, the way she ignores you, the way she looks at you and the way she smiles when she finds you looking at her. 

 You can fall in love with a girl who is a complete MAVALAN.  Someone who completes you.  Someone with whom you don’t have to care about how to behave. You can talk about anything and everything. She is a good listener and you love that in her.  You never feel the absence of a buddy. She comments on fashion disaster girls, she eats a full-size burger without taking care of cheese on her face and she can actually embarrass you by letting you know that you never ate in a subway. But still you love that. You fall for that cute, childish smile with those two deep dimples on her face. Fall in love with the girl who loves to sit in a seven sitter auto.
Fall In Love
All I want to say is that you can fall in love with anybody. And you should fall in love 🙂

Sex & Relationships

4 Things You’ll Understand If You Have A Long-Distance Bestfriend

You swear you’ll always keep in touch, and you’ll never let your friendship diminish. After all, you’ve been through the ups and downs of adolescence together, shared everything with each other, and always been support systems for each other. You have so many memories together : funny ones, good ones, embarrassing ones, and plain weird ones. But things inevitably change when you don’t live in the same place, and you have to navigate life without your best friend at your side.

You try every means of communication

You coordinate and decide on a time you’ll talk, which is a task unto itself. Then you finally Skype each other, which can be divided into 35 minutes of screaming “HELLO CAN YOU HEAR ME I CAN’T SEE YOU WAIT LET ME GET MY EARPHONES”, 20 minutes of poor internet connection, and 10 minutes of making ugly faces at each other. You constantly tag each other on Instagram, whether it’s in jokes, memories or places you want to visit together. You’ve even used Google Hangouts, which you thought only your mom used anymore. You’ve used Whatsapp calling, Skype videos and are basically all over each other’s social media. From Skype movie dates to talking on Whatsapp and texting on Facebook at the same time, you’ve done it all.

Birthdays are difficult

You miss being there on their birthday, and turning up at their doorstep with a cake at midnight, being able to spend time with them and actually being able to give them something. Birthdays become an exercise in creativity now, as you try to come up with a gift that you can parcel, and if they live in a different country, you become skilled at making videos. There’s always that nagging question in your mind : What do I gift them next year? You want to make it special, but you consider just sending an Amazon soap package for a moment. But when you see their incredulity and happiness, you feel proud, and all the hassle is worth it.

Keeping in touch takes effort

The process of drifting apart is as easy as it is scary. Since you aren’t actively involved in each other’s lives anymore and have separate lives, friend circles, and interests, it becomes difficult to be a part of each other’s daily lives, and talk about everything like you used to. Sometimes, you go without talking for months, and days pass between texts. Often, you’re too tired to listen to them, or share things about your life. Sometimes, the timing just doesn’t work out. It takes a real and sustained effort to maintain the friendship and communicate effectively. You soon learn not to be upset about unanswered texts and unshared secrets because you realize that your friendship is larger than all that.

You value each other a lot more

The thought of having to go through life without your best friend at your side fills you with panic sometimes. The idea of not seeing them for years is dreadful, and sometimes you miss them so much it hurts. You wish you could do everything together, and you keep reliving all those memories – the birthdays, the fights, the craziness. But you realize just how important it is to have that person in your life who knows you inside out, and who’s been there for you throughout. And that is why you will defeat the odds, and stay friends forever.



5 Ways By Which You Can Write The Way You Wish And Make People Love It!


Observe whatever happens around you. Look at everything. Try to understand everything and everyone that surrounds you. Get into the depth of observing the smallest things like a traffic signal to the greater things such as the person sitting right next to you, even if that’s a stranger.

You never know what might change your perspectives and thus your life.



Do not be hesitant to talk. Each one of us around is a human. It doesn’t matter even if some stranger judges you. They are not going to remember meeting you after a few hours. However, you might get all the right words for your story just by talking to a stranger. Communicate as much as possible. You never know they might remember you a lifetime too. What’s life without a little experiment?



There’s a little saying that ‘god gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, so we can talk less and listen more.’

Talk to people but more than that, listen carefully. One never can be certain if one finds all the words they’ve been looking for in the story of the stranger they just, maybe, overheard.



Don’t think that you are a fool if you talk to yourself. Science proves that such people are geniuses. Talk to yourself and listen to what your inner self as saying. Know and understand yourself but also let something new happen to you every day, so there are a few surprises to look at each day. Spare 5 minutes a day, with your own self and know who you live with.


Finally, the most important of all, READ!

Read as much as you can. Pick up anything, a novel, a poem, a short story, a blog, a magazine, a newspaper. If nothing, pick up a dictionary. The better you read, the better will you write.

After all, a few words a day never harmed anyone.

“When we write, we express. Since it’s us who we are expressing, why not do it in a beautiful way?”




9 Things that every Woman should have in her Closet


One of the good parts of being a woman is that you get to choose from a lot of clothing. Occasions can vary from a wedding or dinner party or just a casual outing with friends, women have ample options to choose from. This is not just any other article about dresses but it talks about certain things that every girl should own irrespective of her age group.

So, here I am with my list of things that every girl should have in her wardrobe irrespective of her complexion, weight, and height 😉


One-Piece Dress

So be it a frock, maxi dress, A Line or a short dress, choose something that suits you or something you are comfortable wearing. This one is a must for everyone. You can wear it on some special occasion or any other casual meeting. The whole idea is to wear something different from the daily routine.


Now this little scarf can make you look like a fashion diva. You can use it to protect you from the scorching heat or just wrap it around your neck, tie it around your wrist on your bag, tie it in your fair and keep experimenting with it to give it a different look to compliment with your dress.


There are a variety of shades available, so all you need to do is choose your style and you are set to beat the heat and in addition, it gives you a unique style too. But you need to be really careful while choosing your glasses.

One important tip: never choose cheap sunglasses from places like Janpath, Sarojini etc. , no wonder you can get sunglasses from Rs. 100- 300 from these places but they are not good for eyes and it is also advisable not to wear them for a longer duration. So if you want to wear them just for a selfie or just a click, go for it girls but make sure it is a must for you to have an original sunglass.

Aviator, wayfarers, round, oversized, cat eyes, oval or sports, choose your style and you are ready to rock it.


Straight fit, floor length, Anarkali, Angarakha, sherwani style, short flared or jacket style, you have multiple options to choose from.


The ethnic Indian wear that can never go wrong on any occasion. From Georgette, chiffon, crepe to cotton, silk, and endless variety. So for this season, you can select Georgette, chiffon, crepe to cotton, anything hat suits you. A perfect desi look is something that will always make you look all the more beautiful.


You really need to have one perfect fitting jeans and  you are free to choose you color but blue and black are the ones that you can never go wrong with, pair it with a white t-shirt/shirt and you are all set for a cool look.



Have a decent neckpiece that can go with almost anything you wear. This scorching heat might not permit you to wear heavy neckpieces, so go for some decent ones or beat the rule and buy some funky neckpieces.

Clutch and Tote

Yes, you got it right, a clutch and a tote are what I am talking about. These are 2 most important things that one should carry. You can carry your world in your tote, ranging from creams, lotion, comb, liner, kajal, gloss, may be your tab, power bank, something to eat, water bottle, money etc. etc. etc. anything that you can think of. Your tote acts like your mini world to you. So, when you need something all you need to do is open your tote and take out the stuff.

Cutch is handier, you can carry only limited stuff but goes perfectly with the dress or probably anything you wear. Go for some neutral colors that go well with all your dresses.

Clutch or tote can vary from Rs. 300 – 300000000, add as many zeros as you wish. (Provided your budget allows you to add zeros)

Nail Paints

This might not seem important but trust me this adds to your personality. There are multiple options available in the market and all you need to do is, select the one that suits you best.

Jelly, shimmer, crème, glitter, matte, metallic are just a few options, there is a whole market available.


And most importantly do not forget to wear you beautiful smile because nothing can beat your smile. So pat your back if you have all the above-mentioned items with you and  even if you are missing on something, you shouldn’t be feeling bad about it, all you need to do is go out and grab what you must own.



5 Saree Struggles Every Girl Can Relate To


April is a month packed with college farewells and farewells mean wearing sarees. Coming from a girl’s college, I see a lot of my peers fretting about sarees, safety pins, pleats, pallus, shoes, and whatnot. Needless to say, I am one of them. Having worn sarees a few times before, I can safely say that I know the major struggles we girls face with this specific garment. Here are a few of them.

The Dreaded Petticoat

To someone who has never worn a saree, a petticoat may seem like a harmless thin skirt you wear below your saree. But NO, it is the most painful piece of clothing ever. The string with which you tie the petticoat around your waist is equivalent to death. It has to be super tight, tight enough that you feel like you’ll pass out. This is because the saree has to stay put and god forbid your petticoat is loose, you’ll be entertaining the crowd with your funky bloomers. Note to self: wear decent underwear, precaution is better than cure.


Yes, the toughest part of donning a saree. The pleats, my lord the pleats. Do not attempt to pleat your saree on your own if you’re wearing it for the first time. Trust me, no one wants to see the end result. Try and you’ll be left clutching fabric in your hand and sobbing uncontrollably as your family watches. The pleats have to be even, crisp and goddamn perfect! God, the pressure! If you’re wearing it for the first or the tenth time, get someone else to do it. Honey, let’s be honest, you can’t, so just relax, have a glass of water, and let the expert do her job.

Safety Pins

If you’re going to wear a saree, say hello to your new best friends, safety pins! You will need them for every step of the way. You want your saree to stay at your waist and not fall to your knees? Take a safety pin. You want your pleats to look on fleek? Pin them up. You want your pallu to stay on your shoulder and not your elbow? Here’s a safety pin for you! Ladies, these tiny metal friends are life savers. Buy them in all sizes before you begin your saree saga.

Where does the pallu go?

I struggle with this question. If you imagine it, the pallu looks normal on either shoulder, but NO, there’s a rule and a “way” of doing things. Apparently it is supposed to go on the left (I think) shoulder. Who made this rule and how does it matter? Does it have some underlying significance that I’m not aware of? Is yes, please enlighten me! Every time I try to wear a saree, it always bugs me as to which shoulder I need to put the never-ending  fabric. Also, do you leave the pallu loose and flowy and pretend you’re in a Bollywood movie or do you pin it up tight and look like you’re ready to do jhaadu pocha? Where is the perfect balance? I can’t seem to find it.

Heels Heels Heels!

Ostensibly women must wear heels when they wear sarees because a) you won’t be able to manage all that extra fabric and may trip, and b) it looks good. For someone who is 5 feet 6 inches and wears boys’ T-shirts on a daily basis, this is very hard to understand. If I wear heels, the following two things will happen: a) I will look like Qutub Minar’s sister, and b) I will die. The only pair of heels that I own were an accident. I bought them for a school MUN in the 11th grade and have never worn them since. Seriously, they’re rotting in the cupboard. It baffles me as to how women walk in them and smile at the same time. Kudos to you ladies!



8 Major Reasons to be an English Major


Now that the dreaded board examinations have finally ended, and the three months of having fun as upon you- stop and think about it. Fun? Really?

The truth is. After about two weeks of gallivanting and general boisterousness, you will either

  1. Start preparing for the REAL examinations- IITJEE/ CLAT/ AIPMT and variants OR
  2. Be plagued by the everlasting worry that you will not end up in a college, and end up serving burgers and fries in a fast food chain.

On principle, we believe in ensuring you guys have fun, so here, we’ve prepared a listicle for you, reminding you why being an English Major is one of the best things you can do.


Studying English means fangirling/ fanboying for a living

We can’t emphasize this enough- studying English means you take a text you love and look at it in all ways possible, to answer the larger questions of life. If you step into research, you get paid to do what you really love- read! It’s like eating a cake and having it too.


English is not just about books

We know you’ll find it hard to believe, but English is not JUST about books. It’s for everyone- no matter what you like because studying English also involves studying films and graphic novels. Some colleges even teach you lyrics of songs!


Makes you more empathetic

English helps you look at life in its whole because the study of Literature goes way beyond a simple book. It involves understanding various periods of human existence, ultimately making you understand humanity better. You truly become a better and more understanding person by studying English.


Builds your analytical skills

So much of the study involves looking at a text and understanding what it means, what you feel about it, and unraveling all its layers. Ultimately, you become better-equipped to unravel all sorts of layers, making you appreciate the world around you better.


 Literature is just so beautiful!

Words have so much power! You can feel so much just by letters strung with punctuation wash over you in waves. Poetry, drama, novels, and essays: everything has the ability to affect you emotionally and intellectually. It’s like living various lives and learning to find the beauty in each one.


Helps you discover other languages

One of the best parts of studying English is that so many texts are available in translation, that you end up reading literature in languages other than just English. Quite often, English Majors end up learning more than one language- Sanskrit, Spanish, German, Korean- you name it!


Has a lot of job potential

One of the things you’ll hear is that English doesn’t leave you with too many job opportunities. Au contraire, being an English Major leaves you well equipped for a lot of job options- from working in the corporate sector to civil services.


English is just fun!

Wouldn’t you want to spend the next three or four years discovering life in the most fun way possible? When you sit with a book and begin thinking about it, and feeling all the emotions a book is capable of making you feel, you realize something a lot of people forget in the pursuit of a degree: language is the way to truly living.




5 Things To Do Before You Die

Life is all about connecting the dots and procreating an image. It is for us to fix upon whether to crave a circle and end up where we began or to draw a star and make a difference. Life is what you make it! So, let’s make it rock! You never know what’s up next! So, let’s live it to its fullest. Here are five things you to ought to do before you die to lead a life like there is no tomorrow.

Visit your dream destination

Exploring is the best way to learn and grow. It’s high time that you let your wanderlust conquer your desires. Visit the destination of your dream at least once in your life. Dive into the beauty and tranquility of the divine nature and let the delicious cuisine treat your taste buds. Meet new people and have a fun of a lifetime. Life is beautiful!


Procrastinators Unite! 6 Ways We Procrastinate

A scenario we’re all familiar with : a looming deadline, trying to finish six weeks worth of work in two hours with sweaty fingers and guilty promises to ourselves, avowing that come what may, next time we shall not procrastinate. Procrastination is the most effective form of escapism, and somehow we manage to convince ourselves that whatever activity we’re taking up is essential, and just five minutes certainly can’t hurt. And then, before we know it, the day has ended, and we’re tumbling down an Internet rabbit hole. From the productive things we do to procrastinate to the plain weird ones, we’ve listed a few down.



  1. Suddenly, we develop an intense urge to clean. The pile of clothes lying on the chair, the messy desk, the wrappers strewn around everywhere may not have bothered us one bit, but now we positively cannot begin studying unless every speck of dust has been cleared from the room, our clothes are arranged by colour, and our books lined up by height.



  1. The urge to clean spills on to the immediate need to take an hour long shower. We cite our mother’s teachings as a reason : didn’t they tell us to take a bath every morning, no matter what? We’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated, we think. And then we spend an hour in the shower, reading the names of the ingredients on the shampoo bottle, because yes, we’re that desperate to hide from our looming deadline.



  1. We decide that we really must eat, and we can definitely start studying once we’ve fixed ourselves a nice cup of tea, and maybe some almonds that are said to improve memory, and a bit of Maggi wouldn’t hurt, would it? Before we know it, we’ve ransacked the kitchen, and now feel both uncomfortably full and uncomfortable off-schedule




  1. There are dozens of messages we haven’t replied to, and so many people we must call back when we’re free. Unfortunately, “when we’re free” seems to translate to “right before the exam/deadline/important work thing,” and what starts out as a reply to an old friend on Whatsapp ends with a two-hour long Skype session with your aunt’s friend’s newborn baby, as you slowly question all the decisions that brought you here.



  1. The strangest of Youtube videos seem to present themselves to us the minute we decide to be productive. We’ve all felt that helplessness when a five minute break becomes three hours of watching rabbits dance to guitar music, and that feeling of simultaenously being the strangest and most unproductive member of this planet.



  1. Just one more episode. We’re all acquainted with this phrase. This phrase is a lie. You think just one more episode of Suits will motivate you, but before you know it, you’re rewatching the whole thing and crying about why Harvey and Donna are so perfect for each other.





Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys! Really?

Whenever we have to buy something for a girl, we buy pink and whenever we have to buy something for a boy, we prefer blue because we all know that girls enjoy pink bliss while boys enjoy blue euphoria. But is this actually the case?

Last weekend I went for shopping and I noticed that the tops I picked up for trial were mainly blue! And also, when I opened up my cupboard that day, blue was the king of the colors in my cupboard!
And then I decided to find out whether actually the accepted fact that color pink is for girls and blue is for guys holds true? Or there is no such thing?

This is what I found out…

The generally accepted rule is – Pink is for boys and blue is for girls!


Well, it changed in early 20th century that color started defining genders. Since pink is a stronger color, it was more suitable for a boy while blue being a delicate and dainty color, it made girls look prettier.

But as people evolved, pink was associated with girls because they used to find ripe fruits which were mainly in the shades of red. It was the culture that made women like more of pinks than blue. Although the shades of pink – coral pinks, fuschia, salmon; women naturally like them now, but it has never been their preference since birth!


Blue is the universal favorite color

Oh Yes! There have been many studies which prove is blue is always on the top of the mind of both men and women. Blue is the color of the empyrean which appeals to all! Also, if you want to relax, you should go with blue. Blue relaxes your mind.


The myth that revolves around that color discrimination, for pinks and blues is actually only a myth! No color actually defines the genders. It is the individual preferences after all!


10 Awesome Reasons To Have A Dog


Dogs are surely one of the best creatures. Owning a dog is surely one of the best things you can do with your life. Here are some awesome reasons to get a dog for you:

Because they make you happy:

Seeing your dog or spending time with a dog makes you happy. That is one time you are away from technology. You tend to appreciate small things in life. A dog becomes happy by making you happy. Isn’t that delightful to know!


You will be best greeted when you are home:

The moment you are back, your dog will be the one who would greet you with high spirits. The joy and happiness of getting such a welcome are ecstatic.

You walk because they need to:

Your dog would motivate to have fitness goals. They would help you be fit as you would be walking twice or thrice every day because your dog needs to.

They would protect you:

No one would dare to come near you. Your dog would protect you from everyone (even your bae, just in case!).  Your dog is your personal security guard.

You change as a person:

When you have a dog, the love and affection you get from him change you as a person. You also tend to take care of your dog and this becomes your nature. This betters your relationships with other humans as well.

Best stress busters:

When you are too stressed out, just play with your dog for a few minutes and you will forget the world. They could sense if you are stressed out (or sad) and they would be proactive in pleasing you! What better treatment when your life seems so messy!

They force you to be social:

When you take your dog out, other people tend to notice it and they might approach you. These small interactions would increase your social circle. Also, talking about your dog would make you more social.

You can get love matches:

Well, we all have seen this in movies. It holds true for real life as well. Research suggests that having a dog makes you more approachable and attractive. Hence, you could get your matches easily.

They would be loyal, for life:

Well, the reason people don’t prefer to have girlfriends (just kidding). Dogs would be loyal to you for life.

They are cute:

Well, you know it. They are! The picture explains the rest.


Having a dog is surely one of the best things. So, if you are planning to get a dog for yourself, do you need more reasons? Go and get one!



YOU are the Mirror Image of JOY


We, humans, have the habit of complicating everything. Few days back my mother cooked some samosas and sent them to my aunt. It was packed in a lunchbox whose lid was very easy to open. But my aunt kept on opening the lid by all the other ways instead of just pulling it. She kept on opening the lid but failed to open it because she never thought it was that easy to open. See…This is what it is…We all like to make things difficult. We complicate things ourselves!

Just try one thing right now– write Joy on a piece of paper, stand in front of a mirror and hold it in your hands. You’ll see that it resembles “YOU”.
Yes, you are the mirror image of Joy!


You have been sent to this earth to stay happy, to experience the bliss, to experience the joy. We all look at what is not with us instead of being happy, feeling joyful for what we have. We think that life cannot be so sweet for us. But we also don’t know this that if we are grateful, life by its own nature, becomes amazing.

You are a powerful being… you have been given this one life to enjoy. You precisely have only 24 hours a day to perform any task and to live your life to the fullest each day! Capture your fears, let your faith be greater than your fears… and your life would compulsorily become magical…

We need to understand that every problem has a solution and that solution is an easy one. All you need to do is understand the problem first instead of just trying to find out various solutions. If my aunt observed the lunchbox carefully, she wouldn’t have found it difficult to open the cover of the lunch box!

So, Stop complicating, Start Enjoying!




Cause You are the mirror image of Joy!
Choose Joy! Joy is your very nature, your stable state of being !!



7 Things To Avoid When You’re Angry

In life, sometimes it happens that circumstances or people make us angry. Everyone in their lives might have got angry at least once. We tend to say or do something which we shouldn’t. Because when you are angry, you lose control over your senses. But it’s always better to stop than to regret. So, here are a few pointers you should try not to do when you get angry:


Talk about that matter:

Talking about the matter which made you angry will make you angrier. So, stop ranting about it and keep calm!


Manic Pixie Dream Girl

“It’s not my job to make you a better man and I don’t care if I’ve made you a better man. It’s not a woman’s job to be consumed and invaded and spat out so that some man can evolve.”

  • Jenny Schecter, The L Word


She is a ray of the sunshine in the dull life of the hero. She walks in with a sprinkle of glitter, smiles all the time, is full of quirks and invests her vintage-clad self completely in changing the hero, and bringing colour into his life. Her name is irrelevant because the story is never about her. Sometimes she can be named after a season, and sometimes a woman in the hero’s past he never got over. This is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, one of the simultaneously most tiresome and most enduring tropes in cinema.


The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is essentially a free-spirited, positive character with a unique outlook on life, but has no interests or agency of her own, except to improve the hero’s life. The term was coined by film critic Nathan Rabin to describe Kirsten Dunst’s character in Elizabethtown. According to Rabin, “The Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.” This is the fundamental problem with this trope: she is never a real, fleshed-out person in the context of the film. She is always seen through the filtered perception of the hero, and the only parts of her personality that are highlighted are the ones that serve the hero’s purposes.


Though seemingly harmless, the MPDG is in some ways, a more harmful a stereo-typification than the damsel in distress of action movies, because it recognizes that women are intelligent, inspiring, have defined personality traits and ways of looking at life, but implies that all these qualities are best deployed in the service of “saving a man.” It places the woman’s life and interests at a position secondary to the man’s. It is also extremely reductive, because the only things the audience gets to know about these women apart from their affinity for hair dye, their penchant for painting birds on the hero’s gray walls, and their tendency to break into spontaneous dance routines. We don’t know about their hopes, fears, and issues, we don’t know what motivates them, and haunts them, in a nutshell, we don’t know what makes them human. And they aren’t meant to be human, with human failings and imperfections. They’re simply temporary stops on the hero’s journey to a better self, as is seen in 500 Days Of Summer: after Summer, comes Autumn. And the qualities the hero projects on to her are what eventually breaks him. “Yes, Summer has elements of the manic pixie dream girl – she is an immature view of a woman,” says director Webb. “She’s Tom’s view of a woman. He doesn’t see her complexity and the consequence for him is heartbreak.”


The trope has harmful real-world consequences too. The MPDG is an ideal distillation of every unique positive quality a woman must have. It creates, like all tropes do, unrealistic expectations that can be exhausting to live up to. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is not just an onscreen fantasy–she’s a template for young women’s lives.Fiction creates real life, and women try to behave in ways that they find sanctioned in stories written by men. The constant pressure on women to be cheerful, bubbly and quirky, and to use these attributes to turn a man’s life around is damaging. The ideal urban woman is expected to smile all the time, and not have any issues of her own. While, both in art and in real life, the hero’s shortcomings and less-than-ideal state of life are almost glorified as a canvas on which to paint his tortured self, any signs of the messy puddles of human existence in the woman’s life is met with instant distaste. The MPDG doesn’t allow women to have problems with body image, mental health issues, or troubled pasts. Seeing the idealization of this trope makes it seem as though women must go through life as a caricature of their happiest selves.


The end of the MPDG would be beneficial, not just for women, but for men too. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl has only one purpose: as a catalyst for male transformation. Both in her real and fictional manifestations,  she sends out the message, that the soulful and sensitive young man can only learn to appreciate life by falling in love with a woman who sees the bright colors and we need women who are lead characters and us as an audience deserve to see men who love these women for the complicated and decidedly non-ethereal people they are. Clementine in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind puts it best, “I’m not a concept. Too many guys think I’m a concept or I complete them or I’m going to ‘make them alive’…but I’m just a girl who’s looking for my own peace of mind. Don’t assign me yours.”



5 Secrets to Staying Positive

All of us struggle with periods of uncertainty, unhappiness, remorse, guilt, and anger. Having been a victim of those emotions for quite a while now, I thought it only apt to try and make an effort to step out of it and move towards positive thoughts and positivity in general. Mind you it takes time and effort to cultivate happiness, there is no “quick fix” for this. But once you do work for it, it will not disappoint you. Here are 5 ways to stay happy and positive!

Enhance your relationships

I watch a lot of TED talks, and many of them talk about how our social relationships are very important to our happiness. If we maintain them well and keep them alive and active, we are surely going to be much happier and have a more positive view than those who don’t. It is also important to identify when you are in a toxic relationship and take measures to exit it. Talking to people is very important to us humans. Believe it or not, sharing things does increase our happiness level as we feel there is someone out there who knows what we’re going through and cares about us. Tip for the introverts out there: If you don’t enjoy sharing (like me), you can start by writing your feelings on paper, then move on to actually telling other people.


Let this Sunday be your Lazy Day

Do you know what our biggest achievement of this era is?
We are still, on our own, taking in air to breathe! Otherwise the kind of busy lives we all are living, we would soon be using a machine that would breathe in oxygen for us because we won’t be having enough time to even breathe!

Am I right? Or … Am I right?

Come on guys! What is wrong with us?
We earn so that we can live the lives of our dream! You go back to your home every evening so that you can relax, but No! We carry laptops back to our home so that we can complete our leftover work.

You need to relax too! And the best way to do that is……
“Celebrate a Lazy Day!”


Have you ever thought of something that can help you restore the peace of your mind? Help you change your mood? Re-nourish your body?

Have you ever thought of spending a lazy day once every week?

If not, then think about it now! Celebrate your lazy day!

Celebrations are here!

Wake up late

Your alarm clock would not feel dejected if you don’t use it for a day. Let your alarm clock doze off one day and get up late.


Have your lazy bed morning tea

Prepare a strong tea for yourself and have it on your bed in a free mind mode. Think of nothing at all! Just relax.

Wear your favorite pajamas

Put on your favorite pair of pajamas. Loosen up yourself and feel the air penetrating into your pajamas.


Choose a comfortable place to sit

Select a place for yourself where you can sit with lots of pillows and a blanket surrounding you.

Make all the arrangements

Set everything around you so that nothing comes between you and your lazy day.

  • Get your popcorns and other eatables.
  • Keep the remote by your side.
  • Throw your phone aside.
  • Make yourself comfortable

Have a movie marathon

Watch movies, movie and movies! Try and watch more of funny movies because of the cardiovascular benefits of laughter! It will make your day. Trust me!

Re-read a book

Smell the book you read a month ago. Re-read it. It not only helps you exercise your brain but re-reading also helps you emotionally connect to the characters.



“Life is all about balancing —
If life is about working hard, life is also about being lazy!”


There should be no guilt, no regrets that you wasted 24 hours of your life doing absolutely nothing! In fact, I would say you regained the 24 hours of your life!

There is nothing wrong with BEING LAZY!



25 Things that People over Look about Highly Confident and Happy People

Confident people are generalized as being happy but it is visible most of the times. Being happy doesn’t mean all day, every day. We too need love and a hug at the end of the day.

1. We love to talk but sometimes. We also want silence.
2. We love socialising but also hiding in our blanket and reading a book.
3. Being confident is not a 24*7 job.
4. Love is not a myth. It feels great to hug someone special at the end of the day.
5. Money doesn’t mean everything.
6. We work because we like to, not for anyone to praise us.
7. We are not attention seekers. We like to work with people.
8. Presentations were once a big deal for us too.
9. There are qualities we don’t possess. We are not perfect and we like it.
10. We want to spend time with people, not with objects.
11. We are humans too. We need the same things you do.
12. We don’t have magical powers, we just try to manage our time.
13. It’s experience that speaks, we did not learn this at some class.
14. Anyone can be the same. It is not given to certain people.
15. Sometimes we want to sleep in late too.
16. When we come back home, we are also tired. We are just busy humans, not superman.
17. We hate it when people think we wish to bring others down to rise.
18. We have the same choices. We are no different.
19. Most of us are avid readers. Reading is not for book worms or geeks. Readers are not boring.
20. Most of us are, but not all of us are self obsessed. We don’t think that we rule the world and hate the ones who do so.
21. Life is not eccentric to saying ‘me, me, me, me…..’ all the time. We value others too. Sometimes, more than ourselves.
22. We also feel broken. It’s not that we are all together all the time. We feel like having a tight hug or someone to love, at a lot of times.
23. At times, we are the loneliest. We are not understood well and misconnected.
24. Being confident is not same as being bold. We can be both but one might not be bold even if they are confident and vice versa.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder

As Technology sweeps us clean with its undeniable boon, it equally promises some drawbacks which a majority of us may be susceptible to.

I flicked through the pages of the morning newspaper when my eyeballs were tempted to drill deep into a fresh topic with a word Social Media Anxiety Disorder. Few months ago I read about  something called FOMO aka Fearing Of Missing Out.

To brief, the two terms are however self-explanatory disorders, they owe their origin to the rostrum of social media,the virtual fabric that weaves us together.

Read further to know how it is affecting you.

Social Media acts not just as a platform to connect with our near and dear ones but brings into the fold some unheard and unimaginable woes that we may have dived  to be a part of unknowingly.

How many times have you been lured to check the status or display picture of your social circle friends on Whatsapp or say, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? For the ones whose answer is as and when he/she gets time or every other hour or so ,are already in the grips of Social Media Anxiety Disorder.

Some of you might plan a holiday trip because people in our social circle just been to a new place and updated their social media account with pictures flooding and exuding every feeling they might have experienced at the spot oblivious to the soaring envy caused to you while you scroll down their pictures.

Some may decide to dine at a new restaurant because so and so person posted Happy Dining at that place.

Likewise, we go gaga over what we witness in the shrunken tiny intertwined virtual world we live constantly in touch with.

In fact, it is wondered whether we are at social media’s beck and call.

We fear the social exclusion from our social circle that takes a toll on us psychologically.

The conclusion is, let us be confined by only the boon of social media for interaction and wider reach and not get driven by the terms and conditions in the form of increased anxiety for what’s true will be true and what’s shame appears on the face of it!


Five Things That Happen Only When You’re With Your Crush

All of us might have crushes, or had at some point in our lives. Some turn out to be girlfriends/boyfriends, some husbands/wives and some simply crushes until they become just a memory. And some even become really good friends after the ‘crush’ feeling is gone. Some people claim that having a crush is better than having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, since “you don’t have to face any problem, you just look at them and smile like an idiot”. Some people think otherwise. But regardless, having a crush gives a different feeling, the inception of a romantic seed sprouting from the depths of your heart. And it also brings some amazing experiences, a source of a good laugh during the future. Here are some of these experiences, which you’ll probably experience only when you’re with your crush.

An escape from the awkward silence:

Sitting in silence, on a romantic spot cuddling with your ‘in a relationship’ companion is a different matter, but when it comes to crushes, silences are usually awkward. So most people usually devise a plan to escape this awkward silence- by planning the conversation beforehand. That is the time when probably our creative juices flow at their maximum speed, and the conversations imagined would be consummate, some so good that it could win a Nobel Prize for “The Best Imagined Conversation”, if there was something like that.
But, the reality is never as good as the fantasy. And so, our crush does not follow up with our plan, and in the end, the outcome becomes what we had despised- an awkward silence.
Example (assuming that the person ‘crushed’ is a guy), I’ll say “You look pretty today.” Then she’ll say, “Thank you” and blush. And to cover up the awkward moment, I’ll say, “You know so-and-so song (knowing that it is her favorite)?” “Yes.” “The lyrics, how they describe the guy’s lover, you are looking like that.” But in reality, “You look pretty today.” She frowns, “You’re lying. My mom forced me to wear this. And this hair, it’s not even straightened properly. I feel so ugly.” An awkward silence.

Flirting and gawky sentences:

Flirting is an essential part of being with a crush, and that’s what makes it the most interesting. If the flirt element is lost, then both of us soon begin to lose interest. Flirting also makes us more witty and glib at speech, and makes the other person significantly more attentive. But sometimes, we lose our dexterity and end up making gawky, or sometimes, gauche remarks.
Example, you are talking with your crush and suddenly you say, “Does your armpit smell?” Then you realize, “Oh my God! What the hell did I say?”
Unless you make a really quick, adroit comeback, you’re, well… probably done.

Daydreaming and Staring:

Sometimes, we are so much engrossed in our fantasies that we soon become oblivious to where we are, what’s going around and even to what our crush is saying. We simply stare at them, as if he/she is the last thing we’ll see before leaving this life. And while we are fantasizing on a wonderful love story or a romantic date with the person who is actually right in front of us, the person is feeling uncomfortable, and might want to leave the conversation. This usually happens when you’re talking with the person for a long time, so that you are seemingly comfortable to just listen and smile. But imagine, a person simply looking at you and smiling for a long time with no apparent reason. Creepy, isn’t it?


The element of nervousness is almost always present when you’re with your crush, or what people figuratively describe as “Butterflies in your stomach.” The increased heartbeat with the sudden flow of adrenaline is what makes us excited. Yes, nervousness not only happens while speaking with a crush. But, every kind of adrenaline-rushing situation presents with itself a different kind of nervousness. And the nervousness you get with a crush is very different from a different situation, say, public speaking. It’s like the places Shimla and Darjeeling. Both are hill stations, with similar structures, but both places have their own uniqueness, their own ‘feel’.
But this nervousness mostly makes us over excited. Example, “What do you want to eat?” And you say, “Chocolate cake. No, vanilla. But that dark forest also looks good. What should I eat? Even those patties look yummy.” (While smiling awkwardly at everyone).

A day made wonderful:

Despite all the awkwardness and occasional embarrassments, we still admire members of the opposite sex, and take them as our crushes. Why? Because there is fun in the chase. A smile or a “Hi” from your crush can make your day wonderful. And a good conversation with your crush will make you exuberant and active for the whole day. Granted, the same can happen when your ‘in a relationship’ partner or spouse does the same, but then wonders are different. As George R R Martin says, “There is a difference between winning a kingdom and ruling one.” Both are fun (probably) but they are different. Chasing a crush can be more attributed to “winning a kingdom”. The wonder and joy you get in talking with your crush is simply invaluable for us to let go making new crushes every now and then.