7 Things That WE (Men & Women) Say VS What WE Actually Mean

It is often said that girls are difficult to understand or that they are complicated, however, I strongly believe that we are an open book with lots of difficult chapters…(oops not that difficult though ). It’s really easy to understand us, all you need to be is…witty, trustworthy, honest, and supportive and there is a long list, which I can definitely talk about in my next article.

So, let’s get back our focus to this, it is always assumed that we (women) say something and mean something else and to an extent, this goes for the guys too. But when we say something indirectly, it’s only because we believe you are intelligent enough to sense it (especially if you are close to us). It is a myth that guys ‘actually mean’ what they say (actually at times they really mean what they say) but at the end of the day even they are human beings and bit emotional. So, here is a list of things what men and women say Vs what they REALLY mean…

1) I am Fine…


Men Most of the times..yes I am fine
Women I am not fine, I am definitely sad about something and you need to figure out that ‘something’. So for that either you need to be a good mind reader or should have hell lot of patience to know the reason.



2) I am not Jealous of her (in case of girls) and him (in case of boys).


Men I am hell jealous, I wanna know everything……..
Women I am so freaking jealous of her and I am not gonna share you with some xyz person. You better reduce the frequency of meeting her or talking to her, else you are screwed………!!


3) Do whatever you want


Men I am just so angry that I have said this, I don’t want you to take it in the literal sense.
Women Lol…of course you can’t do whatever you want, you gotta be careful in selecting what you do..we are watching u very carefully.

4) We need to talk


Men I have been longing to ask something, but don’t want any cross questions, so answer my questions and then we will just change the topic.
Women You better listen carefully, coz there will be loads of things that will be coming your way.

5) Nothing


Men There is something, it is just that I don’t want to discuss it now.
Women This means everything….there is something that’s bothering me and you gotta be smart enough to figure that out.

6) I am not mad/upset


Men Yes I am, but don’t feel like discussing it.
Women I M MAD

7) NO


Men NO
Women NO

Both the genders are quite complicated, which is okay I guess…we are emotional and experience multiple emotions because of which we react to things and besides all this, what’s the fun if we directly say what we are actually times it’s fun..Just balance it correctly…

Misha Mehta

Misha has a passion for traveling and dancing. She is a movie buff and enjoys eating, shopping, reading (only SELECTIVE reading) and a bit of writing too. Professor by profession, she never forgets to carry one thing to work or wherever she goes…and that’s her smile..
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