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10 New Details Revealed About The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad

With DCEU back on board with the recent The Suicide Squad release, we can clearly see the chances of David Ayer’s Cut of Suicide Squad is probably gone. Following the successful release of the Snydercut for Justice League, two other possible revivals become a chance possibility of coming true. The first one was the idea of bringing back Snyder’s plan regarding the movies. The second one was the possibility of bringing out the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, which was teased by the director after the poor reception of the movie. Since there is not much hope left that the Ayer cut will see the light of the day, here’s a look at some of the recently revealed details from the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.

Darker Shades of Batman

Batman makes a considerable amount of appearances in Suicide Squad as most of the villains who appear in the team are his enemies. There’s a scene where he comes across Deadshot and his daughter as they are shopping to apprehend him. He decides not to create a scene because of Deadshot’s daughters’ presence but according to Ayer’s original script Batman actually taunts Deadshot by saying something on the lines of, “she’ll have gray hair when you see her again”.

A Different Story

As we already know that much of the material regarding Joker was dropped from the movie and what we got to see was only a hint of what he was supposed to be. Joker was actually supposed to show his growing fondness for Harley by not being able to hurt her. This was supposed to be something Joker would ponder over and dislike. A lot was dropped regarding the relationship between Joker and Harley.

Assault at Arkham

Last year, David Ayer had confirmed that the opening to Suicide Squad had an extended sequence with Joker assaulting Arkham Asylum. This included a battle between the prison guards and Joker’s own army of “paramilitary thugs”.

A Darker Demise for Monster T

Monster T only makes a tiny appearance in the movie. His character is shown as a means to show the crazy way Joker’s mind works as he kills him since Monster T refuses the gift of Harley. The original cut included a much more violent demise as Monster T realizes the circumstance and ends up shooting himself.

Deeper into June Moone and Rick Flag

Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad

While the relationship shared by Rick Flag and June Moone plays an essential character to drive both the characters and an underlying premise of the ultimate villain. Another leak from the movie shows a scene where Amanda Waller catches them kissing. She then goes ahead and asks him to take protection for the fear of spawning the antichrist.

Fun Intro for the Characters

While the intro for the characters was okay, there was an opportunity given to these scenes to be funnier based on the script. While Harley plays a prank and on Slipknot by mentioning that his shoe is untied to which he falls for quite easily. She also makes a joke about Captain Boomerang’s Australian origin and he takes it and responds by asking if Quinn is “going to a rave”.

Deadshot and Killer Croc

The movie doesn’t provide much for the character of Killer Croc but there’s a particular scene from the script that indicates that Killer Croc asks for Deadshot’s services to get rid of some names back in the prison. This provides an essential opportunity for the characters to bond amongst themselves.

Boomerang Gets to Boom

Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad

Captain Boomerang doesn’t get much to do to attract much of the views towards his character except for some fun-filled moments and jokes. There’s a scene from the script where we get to see him explode a tank under the direction of Rick Flag using a projectile.

Minutes to Death

Joker takes over the extraction chopper sent by Amanda Waller and rescues Harley Quinn. He also brings Dr. Van Criss to disarm the bomb attached to Harley Quinn. Before going through with the task she warns that once she disarms the bomb in the necks of the rest of the people will go into a failsafe mode before exploding. At this very moment, Ayer’s version had the rest of the squad realize that their detonators are flashing red and Waller informs them that they have only five minutes to live.

Killer Croc saves Amanda Waller

With everyone infuriated by the presence of Amanda Waller with her threats to detonate the bombs on their necks in the post-battle scene, Killer Croc picks her up. The Task Force X leader angrily urges him to put her down to which he complies. 

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