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How The Suicide Squad 3 Could Use The Injustice League

The Josstice League ended with a slightly different post-credits scene than Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But still, both of them were teasing a villains’ team up for the sequel. Although it seems that both versions of JL would not be getting their sequels. But following the tremendous success of James Gunn’s latest movie, The Suicide Squad 3 could use The Injustice League as antagonists.

Joss Whedon’s Justice League failed in many aspects. And one of those included the formation of the villainous Injustice League. After the fight in Justice League, fans were sure that the team formed by Lex Luthor would never be able to defeat the Justice League. However, with the new Suicide Squad movie, the Injustice League can reunite but this time, their opponent will be the new and improved Suicide Squad.

The theatrical cut of Justice League first teased the formation of this Injustice League. It showed a recent prison escapee- Lex Luthor on his yacht recruiting Deathstroke. Apart from them, Jared Leto’s Joker, ex-King Orm, and Black Manta were expected to be the next members of the team. Who knows, maybe even Black Adam was going to be added. But it was very clear for fans to see that the Justice League was just too strong for the Injustice League. And unless the latter had a whole armory made of Kryptonian weapons, Superman alone is enough to finish them.

Furthermore, Snyder’s Justice League has proved to be far more powerful. The three OGs – Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman along with an upgraded version of Cyborg, the Flash who can alter space-time, and Aquaman have made Justice League an unstoppable force. And Luthor’s Injustice League stand no chance against them. But James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad can bring back the Injustice league into the main timeline.


The Injustice League is made up of unpredictable villains who are highly unlikely to work together. And recently DCEU released a similarly dysfunctional team. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad seems like a worthy opponent for Luthor’s team. It seems plausible to see these two groups facing each other in the future. Even the members of the two teams seem contrasting.

Both the groups have a mercenary like The Suicide Squad’s Bloodsport and Injustice League’s Deathstroke, a person who loves chaos – Harley Quinn and Joker. And if they follow their break-up arc, their fight will just be legendary. The way King Shark and Ratcatcher II displayed their skills against Starro the Conqueror just shows just how much power they pack. With Lex’s tech and Joker’s love for chaos, this nefarious Civil War would be something to look forward to.

It seems like a far stretch but their face-off can set DCEU on a whole new path. Justice League may be better than the Suicide Squad but the number of similarities between the latter and the Injustice League just make this war all that more desirable. Also, this battle may lead to a possible collaboration between Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller where they put their best together. This can help DCEU to move forward without ignoring the reference to the Injustice League. In addition to this, the fight between the anti-heroes and villains can finally make something happen for DCEU.

What do you think of this theory? Who will you be rooting for, the Suicide Squad or the Injustice League? Let us know in the comments.

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