10 Most Hated Lead Characters In Amazing Shows  

Some TV shows are really amazing as the fans have grown to love them for what they are, but still it is human nature to find out some flaws in everything that is amazing, and in this case, this flaw is in the lead actors of those shows. Here are the most hated lead characters in otherwise awesome shows.

Trish Walker – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a beloved MCU Netflix show that most fans love have loved for how amazingly, the persona of Jessica Jones has been personified, as it is totally comic accurate. People loved The Purple Man even more. But the character who was mostly hated throughout the second season of the show is Trish Walker played by Rachel Taylor. Season 2 shows the breakdown of Trish ‘Patsy’ Walker, and fans really hated the way her character was written in the second season.

Oliver Queen – Arrow

Stephen Amell looks great as the Green Arrow, and he is a great physical actor, since he does all the stunts on his own, but that is it about his greatness. What is really bad about this version of Green Arrow is that Amell really does not have the voice or the right acting chops for delivering the character. As serious as Arrow is portrayed, Stephen Amell’s voice does not suit the character. Even his dialogue delivery has a certain mannerism which is hated by the fans as he keeps taking a pause in between his dialogues. Still, it’s been 6 seasons now and the fans are used to him.

Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the strongest shows currently running on TV, but obviously, like the other shows, it also has some flaws and the biggest issue people have is the lead of the show, Rick Grimes. The real reason why fans hate the character is because of the way he is written and portrayed. He is Impulsive, controlling, and even scary at times and his temper keeps on getting worse every season.

Iris West – The Flash

There is not much to explain about why people hate this character. Just one line could describe why Savitar should have killed him. Here’s the stupidest thing you will ever hear:

“We’re The Flash.”

Ross Gellar – Friends

The only one who was probably on the hateful characters list from the legendary sitcom, ‘Friends’ is none other than Ross Gellar. It was an amazing show and all the friends contributed some really fun elements, except Ross Gellar. Sometimes it felt that he was just there because he was Monica’s brother.

Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a show full of amazing character-driven performances and it is known for its intricate plot twists. But as always, people end up finding flaws in everything that is great. And the biggest flaw here is none other than the lead villainess, Cersei Lannister, but in this case, this is a good thing for the show. Fans absolutely hate the character for what she has done throughout the 7 seasons, and everyone was really satisfied to see her walk of atonement. This is how much hate Lena Heady has managed to drive amongst the fans with her performance, so on her part, she has done her job really well.

Carrie Mathison – Homeland  

Mathison is the Tobey Maguire version of Peter Parker for Homeland. You would never have seen a lead character broken down so hard that she keeps on crying in almost every scene she gets. She was supposed to be this tough woman ready to take on anything tossed in her way, but instead, what the fans of the show get to see is a woman weeping throughout the season.

Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

This show is ‘Legen’, wait for it, and I hope you’re not Lactose intolerant because the next half of the word is ‘Dary’. But we all know who is not Legendary, as the most disinteresting character of the show was actually the ultimate Lead of the show Ted! There is absolutely nothing fascinating about the character and the only reason why fans have sat through 9 seasons is to see what more Barney could do and who is the Mother of those two children!

Felicity Smoak – Arrow

The moment Felicity shows up on the screen is the time to fast forward the show. But still, fans cannot do what they feel in this case as the most important plot points are given to a character who is one of the most hated characters of the show. And why does she have to rap so much in her dialogue delivery is a thought that crosses the minds of the fans all the time.


Dora – Dora The Explorer 

Hated Lead Characters Amazing Shows  

This character had to be here in this list in any way possible. Never ever let your kid watch such a dumb and idiotic show as it could make your kid really inquisitive about stupid things, and this is how Dora will ruin your life!

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