5 Villains That The X-Men Franchise Got Right and 5 Heroes It Didn’t

The X-Men franchise can surely be blamed a lot for the fucked up storylines and a whole lot of things too. The franchise sure as hell has made a lot of mistakes, but at the same time we also can’t and should not forget that it was the first franchise to bring in this number of superheroes from the comics to real life. The good the bad and the ugly, all kept fair, here is a list of 10 X- Men characters, five of whom the series ruined and five that the series did justice to.

Magneto- Right

Magneto undoubtedly was a great villain of the X-Men series. Be it Ian Mccallen or the younger version of the character, both did a fantastic job while portraying the character. The depth that the character demanded, the authority and the pain that he showed, everything came in really well to both the actors and it was great to see them play such a big character in such a good way.

Psylocke- Right

Psylocke is a character that was never that big in the comics, nor did the fans think of her to be in any of the X-MEN films but still she came out to be really good. Not did Olivia Munn just look the role she played but also the acting part was really good about the anti-hero’s performance.

Mystique – Right

Mystique was someone who was really great in all the X-MEN parts. One of the few members of the franchise who made it to each and every film she did really well when it came to the acting part. Though her character was really tampered but still it was really great seeing her true to the complex character that she is in every part.

Bolivar Trask- Right

Trask undoubtedly had to do great when he came to the big screen. Of course he had to, it is because it was Peter Dinklage was the one who was playing the part and of course whatever the actor plays, he nails. True to his character Trask created the Sentinels and takes it out on the mutants.

William Stryker- Right

Stryker sure is someone who all mutants must fear. It is his extreme hate for the mutants and his intellect that made him such an impeccable villain. And even though he was someone who was played by more than one characters but still, the way the two actors approached the role made it really cool to see the character of Stryker.

Deadpool- Ruined

No one can be as good at destroying a character as the makers of ‘X- Men Origins: Wolverine. They could have done a lot with the character, as fun as the character actually is. What they did though was, not give him his suit, give him the powers of all the mutants and worst, they sealed the lips of someone who is known as, ‘The merc with a mouth’. If there could ever be an award for tarnishing a superhero’s identity, these guys are gonna get it for sure.

Wraith- Ruined

X- Men Origins: Wolverine was probably made with a single mindset, ‘Show as many mutants as possible’ Wraith, as big a character in the comics is just used as a guide for the film. Also, casting Will. I. Am for the role was another blunder. The musician destroyed the character so much so that people were actually rooting for Victor when he kills him.

Colossus- Ruined

Colossus’ character definition in the comics is that guy, who’s a huge frame with a huge heart. As beautifully depicted in Deadpool the film X-Men: The Last Stand totally tarnished the character, in appearance as well as in character, with no depth given to him, and he looking a steel guy with an average built.

Cyclops- Ruined

To the ones who’ve not read the comics or seen the TV animated series, this guy is the LEADER of the X-Men. Yeah, as much a shock it might be to you, to the comic book fans it was even more so as he’s not given any important role in any of the films, and is killed needlessly in the first 20 minutes of the third part giving him no screen time at all.



Rogue’s look and powers do justice to her character in the comics, we’re afraid that’s not what we can say about her character though. While she is an emo seeming, mumbling character throughout the films, she’s a strong fierce X-Men member, who eventually grows to be their leader.

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