5 Movie Franchises That Delivered Insanely Successful TV Shows

The last two years saw a massive increase in the number of viewers for the various streaming platforms. This has actually allowed for a variety of new projects to have a chance to make their debut on these platforms. The streaming giants actually felt it was a major success and ended up funding a wide variety of projects that were major fanservice. This was actually followed by some of the most exciting projects that we got to see last year. Fans saw shows based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe make their debut on the Disney+ streaming platform. Some of the major concepts that we had seen in the form of movies made their small-screen adaptations over the past few years. Let’s take a look at all the successful TV shows of recent years that are actually small-screen adaptations of major movie franchises.

Star Wars

Recently, we saw a revival of the Star Wars franchise with another trilogy making its debut along with some spinoffs. But none of these projects were able to impress the fans as much as the original movies had. But then we heard that Star Wars was going to get its first live-action series and it was absolutely brilliant. The Mandalorian might actually be the best project that has come out of Star Wars in recent years. This was only the beginning as the series paved the way for a variety of other projects that we will get to see along with the ongoing The Book of Boba Fett series. Some of these shows are something that fans have actually wanted to see for quite a long time now considering we will finally get to see a show for Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Evil Dead

Successful TV Shows

Sam Raimi came to popularity with his brilliant Evil Dead trilogy that is still considered a masterpiece. But over the years the hype for the project has died down considering there is a lot of other projects that fans have gotten to see. This wasn’t the end of Ash and his adventures as the trilogy was brought back with the character making a major return to the small screen. This series was able to bring back the spark that the movies had with elements of horror fused with some fun moments of comedy.



Michael Crichton adapted the Westworld novel into the 1973 science fiction thriller that had a major fandom. There was even a sequel to this with the Futureworld but it stopped having the impact the original movie had. Later we got to see this narrative get brilliantly adapted into the HBO series that is still ongoing. Here, the narrative was given some larger chances to be explored and we even saw some rather interesting concepts being added in. It features some of the most brilliant performances from the cast and even the technology is depicted in an absolutely stunning manner. One can clearly say that the show is more successful than the movies.


Karate Kid (Cobra Kai)

Successful TV Shows

Karate Kid is one of the most popular franchises for fans of the narrative. Who doesn’t remember “Wax On! Wax Off!” and how this managed to teach some of the most exciting Karate moves. There was a lot of doubt when it was heard that this series was gonna be brought back in a series adaptation with actors returning to reprise their roles. But the first season was a major success and it started gaining a massive fanbase. There were even theories that the latest season for the series deserves some recognition for being one of the best TV events. This show clearly managed to bring the narratives to the modern-day and perfectly highlight the better parts of the narrative.


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