10 Sexiest Superhero Costumes in Marvel and DC

Superhero movies are not only about the fights and the superpowers, it is also about celebrating the masculinity and feminine look. Here are the 10 sexiest costumes in the superhero movies:

Wonder Woman

After Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman is one of DC’s next big thing to hit theaters. It’s one reboot that’s actually eagerly anticipated: Wonder Woman from DC Comics.

The Amazonian warrior is a feminist icon, an unrivaled fighter, and a symbol of gender equality. Now, we have the first poster for the film. “Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder ” reads the stripped-down poster.

Her iconic costume has been updating- they added knee guards and dropped the traditionally spangled tiny blue bottoms in favor of a simpler skirt, but it’s the glinting sword in her hand that makes the strongest point.



Creating the small-screen version of an iconic comic-book character’s equally iconic outfit isn’t easy.

Elektra outfit consists of strappy red cloth with high heel boots. Elektra’s costume required juggling three key qualities: It had to be utilitarian, faithful in some way to the comics, and most of all, it had to be appealing.

Barb Wire


It was easier to make female superhero films when you didn’t take them seriously. The film opens with a backlit intro in which Anderson goes undercover as a stripper, thrusting and gliding across a stage, drenched in water.

Professional wrestling features attractive, athletic women in outfits that are just as skimpy.

Black Panther


The superhero movies don’t expose much of the male body, but black panther is the rare case where one doesn’t matter.

Captain America: Civil War, skin tight suit, and the mask feature a streamlined look that appears to accentuate T’challa’s physique.

Black Widow


Black Widow may not have the flashiest costume when compared to her counterparts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn’t mean her look doesn’t get as much consideration as everybody else.

With Black Widow’s costume being a black body suit, the armor, the wristbands, which Black Widow uses to stun Black Panther, are a bit more prominent in Captain America: Civil War.



Off all the Marvel comics definitely, Thor is the hunkiest. He doesn’t hide behind the mask like batman, allowing viewers his good looks.

His costume is enhanced by the Mjolnir (hammer) Mjolnir in his well-built armor in his sleeveless tunic, that gives the sense of masculinity and power.



It doesn’t wear a costume! It shape needs to be defined so it involves the complete nudity. Her feminine body routinely stuns the viewer. It has always given the sexual energy to the X-Men series.



Psylocke is one of the most faithfully adapted comics. It is the most sexually-charged Asian-body-swapped-telekinetic-samurai in the history of all comics.

Psylocke’s full powers were revealed and ultimately her costume seemed to have become more revealing as well.eries. In comics, Psylocke is locked into a tight blue attire exposing a lot of her skin portion.



The catsuit is a very reality-based wardrobe to show the progression from demure, repressed Patience to the sensual awakening of a sexy warrior goddess. Catwoman’s signature style and teach Berry how to think like a cat.

The catsuit consists of a pure black leather tight fitted suit with a black mask covering the major portion of the face and giving a demon look.

Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn was first introduced in 1992. The animated series is a psychiatrist at Gotham’s notorious Arkham asylum, she ends up falling madly in love with the Joker.

In the recent flick, she was dressed in sports dual dyed blonde red and blue pigtails, a choker, and a ripped “daddy’s lil” monster t-shirt.

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