8 Insane Things To Expect From Game Of Thrones Season 7

The Game Of Thrones Season 7 trailer has finally arrived, and it is more glorious than we could have imagined. after many, many views of the trailer, here are the few things that we could expect from the trailer.

The Lannisters And Their Enemies:

The trailer starts with Cersei, walking on the massive map of Westeros, talking to her twin Jaime  about their enemies from  all sides trying to attack.But they won’t go down without a fight. Cersei has always shown her power through her manipulations of her children and her brothers, the new trailer shows a new side. As Queen Cersei, we will finally see just how resilient she is on the iron throne.Meanwhile, Tyrion witnesses the majestic flight of Danaeyrs’ dragon, as he and his Queen soldier on for  King’s Landing.As  Hand of The Queen, Tyrion will no doubt get to showcases his intelligence without being doubted on, like when he was for Joffrey.

Daenerys Finally Reaches Westeros:

From the very start of the series, Daenerys has planned her return to Westeros. She has lost her husband, her child, her brother and her innocence to finally come to this point. The trailer shows the gates of Dragonstone opening for the Dany. The anticipation for this moment has been built since season 1, and you know it will be unforgettable.

The Stark Clan:

When we last left Jon Snow, he had become King Of The North.The only male heir left from the Stark clan. The trailer continues to showcase Jon’s preparation for the great battle with The Others. The relationship between Little Finger and Sansa seems to have an impact on the grounds of Winterfell. Arya, still alone wanders in the wild, with the assumption  (from last season) that she would finally return home to Winterfell.

Love And Lust:

The trailer shows the growing relationship between Grey worm and Missandei, and the new one that is blooming between Yara and Ellaria Sand.The new relationship may hold a clue as to what kind of loyalty Yara and Dorne may have for Daenerys, as she proceeds with her plan to return to King’s Landing.

The Unsullied Attack The Lannisters:

Daenerys’  army, led by the Unsullied attack the Lannisters in one shot of the trailer. A scene that holds great meaning for team Targaryen. Dany’s father The Mad King had been killed by Jaime Lannister, leading to his wife (who was pregnant with Dany) to flee King’s Landing with her brother Viserys.

The Return Of Ser Gregor:

Ser Gregor, or the zombified version of him returns in the trailer. Suited in new armor, holding onto a new name, Ser Robert Strong. The character has long been the protector of Cersei, and the new season will no doubt see the knight graphically kill some more of Cersei’s enemies.

The Great War With The White Walkers:

Ser Davos’statement about needing to prepare for the Great War finally might be the hint that the White Walkers will be a part of the main storyline, rather than the supporting story.While political intrigue has always been the focus of the show, the time has come for humanity to battle the White Walkers.The trailer seen Jon Snow and co along with the Free Folk prepare for the attack from the winter dwelling zombies.

The Dragons Are Real:

In Game Of Thrones, dragons were thought to be animals living in the tales of old .Daenyrs, the mother of Dragon, proved that was not true. In the last shot for the trailer, we get a quick shot of Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal flying past Tyrion early in the trailer, but the final shot shows the largest beast flying over Dany’s massive army. Along with the Dorthraki army, the dragons seem to be on the attack.But for what, is left unanswered.

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