10 Most Powerful Magic Users In Comics

When it comes to comics, we see a wide variety of characters with different power sets. Some being brawlers like Superman, Hulk, Thor etc. or Tacticians who are skilled fighters like Batman, Black Panther, Nightwing etc. We even have mutants, metahumans or inhumans who can level a city with just a single word, But we also have some characters who rely heavily on magic which grants them different powers, that allow them to do all kinds of weird stuff. Here we’re going to count down 10 of the best and well known Magic users.

Before we get into the list, here is a quick reminder. This list won’t involve newly featured characters who just don’t have enough feats. or God like beings for eg: Lucifer, Destiny or Dream. With all that said let’s dive right in.

10. Dr. Doom

Victor Von Doom or commonly called as Dr. Doom is a Villian published in Marvel comics. He first was supposed to be an antagonist for Fantastic Four but later he became a Marvel wide villain and hands down one of the most dangerous ones. His powers are a mix of Science and magic having been able to throw energy blasts and even use spells.

9. Wizard Shazam

Jebediah Of Canaan a.k.a Wizard Shazam is an extremely powerful astral being, who is the reason behind ‘The Real’ Captain Marvel’s powers [see what I did there? 😉 ] He is also the protector of ‘The Rock Of Eternity’ and is also the ne with it. He does not have a physical form but he can temperarily create one. He shown magic powers strong enough to go against The FREAKING Spectre.

8. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is one of the 2 children of Magneto. She is an extremely powerful yet under rated magicians from marvel comics. She has shown magical powers strong enough to warp space-time and change the course of how the universe works. Her magical powers depend upon the state of her mind. The more concentrated she is the more powerful she gets.

7. Loki

The adopted brother of Thor, also known as ‘The God Of Mischief’. Loki Laufeyson is someone you shouldn’t mess around with, having magical powers strong enough to rewrite reality itself. Loki has tricked Gods, and has literally converted asgardians like Bor into snow.

6. Zatanna

Aside from being one of the sexiest female characters to ever exist in the comics book world, Miss fishnets is one of the strongest magicians in the DC universe.She is the direct descendant of Leonardo da vinci. She started her career as a stage illusionist but she later discovered her true powers while investigating her father’s murder.

5. Constantine

Another one from DC universe and the love interest of Zatanna. Constantine is a cunning, smart and an extremely powerful magiacian. Ok, well maybe not all powerful but his strongest trait of tricking people into doing his job is what makes him strong. He even manipulated the devil into curing his lung cancer.

4. Raven

Being the daughter of an inter-dimensional demon like trigon surely has it’s benefits. Raven posses the powers of Dark Magic just like her father but stronger in many ways. Although she hesitates to go all berserk because of the dark side that takes control. It is all said and clear that she can be and in fact is very dangerous.Sh has brought the strongest magicians to their knees and even almost killed her father before trapping him in a prison.

3. Dr. Strange

Perhaps one of the most famous magician from this list, Stephen strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth Realm. Stephen is the master of mystic arts. Used to be a doctor, a neurosurgeon. He was an arrogant one but later freed himself from the materialistic needs and became a magician under the guidance of the ancient one.

2. Dr. Fate(Kent Nelson)

Kent Nelson serves the Lord’s order and is powered by the ancient immortal being known as Nabu. He gets powers from Nabu’s helmet, Amulet, and the Cloak. His powers include Spell Casting, Matter manipulation, time warping, teleportation, time travel and much more. Fun Fact: he once cast himself with a spell that protected him from all the spells.

Before we reveal our no.1 pick, here are some honourable mentions.







Brother voodoo and more.

 1. Phantom Stranger


No real to be ever stated, Phanom Stranger is a mystic figure who has appeared in different time periods to aid the good and is Hands down the strongest mortal Magician to exist, having limits to his powers he is basically a god. He has been shown to make supernatural events look like hoax in order to save lives. Hell he even took Superman to the past with just a mere thought. If that doesn’t tell you how powerful he is then what will? His powers include spell casting, Matter manipulation, time manipulation, time travel, reality warp and all the other magical power you can think of.

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