Gotham Season 2: Fish comes out of the Water in Gotham City


It’s almost confirmed that actress Jada-Pinkett-Smith is reprising her role as crime boss Fish Mooney in the second half of Gotham Season 2. Last time, in the previous season, in the last episode, we saw Penguin pushed her off the edge and she fell into the water from a great height. The fox studios representatives have’nt indicated how will she be making a comeback, but it’s affirmative that she is all set to return to Gotham and has signed on for multiple episodes.

Bruno Heller, the show-producer told the fans after the end of season 1 said “I would’nt definitely assume anything in a town like Gotham, it’s a very unpredictable comic book world”. But what the TV reviewers and analysts have failed to understand is when Gotham is already rife with villains, infact they are on the rise and outnumber the heroes, what will one more seagull do amidst sharks. In the season 1, Fish Mooney failed to bring returns for the studio as she dragged on with her lackluster performance as an underworld boss.

Will she re-invent herself? Can she please DC fans who doze off at the very sight of her? Well….we will see in a short while….

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