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Every Asgardian Weapon We’ve Seen In The MCU So Far

In the MCU, Asgard holds some heavy significance. The place has given us characters like Thor, Loki, Odin, Valkyrie, Hela, and many more. But it also stands out with its weaponry and arsenal. Throughout the MCU, we’ve seen the descendants of Asgard wield some really strong weapons, capable of mass destruction. Many of the Asgardian weapons are forged out of Uru, specially crafted by the dwarves of Nidavellir. But Thanos wiped out the entire place with its habitants in Infinity War, except one – Eitri. So, let’s talk about every Asgardian weapon confirmed in the MCU!


Thor’s original hammer, Mjolnir, is the most famous out of them all. A weapon that only who’s worthy can wield, has been a part of the MCU for a decade now. As mentioned above, the hammer was forged out of Uru and is definitely a devastating force. We’ve seen how the hammer always returns to Thor when he throws it, or even reaches out its hand for him. In the process, Mjolnir obliterates everything that is in its path.

Mjolnir has been on Thor’s side ever since. He’s used the hammer to summon forces such as lighting, wind, rain, and even to fly. But it was revealed in Ragnarok by Odin that Thor does not need the hammer to use these powers. It was also in the same movie that this extremely powerful weapon was destroyed in seconds by Hela. On the other hand, Mjolnir can generate lightning on its own.


Thanos Avengers Infinity War

Stormbreaker is known to be the strongest Asgardian weapon in all of history. After Mjolnir was crushed to pieces by Hela in Ragnarok, Thor traveled to Nidavellir in Infinity War to forge this giant Uru ax. This was the only Asgardian weapon that was able to cut through the energy blast of the Infinity Stones and injure Thanos. After spending some time with the Stormbreaker, Thor wasn’t hesitant in giving Mjolnir to Captain America.

Thor Will Appear in Another Film

When it comes to the Stormbreaker, it lets Thor fly effortlessly and also allows him to summon the Bifrost. As seen in Infinity War, the weapon was forged by Eitri, the sole survivor of Nidavellir after getting ambushed by Thanos and his Black Order. Along with his help, Thor resurrected the dying star and helped Eitri forge this pic monster. Moreover, Groot sacrificed his arm to make the handle of the Stormbreaker.


Every Asgardian Weapon

Gungnir is another weapon made out of Uru. But it resembles the symbol of the Asgardian throne. And whosoever wields it, can assume control of the Destroyer, an enchanted Asgardian automaton that was used to guard Odin’s vault. Gungnir can be used to generate energy blasts, and also to open-close the Bifrost. Odin also used the Gungnir to transform the bodies of dead Asgardians into mist during a royal funeral ceremony. It’s perfect to say that the added enchantments and spells on Gungnir make it really powerful.

Both Thor and Loki have used the Gungnir. Thor used it briefly in his fight against Hela during the events of Ragnarok. But it’s a possibility that the weapon was destroyed when Surtur tan his swords through Asgard and shredded the entire place into pieces. Currently, the whereabouts of the weapon are unknown. The force of Gungnir is strong enough to knock Thor through the wall and push back Hela.

Loki’s Knives

Loki’s knives may not be particularly made out of Uru. They might be were forged on Asgard itself by royal blacksmiths. But regardless, Loki has shown his impeccable skills of using his melee weapons time and again. The reason why he’s so good at it is because of the element of surprise. He brings these knives out of thin air and attacks his opponents in a few seconds. Moreover, the Disney+ series, Loki, showed that the God of Mischief is even better when it comes to close-up combat.

Boastful Loki’s Mjolnir

Loki episode 4 surprised us with a different version of Mjolnir! The series made it clear that the variants can have different powers and abilities. In the post-credit scene of episode 4, we saw four other variants of Loki, namely Kid Loki, Gator Loki, Old Loki, and Boastful Loki. it was definitely a delight to watch, but the latter had a Mjolnir of himself.

The Hammer of Boastful Loki has a wrench-like handle and bears resemblance to Thor’s hammer only when it comes to the structure. If we look at the top, it seems to be fashioned from a gold-colored steel bar. It may just be a similar copy of Thor’s weapon with similar powers. Or this is a variant of Loki that was worthy in his timeline and actually got to rule Asgard. Even so, it looks like an Asgardian weapon.

So this is every Asgardian weapon we’ve seen in MCU so far. Which of them is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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