New Thor 4 Theory Suggests Jane Already Became Thor in Ragnarok  

Thor 4 Theory: Jane Became Thor in Ragnarok-

We’ve already discussed many theories for how Jane could become the Mighty Thor and how Mjolnir could make a very welcome return to the MCU. Recently, we reported the substantial evidence of Eitri creating another weapon from the second mold that was spotted while he was forging Stormbreaker. So, the theory was that this second mold was actually a new Mjolnir. In our comments section, we got a reply from “Oddzilla.” He had a pretty cool theory of his own which we thought was worth dissecting.

So, here’s how Oddzilla’s theory goes:

“Jane is scanning for power surges and detects when Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela. She gets Darcy and Erik back together and locates the spot and finds the destroyed hammer. She leans down and touches it, the hammer reacts and reforms and flies into her hand and BOOM! Lady Thor!”

Thor 4 Theory Jane Became Thor in Ragnarok   

The MCU mixes up Asgardian magic (which is just science that we don’t understand yet) with Earthly science all the time. So, the hammer reforming and flying into Jane’s hand does make sense. We do like the theory. But what would be tough to explain is the aftermath. Oddzilla basically states that Jane became worthy some time during the events of Thor: Ragnarok, which led us right into Avengers: Infinity War. He also said that he sent this theory to Taika, and if Taika uses the theory, then we’d know where it came from.

If Taika does indeed make this theory canon to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder, then the big problem he’d face would be to explain Jane’s absence after becoming the Mighty Thor. We could understand that Jane didn’t show up to fight Thanos or his Black Order members in New York, Edinburgh or Wakanda because she wouldn’t have been aware of those battles taking place when they were. It’s just like Ant-Man or Hawkeye didn’t know of those battles. And, the script of Infinity War further confirmed that Jane Foster was also snapped out of existence like Erik Selvig and many others. So, that would explain her absence for the next 5 years and Thor’s further descent into becoming a failure & a blob.

Thor 4 Theory Jane Became Thor in Ragnarok   

But why was she not called into the Endgame battle? This is what Taika might find hard to explain if he follows Odzilla’s theory. Anybody who was anyone showed up to fight Thanos during the Endgame battle as Doctor Strange & the other masters of Mystic Arts assembled literally anyone who could fight to give the Avengers an army. It’s hard to believe that he would have missed out on a strong contender like Jane, who is almost as strong as the God of Thunder himself.

Let’s take one more point into consideration. Imagine if Oddzilla here is spot on with his theory. And then Thanos snaps his fingers leading to Jane’s disintegration. That’d mean, a reformed Mjolnir would be lying around in Norway after Jane turned to dust because the disintegration event didn’t dust the weapons (it was evident when Bucky’s gun fell while he dusted). Thor was in Tønsberg, New Asgard (Norway) for the next 5 years. Sure, he did become a failure, but we believe that he’d be able to feel the presence of Mjolnir if it were around. On top of that, just imagine that during the Endgame battle, Thor and Cap would be summoning Mjolnir, and along with the time remnant Mjolnir from 2013, the reformed Mjolnir would also show up. Things would be so confusing all of a sudden.

Thor 4 Theory Jane Became Thor in Ragnarok   

So, we would conclude that while Oddzilla’s simplistic theory is cool, but it’d create more problems for Taika to solve. Because Jane’s Thor is ought to be mentioned somewhere in Phase 4 before Love and Thunder if she already transformed back in Thor: Ragnarok. But there was no mention of her in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and neither do we believe that she will be mentioned as Thor anywhere in Phase 4. Hence, Taika will find his own unique way to bring Mjolnir back and turn Jane into The Mighty Thor.

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