Thor 4 Theory – A New Mjolnir Has Already Been Forged in MCU

Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU:

There are a few things that we know about Thor: Love and Thunder. We know that Jane will return and this time she will become the Mighty Thor. We know that Valkyrie will be looking for a queen of New Asgard. Korg is supposed to have a bigger arc. And we’d probably see Space Sharks. What we don’t know is – how exactly will Thor 4 bring Mjolnir back into the MCU. Avengers: Endgame brought it back through Time Travel, but that was a temporary solution. Marvel might be looking for a permanent solution right now. And that solution could come through Eitri.

There have been some theories stating that Thor would probably go back to Nidavellir and ask Eitri to forge Mjolnir again. But a new theory that comes with circumstantial evidence suggests that Eitri had already forged Mjolnir back in Avengers: Infinity War. This theory has been brought forward by Erik Voss from New Rockstars. Take a look at the following picture:

Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU

You see the melted Uru Metal pouring into the mold of Stormbreaker. Soon after that, the bold of Stormbreaker gets destroyed, and what’s left are the 2 pieces of the axe. But did you notice that the molten Uru metal was also poured into a second mold on the right? Since both the pieces of Stormbreaker came from a single mold, it’s clear that Eitri forged another weapon along with the axe. Since the only other Uru weapon that is supposed to arrive in the MCU is Mjolnir, we believe that the iconic hammer was reforged right under our noses.

Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU

It’d be interesting if Marvel surprises us with the revelation that Eitri actually forged some other weapon. Perhaps it could be a weapon that Beta Ray Bill will wield. But it has to be Mjolnir because that is the need of the hour. Other theories have suggested that Loki could bring a Mjolnir from another timeline. But all that would be senseless because by doing that, not only will Mjolnir lose its specialty of worthiness, but the other timeline from which Loki would steal the hammer would be doomed.

Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU
Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU

So, the real theory is that we’d witness another trip to Nidavellir, and this time it’d be Thor who would cast the spell of Worthiness on the hammer. This is possible because Odin transferred the Odin Force to Thor in Ragnarok, and so, he now has the ability to cast the worthiness spell upon it. Erik Voss goes on to say that this spell of Worthiness will actually be about a person being worthy of Thor’s love. But we don’t believe that to be true. Instead, it has to be the same old worthiness spell of courage and righteousness.

Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU
Thor 4 Theory New Mjolnir Forged In MCU

In Endgame, we saw that Thor was willing to share his power (although he isn’t technically sharing it). In the comics, Jane Foster wielded Mjolnir when she was suffering from cancer. In the MCU, it has to related to her interaction with the Reality Stone in Thor 2. We’ll have to wait and see how exactly does Jane become worthy. But the one clear thing is that Eitri will be the one to bring the hammer back. In fact, he has already brought it back.

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